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I thought that I’d add a payment page in case you want to get right to the point and not wade through all of the required red tape. *smile*


My credit card processing company used to be GoPayment, but is now back to the trusted Paypal. I can submit the bill via Paypal or you can provide your information and I’ll submit it directly through their website. A receipt can then be emailed or mail it to you via both their and my own custom receipt. For keyed transactions I take down the information and process via the secure Paypal site. If you would like the card information kept on file for future transactions, so that you don’t have to give the information to me repeatedly, then please let me know and I will lock the information in a locking cabinet for safe keeping. I was formerly a Medical Billing Consultant as well as a HIPAA Officer, so I take protecting personal information VERY seriously. If you do not wish for the information to be on file the paper will be burned to ash upon processing of the payment (a nice part to living in the country!) or you can process it personally on Paypal. For security reasons I prefer not to take down credit card information via email. I am dedicated to protecting my customers and do not feel that email is a format that would securely protect the information. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are all welcome.



I’m more than happy to accept checks. For customers that do not have an established relationship that would like to pay via check I do ask for the payment prior to shipping any orders, although I take it case by case for orders under $25. If you have an established relationship, then I will ship the product when payment is in transit, if agreed on by both parties. Checks received at the time of service are welcome and I do not ask for a driver’s license number (I don’t at any point, but I’ve bought some things where people asked for this when I used my debit card, so I wanted to make sure to let customers know that I don’t wish to do that). Please note that if a check is denied due to insufficient funds it will automatically be turned over to Mid Continent Credit Services, 866-621-6400, by my bank. I do not have access to checks after they are deposited, so I cannot resubmit the payment, etc. There is a $30 fee assessed for returned checks, which is collected by MCCS. Okay, that’s enough of the stuff I have to say. *smile*


I am happy to create, mail, and process gift certificates. I have a tracking system in place, so if you provide the recipient’s contact information at purchase, I have their information if they accidentally lose the certificate or if you prefer to not send a digital or paper copy of the certificate to them. Customer service is my top priority, so I try to be accommodating. Below is the mini example.

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate


Cash is always welcome and I try to always have adequate change when sales are done in person. For convenience, for both of us, I round all prices to the nearest $0.25 and the taxes are included in the price.


Thank you very much and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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