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Floral and Wood FOs

FOs are Fragrance Oils. They do not have a natural benefit. A lot of really awesome scents are not made naturally, but are too irresistible for me to pass up. NEWER ones are toward the bottom.


Jasmine FO: This Jasmine FO is simply beautiful. I haven’t decided what I want to name it, but it is one of the nicest florals I’ve ever smelled. It doesn’t have the complex notes of the Moonlight Path knock offs or the cloying sweetness that can overtake a gorgeous honeysuckle, making this FO incredibly unique. It’s bright and joyful while seeming so elegant and feminine.


Winter Woods: This is actually a blend that I have created that has more of a unisex appeal. It is a blend of mistletoe, balsam, and a hint of black pepper. It is male tester approved too! *grin*


Sandalwood FO: This is a dark and earthy scent, well known for being a common scent used in incense. It is exotic and masculine.


Moonlight Path inspired FO: This is a combination of floral scents. It is light, feminine, and romantic. It does not have the strong musky overtone of most romantic floral scents.


Ina’s Celebrating Nature: A recently updated custom blend of Beyond the Sea, Somewhere and woodsy notes. It has a lot of scent layers ranging from the earthy scent found in the woods to the crisp, fresh scent of wind off of the water. It now has a hint of earthiness to it with the addition of the new Dirt FO I recently found (description under Various Fragrances tab). It seems to deepen the scent notes a little, making the scent profile a little more like you’re smelling nature instead of a lotion or perfume.


Rainforest FO: This is a really bright floral and could be unisex, since it’s not strongly feminine. It is like a floral version of Pop A Wheelie, with that complex earthiness, but lightened with notes of jasmine and citrus.


Laundry Day: Laundry Day is a nice blend of marine, citrus, fresh air, and a fresh note of floral. It’s not as overpowering as some fabric softener scents that come to mind, but has the same clean laundry basic notes that you would expect.


South Pacific Waters FO: This is a crisp and clean scent that I love. It is a great unisex scent with floral and citrus notes. I usually say that it’s nature in a bottle. It is truly like being at the ocean, closing your eyes, and inhaling the complex layers of scents that the beach can provide. Did I mention that I love this?


Lavender Fields Forever FO: The FO is lighter than most other synthetic and EO versions. It is more of a field of flowers scent profile instead of just sniffing one, so it has some soft complimentary notes to round out the lavender. I blend in a dash of the EO, too, so you get the smell without the big cost.


Honeysuckle Hollow FO: This FO has greener notes than most honeysuckle scents. It’s more like freshly blooming honeysuckle instead of the heady and sweet variations that I would normally expect. It is a great option for someone that likes floral, but doesn’t like it to be so sweet and cloying as most tend to come across.


Green Aloe & Clover FO: This is a very earthy combination of scents.  The bright greens with a tiny floral undertone, similar to that soft note that you catch when you’re in a clearing in the woods, in my opinion.  Some noses can even catch a hint of musk, but it’s a very clean and gender neutral FO.


Wild Rose FO: I finally got a straight up rose FO!  *laugh* It took me a while to find a rose that I really like, but it was well worth the wait.  This FO has the truest red rose scent that I’ve found and is absolutely beautiful if you like floral scents.

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