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A little bit about me and the blog

I guess that the blog is about the musings of a mad hobby chemist, so to speak. I create bath and body products, ranging from soap to body sprays. I am now focusing more on whimsical products, but still try to keep a few items true to my original focus of products with natural benefits.

I am that shy, nerdy, eccentric girl next door that can be pretty sarcastically fun if given a chance. Making everything that I dream up is hard to accomplish because I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, but the pure joy I get from my products and in helping others really helps me stay steady on my journey.

Sometimes I write about the exciting new things just ordered or made, while sometimes I humiliate myself more than normal and confess the details of the epic failures that never make it to my shelves or website. I tend to collect new business items like most women collect shoes. I may not get a whole lot made, but I have notebooks filled with ideas that I want to create. I hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at my journey and process. When I’m not in business mode I write about tips I’ve stumbled across that actually work, post recipes, and sometimes just put my thoughts out there into the blogging world.  I will also be adding some guest bloggers in 2018 with various topics to add a little spice while I work on new products and especially when real life takes me away from the website.

If you are interested in finding me on Pinterest just look up Georgia’s Pampering Cornelison (I have to use my last name in order to be searchable I discovered), but sometimes it doesn’t always come up properly in search on Pinterest, so try looking via my name (Georgia Cornelison) if you have trouble. I have a button in the right hand toolbar that lets you easily follow my boards, plus there’s a pin it button at the bottom of each page and blog post, for your convenience.

Feedback is always appreciated and I actually would love to hear your ideas. Product name ideas, possible combos, whatever. I sincerely appreciate, and even sometimes need, that feedback. Thank you for visiting!

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