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I have what I think is an awesome Goat’s Milk & Honey base, which is rich, thick, and works great for very dry skin. Some people even notice an almost powdery feel once it soaks in. Honey is a natural healer (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant) and the Shea Butter in it is a second moisturizer in the base. I’m happy to give tips if you have trouble with dry skin, too. The Goat’s Milk is petrolatum/mineral oil free and is a good alternative for those with an allergy that can’t use most lotions. I’m excited to be adding a new base, Evening Primrose, to my line, too. Details below!  Please inquire if you are interested in something that isn’t listed. Thank you!

Goat's Milk Lotion 1 oz

Goat’s Milk Lotion 1 oz

4 oz. and 8 oz. Jars

4 oz. and 8 oz. Jars


Goat’s Milk Lotions


​​If you use a lot of lotion, it’s almost always a little cheaper to buy an 8 oz jar than buying two small jars of the same scent. The following prices are for what I have on hand, so let me know if you’d like something else and I’ll get you the appropriate price. (I create my own product recipes, so I have to make it to know just how much of each ingredient to add for it to be just right, which can drastically change the price from what I expected.) Due to the difficulty of making single ounce lotions, sold in “bullet bottles” and now sample jars, these cannot be custom ordered. I apologize for any difficulty, but sell what is in stock and will replenish as I am able or have overpours. It has become too difficult to make only one for a specific order. I often have overpour to make several at a time, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Version 2 (V2) Lotions have an emulsifying wax additive that enhances the thickness and provides what feels like a protective coating to the skin. It is believed to help the skin absorb more moisture than the average. The standard version tends to be creamy with a powdery feel to it after it is absorbed. Please note that enhanced lotions may have some variations with what looks like a wax bubble. This is completely normal and can be rubbed in just as the lotion is.   Lotions with additives have a tendency to look and feel like cold cream, while they tend to be a bit creamier when the weather is really warm. I’m sorry that I can’t control that part, but don’t want anyone worried that something went wrong with their lotion. 🙂 If it looks a little odd, just give it a little stir with the handle of a spoon or other sterile item in a warm (not hot!) location, and that should fix it up. Often it’s normal separation and caused by temperature shifts. If it doesn’t, please don’t hesitate to contact me and we’ll troubleshoot it together or a replacement will be made, as appropriate.

In regular Goat’s Milk (GM) at 8 oz I have Soda Shoppe at $7.00 each.

Lavender Fields Forever is $2.25 for a 1 oz sample.

​Soda Shoppe is $4.00 each for 4 oz.​

1 oz V2 GM lotion samples:

Lavender Fields Forever, Soda Shoppe, Buttercream, Pop A Wheelie, and Unscented for $2.25.

​Spa, Cotton Candy, South Pacific Waters, Watermelon Mania, Dreamsicle, Hot Buttered Rum, On a (Pumpkin) Roll, ​Ina’s Celebrating Nature, Beyond the Sea, Almost Moonlight Path, Fudge Brownie (NEW!), and Peppermint Blend for $2.50.

Snowdrops is $2.75.​

Newer: Mint Cocoa is $2.50.

​​4 oz V2 GM lotions:

​Unscented is $5.00 each. Spa, Fudge Brownie (NEWER), and Arabian Nights are $5.25 each. Note: Arabian Nights has small brown flecks of dye in it to resemble the spice market – there are no defects or contaminants, just decoration. 🙂

Vanilla Buttercream, Cotton Candy, Softly Spiced Pumpkin, and On a (Pumpkin) Roll are $5.50 each.

​Dreamsicle is $6.00 each.

Newer: Mint Cocoa is $5.25 per jar and smells amazing.  Lime Margaritas, Anyone? is also $5.25 per jar and is refreshingly citrusy.

8 oz V2 GM lotions: Unscented is $6.75.​

​Cotton Candy, Vanilla Buttercream, Spa, Fudge Brownie (NEWER), and On a (Pumpkin) Roll are $7.50.

Peppermint Blend is $7.75 each.​

​Pop A Wheelie, Mint and Watermelon Sorbet are $8.00 per jar.

​Ina’s Celebrating Nature (updated scent!) is $8.25 per jar.

​Dreamsicle is $8.50 each.

Update: Mint Cocoa has been revamped and is now $7.25 per 8 Oz jar.

Evening Primrose (EP) Lotion – This new base is a great moisturizer and Evening Primrose is thought to be an anti-inflammatory with anti-oxidant properties. This base contains mineral oil which acts as a skin protectant without clogging pores and is usually not irritating. So far in testing it has been great even in the tester with chemical sensitivities! (Also note that it is posted on Jar page since I won’t be making it in bottles unless requested.)

1 Oz EP sample jar: Arabian Nights, Soda Shoppe, and Cozy Christmas are at $2.25​ each.

4 oz EP in jar: Unscented jars are $4.00 each. Buttercream, Soda Shoppe, On a (Pumpkin) Roll, Dreamsicle, South Pacific Waters, Pop a Wheelie, Watermelon Sorbet, and Lavender Fields Forever are $4.25 each. Cotton Candy, Ina’s Celebrating Nature, Frosted Snowdrops, and Beyond the Sea Somewhere are $4.50 each. Spa and Cozy Christmas are at $4.75 each.

8 Oz EP in jar: Unscented is $5.00 each. Buttercream and Soda Shoppe are $5.25 each.  On a (Pumpkin) Roll, Dreamsicle, Spa, Pop a Wheelie, South Pacific Waters, Watermelon Sorbet, and Lavender Fields Forever are $5.50 each. Cotton Candy is $5.75 each. Ina’s Celebrating Nature, Frosted Snowdrops, and Beyond the Sea Somewhere are $6.00 each. Intoxicated by Jasmine and Arabian Nights are at $6.50 each.​

​Note: Arabian Nights has small brown flecks of dye in it to resemble the spice market – there are no defects or contaminants, just decoration. 🙂

​​Please also note that there were regulation changes to the amount of additives that can be added to bases. I am working to adjust all of my recipes (thankfully most are still compliant) to be within the limits, so you may notice some scent and price changes to the products. There are a few items that were more heavily scented that I had to reduce to be compliant. Most have no difference, but I wanted to give a heads up in case your new one doesn’t smell quite the same as the previous version. I really wish that regulations hadn’t changed, but will try my hardest to get things as close as possible to the originals.

Other Items

My scrubs have gone through several updates and only two have passed testing with flying colors yet.

The Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is scented with Winter Woods and is $6.75 for each 8 ounce jar. It is a little less intense as the “Mechanic Scrub” that I used to make, with powdered luffa replacing a few of the stronger exfoliants from that mixture. This mixture is a little gentler on the skin while still being a heavy hitting scrub on the rough zones on your body.

​​I love this mixture, but still have the super tough Mechanic’s Scrub, a super tough scrub, for those that need extra help with grease, grime, and incredibly rough skin, at $6.00 per 8 ounce jar. 🙂

Mechanic's Scrub

Mechanic’s Scrub


Winter Woods Scrub, Luffa Soap, Mechanic Soap

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  1. I would like 3 jars of the mechanics scrub. How do I order?


    • Sorry about the delay! Between the holiday and an injury I really dropped the ball on everything. If you would please email me through my email link on the site or at I’d be happy to establish an order for the scrubs. It would be $18 plus shipping, which I’ll try to get as cheap as possible, or if you’re somewhat local we can establish a meeting spot to omit that, and is why I’d like to be able to communicate with you privately. 🙂 You’re also welcome to text me at 785-633-1999 if you prefer.



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