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Baskets and Combos

I make a few gift baskets and combination bags. I love to make gift baskets that more closely suit your needs, but wanted to provide a few examples. Costs vary depending on the contents and I try to have a variety of options on hand to suit most needs. Some customers even give me a price line and have me create a basket with favorite items and bestsellers within that budget. The perfect gift basket is just a few questions away!

Redneck Gift Basket

Redneck Gift Basket

Redneck Gift Basket: This amusing combo masks some great products in my line under some funny names. It includes Opossum Repellent (Monsters Away Spray 4 oz), Saturday Night Date Wash (Winter Woods Bubble Wash 4 oz), Bedtime Flea Spray (Sleepy Time Spray 4 oz), Get the Grease Off (Exfoliating Scrub 8 oz), City Slicker Lotion (Arabian Nights GM V2 8 oz), and a Slice of Roadkill Remains Soap (A Slice of Peppermint Pie Soap). A bag of “Natural Bubble Bath” is thrown in as a bonus along with a fancy Belly Button Blower. *grin* It’s packaged in a basket with shredded kraft paper filler, the redneck’s essential duct tape, a few sheets of tissue paper to help keep things a little more mysterious for gift giving, a nice country bandana used to line the basket, and a cello wrap to bind it all together. All for just $33.00. Please note that the ammunition used to stage the picture are not included. That’s up to the recipient to add. 😉

The updated Spa Basket

The updated Spa Basket

Updated Spa Basket: For $22.00 this combo is the perfect gift of pampering. An 8 ounce bottle of Spa scented Bubble Wash with an easy to dispense all new pump top, an ounce of Spa scented body and massage oil for silky skin or a luxurious massage, a Spa scented jar of Goat’s Milk V2 Lotion to thoroughly moisturize and pamper the lucky recipient, plus a relaxing eye mask, a mesh puff, a massager, and some richly scented votive candles for those super relaxing baths or massages. These are packaged in a basket with some white shredded filler for the products to nestle into, a pretty bandana, and then a cello basket wrap to finish it out. The picture is for the holiday themed spa basket, but there are definitely other options.

Just for Him Combo

Just for Him Combo

Just for Him Combo: This is a really nice combination of products that a guy doesn’t have to be embarrassed about. An 8 ounce bottle of Winter Woods Wash, two exfoliating Luffa Soaps in Winter Woods, a jar of unscented Goat’s Milk V2 Lotion, a generous 8 oz jar of Exfoliating Scrub (comes in Winter Woods as well), with a double loop mesh bath scrubber. These are packaged in a genuine leather toiletry bag that should last him many years. All of this comes to an even $30.00.

A Sweet Smelling Christmas

A Sweet Smelling Christmas

A Sweet Smelling Christmas Combo: This seasonal combo can be packaged in either a basket or a cute paint pail-type tin. For $25.00 you get a 4 oz bottle of Cozy Christmas Bubble Wash, a sample jar of Hot Buttered Rum Goat’s Milk V2 Lotion, a sample jar of Christmas Eve Cookies Goat’s Milk V2 Lotion, an 8 ounce jar of Soda Shoppe Goat’s Milk V2 Lotion, and A Slice of Peppermint Soap. A holiday bandana is enclosed along with a package of sweetly scented votive candles. This is a great sampling of products for someone that should smell as sweet as you think they are anyway.

As stated elsewhere on the site I often am given a price range for a basket and then provide the customer with various options that they can choose from that fits their needs while staying within their own budget. If any listed combo is above your budget or has something that the recipient wouldn’t care for, just let me know and we can adjust the contents. Pampering is my goal and it isn’t limited to the product itself. *smile* I will also try to post pictures of a few packaging options, like fun gift boxes for youth gifts and various baskets, to give an idea of options. I’m just not sure where those pictures will land quite yet, but I promise to work on it! 🙂

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