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Hello from Georgia’s Pampering!  For returning visitors welcome back and I hope you’ve been well while my site was abandoned for awhile.  For any new visitors please check out my About page for more information about Georgia’s Pampering, my blog, and more in depth details.  My focus is on handcrafted bath and body products that provide natural benefits, although I have a few items that are purely whimsical.


First, a few 2017 updates!  I have returned to using Paypal for processing billing and I will be having some changes to my blog.  As life has led me down some different avenues, I will have some guest bloggers who I will introduce in a blog post hopefully soon, some posts about Second Life (the internet based community I’ve been involved on/in for years), and some information on adoption.  I still strive to make a good impact and feel that a little fun will be nice during such a difficult time for so many people, and then I want to put out some accurate teen adoption information that is incredibly difficult to find online, so if any of these topics please feel free to provide me some feedback and I will take it into account.

I want to make sure people have a chance to get some fun and affordable handmade shopping done.  I have a variety of soaps to share with you and have started a new “Undead Collection”, so there’s a little bit for everyone now hopefully.  The Zombie Bait and Zombie Duck soaps are great for fans of that copyrighted Undead series, while the Pot Head soaps are a fun gag gift.  Please check out the soap page for prices, but here is a preview of some of the new soaps as of 11/28/16.  My personal life has been getting my attention, but I’m hoping to start creating some new soaps really soon!



Zombie Duck Closeup


Zombie Bait Soap

And the oh so sweet smelling blood on the above soaps is completely handcrafted onto them, so each is completely unique!  Below are some of the Christmas themed soaps, but so darn pretty that I just can’t bring myself to take them off the first page yet.  🙂


Peppermint Snowflakes Soaps


Shimmer Me Vanilla and Beautiful Bubblegum Flower Soaps


Truckin’ Along Soap


Alternately, if you’re looking for a gift basket, often customers tell me their budget when they want a basket made, a general concept of what they are interested in, and then I give options of what combinations would work for them to choose from, to help make gift giving enjoyable for both people.


Need an easy gift? I am set up for gift certificates, so if you’re interested see the payment page please.  Also, I have some gift baskets listed on the Baskets page if you’d like to check those out!  In addition to what are shown, a lot of my basket customers provide their budget with a general concept of what they’re looking for, and then I provide some options for a custom basket that’s just right for the recipient.


To order please contact Georgia Cornelison at 1-785-633-1999 (voice or text) or via email at or Please note that due to the variation of ingredient costs only premade items have prices listed on the site or an average price is listed to provide a general price range. Please contact me for a price quote for customized items. Flat rate shipping is utilized and arrangements for local pickup can be made to avoid this cost. In addition, all prices include Jefferson County, KS sales tax. Please note that I will try to make products available immediately following an order, but due to being handmade and making at the time of order usually (I try not to make too many things ahead of time, since I want the customer to have as long of a shelf life as possible), it may take up to a couple of weeks to complete orders, especially when I have to wait for my wholesaler to refill an ingredient.


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  1. I like this website because she has done a very thorough job of explaining her products, and she offers several options for payment making it easy on the consumer. Having tried her products, I know she uses the highest quality ingredients.


  2. Some fun, whimsical soaps there! 😀


  3. Hi Georgia, This is Linda Dougan Hill……your mom’s cousin..I would like to order a jar of Winter Mint Gel Air Freshener….DO YOU HAVE IT STILL AVAILABLE?
    I love the smell of it, and alot of things I can’t handle odors with….So Mild and fresh.

    Let me know if u can do…



    • I’d be happy to make some for you since you’re family, as a gift. It’s not a product I have actually gotten stable results with yet and is still in experimental phase, so I don’t sell it. I’m glad that you liked it! The worst part is that I can’t guarantee the length of the scent lingering, which is why it’s still being experimented with. Lol. I’ll work on some and coordinate with Mom to get them to you. 🙂 Also, I’m really sorry about the delay in responding! Things have been a bit crazy and they changed the editing program enough that I couldn’t find where to get to your comment. *facepalm* Please accept my apologies though and I’ll work on trying to get at least a few jars stable for you. 🙂 Feel free to text me at 785-633-1999 if you text, or email me at, if you have questions or want to coordinate directly. Thank you and thank you for the interest!!



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