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Monster Product Line


2018 will be the year of the Monster Product Line, so watch for additions to the page!  New products will be added at the top.



Zombie Ale Soap at $1.50 Each


Zombie Ale Soap at $1.50 Each

The Zombie Ale Soap has two textures of soap, so the top is softer and creamier.  The lower section is harder and has honey mixed into the soap for extra benefits.  There is real lite beer included in these soaps, so some users may be able to pick up the bright note of beer, while most get the cheerful note of cherries with a bottom note of spice.  They are a great unisex soap in my opinion.


Swamp Slime Soap

Swamp Slime Soap at $1.75 Each


Swamp Slime Soap at $1.75 Each

Each soap is completely unique with swirls or clumps of swamp “muck” mixed into the swampy water.  The back of the soaps are actually more interesting than the front, which is very unusual with soap, but you can see the “muck” patterns easier.  The top note you will smell is fresh rain with a medium note of dirt, to make this a very Earthy soap, but also fun for all ages.  They’re even a great size for using while traveling!




Zombie Duck Closeup


Each Zombie Duck sits upon a soap base with handmade decorations of shredded soap around the base of the duck and then blood dripping from the feeding frenzy.  Expect black licorice (anise) notes and some light herbal notes.  Each soap is $3.50 each.



Zombie Bait Soap


Each Zombie Bait Soap is a brain with soap blood poured over the brain and pooled around the brain.  Expect fudge brownie scent for the brain with a gruesomely delightful strawberry blood, priced at $3.00 each. 



Monsters Away Spray 4 oz.


Monsters Away Spray is 4 Oz for $2.50 each.  The formula is safe to spray under the bed, in the closet, or even in the air, to put little ones at ease.  Vanilla, lavender, and a slight note of chamomile are thought to ease anxiety and help with sleep.

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