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These are my bestselling bath and body products without a distinct theme. *All are scented with fragrance oils unless otherwise noted.



Goat’s Milk Lotions




Pumpkin Buttercream (also known as On a Pumpkin Roll) GM V2 Lotion in a 4 Oz jar is $5.50 each jar while an 8 Oz is $7.50 each.  

Soda Shoppe GM V2 Lotion is $4.00 for a 4 Oz jar and $7.00 for an 8 Oz.  

Fudge Brownie GM V2 Lotion is $5.25 for a 4 Oz jar and $7.50 for each 8 Oz jar. 

Pop a Wheelie GM V2 Lotion is $4.50 for the 4 Oz jar and $8.00 for the 8 Oz jar.  

Mint Cocoa GM V2 Lotion is $5.25 for a 4 Oz jar while the 8 Oz jar is $7.50 each.  




Winter Woods Scrub, Luffa Soap, Mechanic Soap


My revamped Mechanic Scrub is a super tough scrub for those that need extra help with grease, grime, and incredibly rough skin.  It definitely isn’t just for Mechanics!  This scrub has some strong exfoliants like flax seed and apricot seed powder to make this a heavy hitter, made even better by being only $6.00 for an 8 ounce jar.

The Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is scented with Winter Woods and is $6.75 for an 8 ounce jar. It is a little less intense than the “Mechanic Scrub”, with powdered luffa replacing a few of the stronger exfoliants from that mixture. This mixture is a little gentler on the skin while still being a heavy hitting scrub on the rough zones on your body like elbows.

Luffa Soap is $2.25 each guest round soap in the exotic and masculine Sandalwood scent.  A slice of exfoliating luffa (also known as loofah) is embedded in Shea Butter Soap.  Sandalwood is a dark and earthy scent, well known for being a common scent used in incense. 

My Rugged Mechanic Soap is $2.75 each guest round, in a warm and sensual blend of sandalwood, spices, musk, fir, and pine.  The Shea Butter Soap has several natural exfoliating ingredients, but is a little less abrasive as the scrub and is more portable. 






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