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The following scents are typically only associated with the holidays, so I will list the FOs in this section. I can make almost all of them year round, but supplies are limited until the scents come available the following season if I run out. Some products I offer year round under other names and have noted this when applicable.


Please note: products with these scents are found under the applicable page, such as Baskets and Combos for the “A Sweet Smelling Christmas Combo”.  I just didn’t want to stick these lovely scents under Various.  *grin*


For holiday FOs:


​My Christmas Wreath FO: A heavenly blend of the woods that is strongly reminiscent of Christmas. I like to use this as a strong note in some masculine blends.


Mistletoe FO: I love this FO! It is very nice with a woodsy scent. It is more of a wintry wood with pine dominant instead of the deep in the woods scent profile usually found in wood FOs. It is especially amazing mixed with Santa’s Tree Farm!


Santa’s Tree Farm FO: Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree! This is an amazing blend of wintry woods that I associate with the holidays. I’ve blended a few Christmas wood scents together to get what most say is the perfect combination of balsam fir, evergreen, and pine. I love this in the Room & Linen Spray, because I can spritz my winter artificial flowers and pinecones with it, and get that delightful smell of a real Christmas tree (I don’t recommend spraying directly onto an artificial tree, but it’s great on nonflammable surfaces and helps give that incredible smell that you miss when you have an artificial tree like me).


Cozy Christmas FO: New for 2013. Quickly becoming a new favorite of mine, which is a bit sad since I can’t find more of the scent anywhere yet, so we may only get to enjoy this FO once. It’s a lot like spiked eggnog for all of you that have toed the line toward the naughty list (me included *grin*). Cream, sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and rum. It smells soooo good! Use a product with this and settle in with a real spiked eggnog, and you’re guaranteed to have a cozy Christmas, as the name implies. A few products are also called “shortbread cookies”.​​​


Component examples:

A few holiday bandanas that work great as a liner in the basket instead of paper crinkles.  I also have several styles of basket wraps to bundle it all up for gift giving.  In addition, I have a variety of holiday bags, including some that aren’t Christmas.  My favorite component is holiday themed tins to package it all up, instead of using a basket and basket wrap.

Christmas Tins

Christmas Tins

Christmas Bandanas

Christmas Bandanas

Christmas Bags

Christmas Bags


Christmas Bags 2

Christmas Bags 2

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