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Food Fragrances

FOs are Fragrance Oils. They do not have a natural benefit. A lot of really awesome scents are not made naturally, but are too irresistible for me to pass up. Newer scents are always added at the bottom.


Fudge Brownie FO: Chocolate with a delicious vanilla undertone. It’s such a deep and indulgent scent.


Fruity Patootie FO: This is a really fun scent for kids especially. It’s pretty much fruit punch with notes of orange, cherry, pineapple, and just a little vanilla to soften it up.

​Bubblegum FO: If ever a name could describe a scent, this is it! This FO is that uplifting and sweet scent from your childhood. A favorite among children and adults alike (I admit that it’s one of my top favs now). The FO’s scent formula has changed a few times (the manufacturer – not me), so it sometimes reminds me of Bazooka gum while at other times it smells just like old fashion gumballs, but rest assured that both versions are incredibly close and fantastic!


Pumpkin Buttercream FO: This is a blend I came up with when I wanted something a little sweeter in the shower. The vanilla mellows out and sweetens it, and there is a slightly strong note of cinnamon. I also label this as On a (Pumpkin) Roll on some products.


Pumpkin Spice: This FO is a little spicier version of pumpkin that reminds me more of a cookie batter than a cake, like my other version.


Softly Spiced Pumpkin: This is a custom blend with a hint of buttercream to soften with lots of pumpkin pie spices to make it a warm and comforting scent. It is similar to the Pumpkin Spice FO above, but has a few additional notes.​


Cotton Candy FO: This is a light and sweet scent that reminds me of the scent left on your fingertips after you have eaten cotton candy. When used in a massage oil it’ll make your partner’s mouth water for your sweet skin.


Jumpin’ Jelly Beans FO: This scent is like opening the bag of jelly beans and taking a deep breath. There are several layers of fruit and with each inhalation another scent is brought to the foreground. A very bright and cheerful scent.


Spa FO: This is the ultimate spa scent, but is actually a blend of almond and honey. It’s not overly sweet, with clean and warm tones. It is a very mild scent and is great for people who are sensitive to fragrances. (Also found under Various due to spa classification.)


Vanilla Buttercream FO: A very sweet scent that smells exactly like a famous candle. This is such a delicious dessert scent! This is also fabulous as a secondary scent to lend some sweet notes to a product. Personally I like to add this with another vanilla to bump up the yum factor, since the government only allows so much to be used in a product.


Dreamsicle FO: A clean orange fragrance. I typically like to add a little Vanilla Buttercream FO to it to enhance the vanilla scent that is an underlying tone, and then it smells just like the popsicles I had as a child. Yum!! This is a great scent for children too.


Watermelon Sorbet: This is a new scent to celebrate spring on the horizon. This FO has very sweet, sugary notes instead of those of freshly picked fruit. It reminds me a lot of watermelon bubblegum that I used to love as a kid. I love using this for a fun pick-me-up.


Lemon Drops: A refreshing blend of buttercream and freshly zested lemon. The sweet notes balance out the sharp tang, yet the scent is very bright and uplifting. Perfect for a fresh scent when you’re hot.


Mojito Magic: This is a bright citrus and mint blend FO. I think it smells a little more minty than the namesake drink.


Peppermint FO: Sweet, refreshing, and very uplifting. See the Natural Benefits page for natural benefits information please if you aren’t sure if you want the FO or EO. The FO is recommended for people who commonly have skin reactions to natural oils. It’s not quite as strong as “Purely Peppermint” to me. If you really like peppermint, and you want it strong, opt for the other. This is great for those that want to keep it a little milder.


Soda Shoppe FO: Yum! This smells so incredible! It’s like a rich rootbeer float bottled right up and I can’t get enough of it. The deep anise notes are beautifully balanced by vanilla and spices.


Lime Margaritas Anyone? FO: This FO has lime as the dominant note with soft notes of tequila and citrus. It’s a refreshing and summery scent.


Angel Food Cake FO: Yum! This FO is like a whiff of a bakery with a medium note of vanilla and a hint of pastry dough. There is a slight note of almond. If you really like vanilla I’d recommend adding a bit of another vanilla to this, in lotions especially, since this is a very mild scent. This is an especially good option for people that cannot use strong scents.


Purely Peppermint FO: Just like you expect. I love to use Peppermint EO, but find that I don’t get to use as much of it (due to regulations) to get the strength of scent that I like, so I’ve been adding a bit of this to boost the scent. I like it all year round instead of just for the holidays. It is a touch stronger than the standard Peppermint FO that I also have.


Sun Ripened Strawberry FO: Fantastic! This smells like freshly sliced strawberries with a bit of sugar over them. It’s not super sweet like a sticky syrup, but is a sweeter version than the sharp “fresh” scents can be.


Marshmallow FO: Not quite what you would expect from Marshmallow, but it’s a blend of butterscotch and buttercream. Although it might not be quite what you had in mind, it’s still a lot of fun and pretty mouthwatering if I say so myself.


Hot Buttered Rum FO: There’s only the faintest note of rum at all, and smells like a mixture of caramel and butterscotch to me. A pretty yummy scent that surprises people when they find out that you haven’t been making any food. It mellows out really quickly once applied to the skin, too, in lotion form.


Madagascar Black Pepper FO: I debated if this would be better cataloged which has no surprises. It’s straight up peppery, which I think gives some umph to florals and the cologne scents​​. Although I plan to use this mostly for blending with other scents, if you like to be a little daring, I’m happy to make up something in this FO.


Mint Cocoa: This is an FO blend that I made combining Fudge Brownie and Purely Peppermint.   This has a refreshing mint note with a richer, darker chocolate scent than the actual Hot Cocoa FO gives.


Apples & Cinnamon FO: Apples, cinnamon, and a few other baking spices come together to make a new favorite scent.  I absolutely love this!


Hot Cocoa FO: Not to be confused with the Mint Cocoa blend that I make, this is a soft and warm chocolate that makes me think of milk chocolate brownies fresh out of the oven.

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