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It was recommended to me that I start a blog to give an inside look at the mad scientist behind my homemade bath products. I can’t guarantee that you’ll find this a very witty blog, but I’ll strive to be interesting and informative. A word of warning, I love to emote. *grin* I’m also incredibly eccentric.

A little about my business. I’m all about “pampering with natural benefits”. The sad truth is that we are surrounded by chemicals and we slather them on, drink them, eat them, or breath them. It’s a fact of life. I figure that I can at least try to have a few chemicals in my life that are beneficial. I ended up researching aromatherapy and first started out making my own melt-and-pour soap (MP). Now, MP soap isn’t really making my own soap, but I can pick which base I use, what to add to it, and make it into neat shapes and colors to suit what I need or want. Somedays I just need a cute reindeer smiling at me when I’m grumpy. Don’t we all? That was a few years ago. I now make various MP soaps, bath salts, shampoo, multipurpose spray, lotions, and body oils. There are so many fun options that I am working on or dreaming about trying once I have the money, too.

Now, I don’t make some of my items from scratch. Much like MP soap, there are tons of bases out there, and if they’re more beneficial than what I can do on my own, and safer for everyone involved, then I’m all for it. When I order a base I do a lot of research. I find out what beneficial ingredients are in it, the reviews of other crafters who have used it, and what version will best suit the needs of me and my prospective customers. I have a very picky body with lots of sensitivities, so I figure that I’m probably the pickiest customer, and often shop with my own limitations and needs in mind.

When I make something I try to have a purpose behind it. Start with lotion…I love a certain not always in my budget bath store at the mall. My complaint is that I’m shelling out $9-$15 for a lotion that smells incredible and moisturizes, but doesn’t do much else. Plus, I have to be fluent in latin to know what’s in it. So, when I picked a lotion base, I found one that had less ingredients, had sunflower oil and allantoin (I’ll go over benefits of ingredients in other posts) in it, and didn’t cause irritation. I found an awesome wholesaler that has great explanations, incredible customer service, and lots of products that are so great that I can stand behind anything I make with them. And then I really had fun! I bought fragrance oils (FOs for future reference). I’m constantly looking at, buying, and making my own FOs. Love ’em like crazy. Then I started thinking about what scents would evoke a response…

And I’m out of space so I will pick this up later *grin* I hope I haven’t bored you too much yet!

About Georgia's Pampering

I had a tiny bath and body business which focused on pampering. Since the business had to close due to health reasons, I write post about a variety of topics, ranging from Invisible Diseases and being a Spoonie, to fun and DIY things.

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  1. wtg! i’m excited for more.



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