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Fundraising For Future Cornelison


As a lot of people know, our adoption journey has taken us to matching nationally.  My husband and I have worked hard for over a year at trying to match locally, renovating our home to fit the government’s guidelines and be move-in-ready (so she can move in and then make changes as we can), and filling out hundreds of pages of paperwork.  It’s time for us to spread the word beyond my little blog.   

We are looking at matches as far away as Georgia, so we may have some unexpected, expensive traveling in our future; not only to meet and bond with her, but also to go back and move Kiddo to her forever home.  Since our path has taken such an unexpected turn we started a fundraising campaign to help us with the travel and “new child” expenses, such as a possible wardrobe and school supplies, since we don’t know what Kiddo’s foster family will be able to send along with her.  Although the legal costs are minimal, it’s these unexpected other expenses that we are asking for help with.  We spent most of our budget nest egg on preparing for her, expecting to adopt within Kansas.  It will be a huge help if we can raise funds, even a tiny bit will help.  It’s hard to ask for help, but bringing Kiddo to her forever home means more than our pride, so we made the difficult step into GoFundMe campaigning. 

I will be posting updates here and to my blog.  We made three inspiring adoption quotes into puzzles and will write donor names on a puzzle piece for each donation (although we ask for a donation of $10 USD for a puzzle piece, anything is greatly appreciated and will still get acknowledged).  We want Kiddo to know how many people helped to bring her home and help her feel like the valuable person that she is.  We will then enclose each puzzle in glass, so that both sides can be seen and serve as reminders for our family of the incredible love and generosity that others have, which is a very important message especially for her to learn.

Our GoFundMe campaign is at  If you are able to donate or share our campaign information on your social media, with contacts, anything, it is also greatly appreciated.  We chose GoFundMe for their incredible reputation and their work toward protecting donors, plus they’re so well known that it takes some of the fear out of working with them, so all donations have their guarantee of being handled carefully and directly.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at  

Thank you from The Cornelison Family!

5/30/18 Update

Our first fundraiser puzzle pieces!! (Names not shown for privacy.) So exciting and blessed!

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