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Malice & Mayhem Soap Set, alt version


Malice and Mayhem gun soaps were created for the femme fatales with glitter shimmering for that touch of femininity.  (Please note that the other items are props and not for sale.) Due to the glitter, photography catches and emphasizes different colors, so expect slightly darker versions of these soaps.  They are sold as a set at $2.50 with the darker soap containing fudge brownie and slight nutty notes, while the other soap has maraschino cherry and sweet syrup notes.



Truckin’ Along Soap


Although the soap can’t roll, these truck soaps are scented in a fun, fruity mix, scented in Fruity Patootie, at $8.75.  These soaps are a little more expensive than my usual ones, since they’re actually pretty hefty and bigger than most whimsical soaps. 514 x 386



Brownie Bar Soap and Chocolate Maple Bacon Bar Soap


I personally love the sweet and savory combo of the Chocolate Maple Bacon Bar Soap, although the Brownie Bar Soaps are a deliciously scented washing experience.  The really nice thing about these is that they can also be cut like the famous confectionery and used as guest soaps or for traveling.  These bars are $2.25 for each of the Chocolate Maple Bacon Bars and $2.00 for the Brownie Bar Soaps.



Space Soaps


The Good Guys Soap


I have several Space themed soaps with alternative names due to a little copyrighting.  The Good Guys Soaps are $1.75 each with Mojito scent of mint, sugar, and citrus notes.  The Dark One has a solid chocolate scent and is only $1.00 each.  The Storm Soapers are $1.25 each with marshmallow and sugar notes.  Robot Soaps are a sandalwood scent and are just $2.75 each.  Hansicle soaps come in two options.  The first is a bag of small soaps at $6.00 for 6 soaps, while the other is a single large Hansicle soap for $3.50 each.  These are in the Soda Shoppe Scent, so it’s a yummy Root Beer Float scent with strong vanilla notes.



Love Bites and Black Magic Soaps are usually considered Anti-Valentine’s Day soaps, but I’m a girl that loves the macabre all year round and adore these soaps.  Love Bites skull and crossbones soaps are $1.75 each set (one skull and one crossbones), while Black Magic daisies are $1.25 each.  Both have an iridescent glitter embedded and are scented with chocolate and cherry.  Who says the darker side can’t be glittery and smell delicious?  *grin*


Redneck Basket

Redneck Gift Basket


Redneck Gift Basket: This amusing combo masks some older products in my line under some funny names. It includes Opossum Repellent (Monsters Away Spray 4 oz), Saturday Night Date Wash (Winter Woods Bubble Wash 4 oz), Bedtime Flea Spray (Sleepy Time Spray 4 oz), Get the Grease Off (Exfoliating Scrub 8 oz), City Slicker Lotion (Arabian Nights GM V2 8 oz), and a Slice of Roadkill Remains Soap (A Slice of Peppermint Pie Soap). A bag of “Natural Bubble Bath” is thrown in as a bonus along with a fancy Belly Button Blower. *grin* It’s packaged in a basket with shredded kraft paper filler, the redneck’s essential duct tape, a few sheets of tissue paper to help keep things a little more mysterious for gift giving, a nice country bandana used to line the basket, and a cello wrap to bind it all together. All for just $33.00. Please note that the ammunition used to stage the picture are not included. That’s up to the recipient to add.  *whistles innocently*

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