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About Georgia’s Pampering

Welcome!  Georgia’s Bath Products changed names and is now Georgia’s Pampering, and I am delighted that you are visiting my site.  *smile*  Prior to 2018 I had a focus on natural benefits, but life is short, so I’m now focusing on any fun, whimsical, and creative products.  I will keep the best sellers available, while you can expect a lot of changes to my product availability, website structure, and a lot more variety.


If you’d like a peek into the mad scientist moments (and pure disasters/rare miracles) I have while making my bath & body products, please check out my blog on this site. There are some laughs and interesting facts posted for your pleasure. I also post some DIYs, recipes, personal interests, and tips for you, and in 2018 expect a few new voices to be added to the blog with a variety of topics. You can even sign up to have the posts delivered to your email, so you don’t have to keep checking the site.


To order please contact Georgia Cornelison at 1-785-633-1999 (voice or text) or via email at or Also, please do not leave orders or follow up on orders via the Facebook page, since Facebook’s business notification system leaves a lot to be desired and there can be horrible delays in response then.  Please note that the website structure has changed as of 2018 with only available products listed with prices. Please contact me for a price quote for customized items that aren’t listed, since sometimes I have some scents and items that I’m working on yet haven’t gotten perfected, or didn’t sell well, so they’re not on the site. Flat rate shipping is utilized and arrangements for local pickup can be made to avoid this cost. In addition, all prices include Jefferson County KS sales tax. Please note that I will try to make products available immediately following an order, but due to being handmade and making at the time of order usually (I try not to make too many things ahead of time, since I want the customer to have as long of a shelf life as possible), it may take up to a couple of weeks to complete larger orders. Thank you for your understanding.


I’m constantly trying new things, so please let me know if you’d like to be notified of new items and I’ll add you to my emailing list (please note that I do not spam, only send out notices if people opt in for new items and sales notification). I also post about product testing, sales, new products, and the general behind-the-scenes of the business on my blog if you’d like to read a little or follow. Also, please note that I try to stay within the FDA’s regulations, even though this is considered a hobby instead of a business, so I don’t have to follow all of their rules thankfully. That being said, I put the minimum amount of product on the label, since size varies due to the handmade nature of the products, and the product may weigh more than what is printed on the label, but never less; I always err on behalf of the customer. As with all handmade products there may be a variations in scent, color, and appearance, but I try to keep everything as consistent as possible.


A little boring stuff that I have to let you know: I am happy to work with you to find a different product to suit your needs if a reaction is experienced and I am notified immediately. If a different product is unavailable or it is decided that another product is not recommended, then a refund will be issued promptly. In addition, I’m not a licensed herbalist, cosmetologist, physician, or other healthcare professional. All items are used at your own risk (although I’ve done all that I can to make items that are compatible with most skin types) and I am not accountable for adverse reactions, although I’ll work with you to find alternatives that are better suited to your body’s needs. Please see the payment page for all of the super boring legal stuff, too. *grin*

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