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Scent Descriptions

Instead of repeatedly filling product pages with scent descriptions I thought I’d make a reference page to help keep things a little tidier.  The page will be updated as new scents become available or scents are discontinued.  FO stands for Fragrance Oil while EO stands for Essential Oil.


Arabian Nights FO: This FO was originally named “Sands of Morocco”, but I couldn’t resist getting a little whimsical and renaming it. This is so exotic and spicy that it immediately made me think of tales of Aladdin. *grin* Hey, I already admitted to getting whimsical, so don’t judge me. It comes across as warm and sensual, bringing to mind pampering oils and beautiful silks. *sigh* With notes of sandalwood, musk, and clove, it’s a winner. This is one scent, especially when used in lotion, that I can’t resist taking another sniff of every single time I walk by. Coming from someone that has all of the scents listed, plus some, that’s quite impressive!

Bubblegum FO: If ever a name could describe a scent, this is it! This FO is that uplifting and sweet scent from your childhood. A favorite among children and adults alike (I admit that it’s one of my top favorites). The FO’s scent formula has changed a few times (the manufacturer – not me), so it sometimes reminds me of Bazooka® gum while at other times it smells just like old fashion gumballs, but rest assured that both versions are incredibly close and fantastic!

Buttercream (also called Vanilla Buttercream) FO: A very sweet scent that smells exactly like a famous candle. This is such a delicious dessert scent! This is also fabulous as a secondary scent to lend some sweet notes to a product. Personally I like to add this with another vanilla to bump up the yum factor, since the government only allows so much to be used in a product.

Cotton Candy FO: This is a light and sweet scent that reminds me of the scent left on your fingertips after you have eaten cotton candy. When used in a massage oil it’ll make your partner’s mouth water for your sweet skin.

Dirt FO: To me it’s more like the smell of dirt beneath your nails after working in the garden instead of pungent freshly dug dirt. It’s a bit woodsy with almost a hint of musk. The dominant woodsy notes add depth to several nature FOs, too.  This is a favorite among kids.  It has made it a little easier for some customers to get their kids to wash up, since it doesn’t smell super clean or “perfumy”.

Dreamsicle FO: A clean orange fragrance. I typically like to add a little Vanilla Buttercream FO to it to enhance the vanilla scent that is an underlying tone, and then it smells just like the popsicles I had as a child. Yum!! This is a great scent for children too.

Fruity Patootie FO: This is a really fun scent for kids especially. It’s pretty much fruit punch with notes of orange, cherry, pineapple, and just a little vanilla to soften it up.

Fudge Brownie FO: Chocolate with a delicious vanilla undertone. It’s such a deep and indulgent scent.

Ina’s Celebrating Nature: This custom blend has a lot of scent layers ranging from the earthy scent found in the woods to the crisp, fresh scent of wind off of the water. It has a hint of earthiness to it, which seems to deepen the scent notes a little, making the scent profile a little more like you’re smelling nature instead of a lotion or perfume.

Lime Margaritas Anyone? FO: This FO has lime as the dominant note with soft notes of tequila and citrus. It’s a refreshing and summery scent.

Mechanic Scrub: This is a custom FO blend of the woods with a note of pepper to deepen the earthiness of the scent.

Mint Cocoa: This is an FO blend that I made combining Fudge Brownie and Purely Peppermint.   This has a refreshing mint note with a richer, darker chocolate scent.

Peppermint FO: Sweet, refreshing, and very uplifting while being a milder scent than most commercially available peppermint scented items.

Pop A Wheelie FO: A very bright FO. There are notes of sandalwood, musk, and a hint of floral, but definitely is not girly. There are light notes of vanilla and eucalyptus. This is a very natural smelling FO and is very easily a unisex option since it smells so earthy.

Pumpkin Buttercream FO: This is a blend I came up with when I wanted something a little sweeter in the shower. The vanilla mellows out and sweetens it, and there is a slightly strong note of cinnamon. I also label this as On a (Pumpkin) Roll on some products.

Sandalwood FO: This is a dark and earthy scent, well known for being a common scent used in incense. It is exotic and masculine.

Soda Shoppe FO: Yum! This smells so incredible! It’s like a rich root beer float bottled right up and I can’t get enough of it. The deep anise notes are beautifully balanced by vanilla and spices.

Watermelon Sorbet: This scent celebrates that spring is on the horizon. This FO has very sweet, sugary notes instead of those of freshly picked fruit. It reminds me a lot of watermelon bubblegum that I used to love as a kid. I love using this for a fun pick-me-up.

Wintergreen Essential Oil: Aromatherapists consider wintergreen to be a stimulant and may help with muscle/pain ailments. It is the bright mint that people usually associate with the holiday mint scent.

Winter Woods: This is actually a blend that I have created that has more of a unisex appeal. It is a blend of mistletoe, balsam, and a hint of black pepper. It is male tester approved too!  It is less masculine than the Mechanic Scrub scent blend.

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