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FOs are Fragrance Oils.  They do not have a natural benefit.  A lot of really awesome scents are not made naturally, but are too irresistible for me to pass up.

Dirt FO: To me it’s more like the smell of dirt beneath your nails after working in the garden instead of pungent freshly dug dirt. It’s a bit woodsy with almost a hint of musk. When I sniff there are notes that dance around like when a word is at the tip of your tongue, but you can’t quite figure it out. It reminds me of the smell I notice when freshly cut lumber is being stacked. The dominant woodsy notes add depth to several nature FOs too.


Sandalwood FO: This is a dark and earthy scent, well known for being a common scent used in incense. It is exotic and masculine.


Spa FO: This is the ultimate spa scent. Not overly sweet with clean, and warm tones. It is a very mild scent of almond and honey, and is great for people who are sensitive to fragrances. Since this is such a great spa scent (but still actually food), I listed it here as well as on the food page. Yes, it is that good that it deserves to be listed twice!


Beyond the Sea, Somewhere: I really like this scent. It has the fresh notes of South Pacific Waters with notes of vetiver, spice, earthiness (mostly due to the vetiver I’m sure), and a tiny hint of vanilla. As I stated on my blog: “It has a gentle earthiness to it, but such a clean, uplifting top note. It’s almost like sitting on the side of a waterfall, on the rocks by the pool area, and taking a deep and cleansing breath. *happy sigh* I think it’ll make a phenomenal unisex scent. Not too sweet or musky, not too heavy, not sharp…nothing but simply great.”


Musk FO: Masculine musk in a bottle. Typically you either like or strongly dislike musk. It’s the base scent to most all masculine products on the market. This is a great FO to use as heavy note in a custom blend, although I admit that I make a few things for myself with just this and enjoy a day full of dreamy sighs.


Pop A Wheelie FO: A very bright FO. There are notes of sandalwood, musk, and a hint of floral, but definitely is not girly. There are light notes of vanilla and eucalyptus. This is a very natural smelling FO and is very easily a unisex option. It has such a complicated blend of layers that it comes across as very earthy.


Laundry Day FO: Laundry Day is a nice blend of marine, citrus, fresh air, and a fresh note of floral. It’s not as overpowering as some fabric softener scents that come to mind, but has the same clean laundry basic notes that you would expect. I listed this on two pages because it has so many scent notes.


South Pacific Waters FO: This is a crisp and clean scent that I love. It is a great unisex scent with floral and citrus notes. I usually say that it’s nature in a bottle. It is truly like being at the ocean, closing your eyes, and inhaling the complex layers of scents that the beach can provide. Did I mention that I love this?


Frosted Snowdrops FO: A complex FO that I would describe as a clean and sexy floral musk. It has a slightly exotic profile in my opinion and shouldn’t be limited to just the holiday season.


Arabian Nights FO: This FO was originally named “Sands of Morocco”, but I couldn’t resist getting a little whimsical and renaming it. This is so exotic and spicy that it immediately made me think of Aladdin. *grin* Hey, I already admitted to getting whimsical, so don’t judge me. lol. Anyway, it comes across as warm and sensual, bringing to mind pampering oils and beautiful silks. *sigh* With notes of sandalwood, musk, and clove, it’s a winner. This is one scent, especially when used in lotion, that I can’t resist taking another sniff of every single time I walk by. Coming from someone that has all of the scents listed, plus some, that’s quite impressive!


Falling for You FO: This is a cologne clone (of Cool Water for Men) that really should become a best seller. It is amazingly fresh with clean and sexy notes of marine and woods. Some say that it isn’t quite like the cologne, but who cares?! It’s absolutely awesome no matter what. Plus, it’s sexy enough for a man, and refreshing enough for a woman. Perfect!

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