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Hello from Georgia’s Pampering!  For returning visitors I have a couple of new soaps to share with you, along with a few updated product pictures.  For any new visitors please check out my About page for more information about Georgia’s Pampering, my blog, and more in depth details.  My focus is on handcrafted bath and body products that provide natural benefits, although I have a few items that are purely whimsical.


In honor of the latest installment to the Star Wars franchise I am working on some soaps inspired by the original movies.  So far I have four that are ready to become perfect stocking stuffers this year.  First up is Dark One Soap at $1 each and then The Good Guys Soap at $3 each.


Dark One Soap


The Good Guys Soap


I also have an R2D2 inspired “BeeBoopBop” soap at $5 for a whole set, which is one large and four small soaps.  The perfect soap to round out the group is a set of “Hansicle” soaps, inspired by Han Solo, at $4.00, which is one large and six miniatures, all scented in Sandalwood.  I made another version scented in Soda Shoppe and the whole set came to $8.50, due to the vanilla protective needed (otherwise it turns a solid brown, but smells incredible still).

R2D2 BeeBoopBop Soap

BeeBoopBop Soap

Hansicle Soaps

Hansicle Soaps


I’d also like to feature a few bestselling products that make great gifts, especially for guys.


Winter Woods Scrub, Luffa Soap, Mechanic Soap

An 8 Oz jar of Winter Woods Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is $6.75 each and is tough enough for grease, yet gentle enough to be used several times a week.  Pop A Wheelie Mechanic Scrub Soap, at $3 each, come in handy guest rounds that are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer, easy to use in the shower, and are a great size for traveling.  The same can be said about the Winter Woods Luffa Soap, with a gently exfoliating piece of luffa embedded within the soap, which is $2.50 each guest round soap.

I also made a set of the luffa soap in white with Sandalwood at $2.25 each guest round soap.

Sandalwood Luffa Soap

Sandalwood Luffa Soap


What about a really good lotion for the next person on your shopping list?  I have quite a variety of goat’s milk lotions, with some sample jars on hand that make a fun and useful small gifts, too.


Goat’s Milk Lotions



If you’re looking for a gift basket, often customers tell me their budget when they want a basket made, a general concept of what they are interested in, and then I give options of what combinations would work for them to choose from, to help make gift giving enjoyable for both people.


Need an easy gift? I am set up for gift certificates, so if you’re interested see the payment page please.  Also, I have some gift baskets listed on the Baskets page if you’d like to check those out!  In addition to what are shown, a lot of my basket customers provide their budget with a general concept of what they’re looking for, and then I provide some options for a custom basket that’s just right for the recipient.


To order please contact Georgia Cornelison at 1-785-633-1999 (voice or text) or via email at or Please note that due to the variation of ingredient costs only premade items have prices listed on the site or an average price is listed to provide a general price range. Please contact me for a price quote for customized items. Flat rate shipping is utilized and arrangements for local pickup can be made to avoid this cost. In addition, all prices include Jefferson County KS sales tax. Please note that I will try to make products available immediately following an order, but due to being handmade and making at the time of order usually (I try not to make too many things ahead of time, since I want the customer to have as long of a shelf life as possible), it may take up to a couple of weeks to complete orders.


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  1. I like this website because she has done a very thorough job of explaining her products, and she offers several options for payment making it easy on the consumer. Having tried her products, I know she uses the highest quality ingredients.



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