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The following are some example pictures of the bottled products that I can make.

Body Oils and Bubble Washes

Body Oils and Bubble Washes



Typically called massage or body oils, these are blends of sweet almond oil and whatever fragrance or safe essential oil that you prefer. I love to use it as an after shaving conditioner to prevent dry skin and testing has shown that the silky feeling lasts up to nine hours! Essential oils are thought to possibly provide additional natural benefits such as helping relieve aches or to increase libido. Sweet almond oil is a great moisturizer and does not clog pores. Using the oil after bathing/showering with the same scent also helps scent “carry over”, lengthening the time that your skin remains softly scented. I have several testers, myself included, who have skin sensitivities and the oils have never cause a reaction (yay!), so I recommend trying an ounce, especially if you’ve been going without due to usually having reactions to common products. Prices changed in April to reflect the addition of reducers to each bottle. The reducer slows the flow to a drip, making it a lot easier to apply the oil.

Peppermint EO scented Oil 1 oz $2.75 or 8 oz $6.25 (8 oz at reduced price!)

Body and Massage Oil 1 oz.

Body and Massage Oil 1 oz.


All 1 oz bullet bottles with reducers are $2.75 in the following scents:


​​Vanilla Buttercream                         Soda Shoppe

Cotton Candy                                     Dreamsicle

Wintergreen Essential Oil              Spa

Bubblegum                                         Fudge Brownie

Lime Margarita, Anyone?               On a (Pumpkin) Roll/Pumpkin Buttercream

Mint Cocoa

Also: A blend of coconut oil and sweet almond oil that can be used just as the standard oils that I sell. The coconut oil is thought to be really good for the skin and although it is great at moisturizing it doesn’t feel as wet on the skin for as long.

Spa Body Oil Blend is $2.75 for 1 oz.​​

Cozy Christmas Body Oil Blend and Hot Buttered Rum Body Oil Blend​ are $2.50 each for 1 ounce.

I have a few options available in a fractionated coconut massage and body oil, as described above, which feels like it dries quicker on the skin, so if you don’t like that oily feeling, then this is a good option for you to try!


Spa Coconut Body Oil and Cozy Christmas Coconut Body Oil are $3.00 each for 1 ounce.​​​​**It was brought to my attention that some users may not like the reducers because they prefer a faster flow, so instead of a basic lid I am using the original lid that I previously used with oils. This is a snap open top, so if you remove the reducer you will be able to slightly reduce the flow and not have any accidental full bottle pour outs.**



Bubble Wash:

The following use a medium lather bath/shower gel and bubble bath combo base. I usually label it as Bubble Wash. It leaves a nice, clean feeling without the greasy sensation that some bases have. This base accepts a little coloring, while the lather remains clear. I tend to leave out the dyes to keep it more natural unless color is requested or would really help with identification in the shower (like when I have several bottles lined up, it helps to know that Pumpkin Buttercream is the orange one while the clear one is Bubblegum). Although it can be used for bubble baths it is great as a standard shower gel that adults can use, so please don’t shy away if you think it’s just for kids!

Bubble Wash

Bubble Wash

The following are all $3.50 for 4 Oz each: Cherry on Top, Fruity Patootie, Spa, Sex in the Shower (adult named version of Fruity Patootie), Buttercream, Watermelon Sorbet, and Cotton Candy.

Dreamsicle, Soda Shoppe, and Pumpkin Buttercream are $3.75 each for a 4 Oz bottle.

Newer: Winter Woods (great unisex scent) and Cozy Christmas Bubble Wash are $3.75 each for 4 ounces.

****Great deals!!! Fruity Patootie is $5.25 for an 8 ounce bottle, Spa is $5.50 for the 8 ounce bottle, and Winter Woods Bubble Wash is $5.75 for an 8 ounce bottle​.****

NEW: 16 ounces of Fruity Patootie with a new pump top qualifies for $1.00 discount for buying in bulk, so the total cost is $10.25. If you do not want the pump top, then the total is $9.25. More scents to come available in this line soon hopefully.

The new pump top is available for 8 and 16 oz bottles. The best part is that you simply turn the spout to open/close without pushing down, so no lost product as you try to close. I’ve always hated having that happen when I used store bought lotions, so I’m delighted to have found this style of pump to offer.  I hope to update prices to reflect the new spouts for all items soon!

New pump top

New pump top




Monsters Away Spray is sold at $2.50 for a 4 oz bottle with a capped sprayer and is even safe if it gets on the skin or hair. This spray blends Lavender and Vanilla for a comforting scent that can be sprayed wherever monsters are lurking (except in the baby brother…I can’t help there! *grin*). The aromatherapy will hopefully help bring the sandman back, too. The scent doesn’t linger for too long either, so it shouldn’t prevent anyone from climbing back in bed when it’s sprayed at the under-the-bed creatures.

Monsters Away Spray 4 oz.

Monsters Away Spray 4 oz.

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