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Lotions, Oils, and Scrubs

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I have what I think is an awesome Goat’s Milk & Honey base, which is rich, thick, and works great for very dry skin. Honey is a natural healer (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant) and the Shea Butter in it is a second moisturizer in the base. I’m happy to give tips if you have trouble with dry skin, too. The Goat’s Milk is petrolatum/mineral oil free and is a good alternative for those with an allergy that can’t use most lotions. After a lot of experimenting I now only sell what is labeled as Version 2 (V2).  This means that the lotions have an emulsifying wax additive that enhances the thickness and provides what feels like a protective coating to the skin. It is believed to help the skin absorb more moisture than the average. (Please note that enhanced lotions may have some variations with what looks like a wax bubble. This is completely normal and can be rubbed in just as the lotion is.   The lotions have a tendency to look and feel like cold cream, while they tend to be a bit creamier when the weather is really warm. I’m sorry that I can’t control that part, but don’t want anyone worried that something is wrong.  If it looks a little odd, just give it a little stir with the handle of a spoon or other sterile item in a warm [not hot!] location, and that should fix it up. It’s a natural reaction to the temperature and the product is still usable. If it doesn’t seem right, please don’t hesitate to contact me and we’ll troubleshoot it together or a replacement will be made, as appropriate.)


4 oz Goat’s Milk V2 lotions:

​Unscented, Pop A Wheelie, and Soda Shoppe are $5.00 each jar.

Fudge Brownie, Mint Cocoa, Lime Margaritas Anyone?, and Arabian Nights are $5.25 each. Note: Arabian Nights has small brown flecks of dye in it to resemble the spice market – there are no defects or contaminants, just decoration. 

Vanilla Buttercream, Cotton Candy, and On a (Pumpkin) Roll are $5.50 each.

​Dreamsicle is $6.00 each.

8 oz Goat’s Milk V2 lotions:

Unscented is $6.75.​

​Cotton Candy, Vanilla Buttercream, Soda Shoppe, Mint Cocoa, Fudge Brownie, and On a (Pumpkin) Roll are $7.50.

​Pop A Wheelie and Watermelon Sorbet are $8.00 per jar.

​Ina’s Celebrating Nature (updated scent!) is $8.25 per jar.

​Dreamsicle is $8.50 each jar.

**Tip: If you have especially rough or dry skin, apply lotion and then cover with plastic wrap or a new bread-style bag (sold with the zip closure bags usually), and leave on overnight.  This creates a steamy atmosphere that opens your pores and allows the lotion to penetrate better.  If you are doing this on your feet, try not to walk after putting the plastic on, because it will be slippery!**


Body Oils


Typically called massage or body oils, these are blends of sweet almond oil and a fragrance or skin safe essential oil. I love to use it as an after shaving conditioner to prevent dry skin and testing has shown that the silky feeling lasts up to nine hours! Essential oils are thought to possibly provide additional natural benefits such as helping relieve aches or to increase libido. Sweet almond oil is a great moisturizer and does not clog pores. Using the oil after bathing/showering with the same scent also helps scent “carry over”, lengthening the time that your skin remains softly scented. I have several testers, myself included, who have skin sensitivities and the oils have never caused a reaction (yay!), so I recommend trying an ounce, especially if you’ve been going without due to usually having reactions to common products. Each bottle has a reducer that slows the flow to a drip, making it a lot easier to apply the oil.


All 1 oz bullet bottles with reducers are $2.75 in the following scents:

Vanilla Buttercream                         Soda Shoppe

Cotton Candy                                     Dreamsicle

Wintergreen Essential Oil              Mint Cocoa

Bubblegum                                         Fudge Brownie

Lime Margarita, Anyone?               On a (Pumpkin) Roll/Pumpkin Buttercream





My scrubs have gone through several updates and I have settled on two winners. 

My revamped Mechanic Scrub is a super tough scrub for those that need extra help with grease, grime, and incredibly rough skin.  It definitely isn’t just for Mechanics!  This scrub has some strong exfoliants like flax seed and apricot seed powder to make this a heavy hitter, made even better by being only $6.00 for an 8 ounce jar.

The Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is scented with Winter Woods and is $6.75 for an 8 ounce jar. It is a little less intense than the “Mechanic Scrub”, with powdered luffa replacing a few of the stronger exfoliants from that mixture. This mixture is a little gentler on the skin while still being a heavy hitting scrub on the rough zones on your body like elbows.

**Reminder: It is recommended to not exfoliate every day unless it’s to remove surface grime that won’t come off with regular soap.  Exfoliating too frequently can actually damage the new skin that was revealed after the last exfoliation removed the dry skin layer.**



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