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I thought I’d add a page to my site where I can add any tips and helpful information that I learn about pampering, body care, and such.  When I talk with customers (and really anyone that shows interest) I tend to get excited and try to share everything I know that could help that person.  I’ll work on adding all of the information that I have shared to this page for easy reference and maybe it’ll help me not overwhelm others so much by trying to impart everything in the brief time I have with them.  *smile* If you know of any that you’d like to recommend, please add a comment to the page or send me a note.  I love to hear what works for others and to learn new things!


No matter what lotion you use if you’re treating dry skin I have a few great tips to really up the moisturizing factor.  It’s best to apply lotion after a shower or bath, since your skin will absorb more, but first, try to be mindful of how you dry off.  Try to pat your skin instead of buffing or rubbing the water off.  It seems obvious, but in this fast paced world it’s easy to unwittingly getting into a habit of drying off as fast as possible, so you can move on with your day.  Patting dry is a great first step to helping with dry skin, though.  Next, apply your lotion.  If you are treating the usual dry zones such as your feet, hands, or elbows, then it’s important to absorb as much of the lotion as possible.  This next step is best when done before bed or when you have time to lounge around – you need to give it time and it tends to limit comfortable movement…After you apply the lotion if possible cover the area loosely with saran wrap or a clean bread bag (I’ve found them for sale in several stores, but the cheapest I found is a box of 10 at Walmart and they are literally called bread bags, available in the zipper bag and trash bag section).  The wrap/bag will help to keep a spa atmosphere in that area, so your skin ends up absorbing more of the lotion (it even works with massage oil, but I have a hard time keeping the wrap on with oils, so I won’t promote it).  If you’re treating your feet, put a pair of socks over the wrap; gloves for hands, etc.  It keeps the edges from coming loose as easily and I felt a lot more comfortable with the covering honestly.  IMPORTANT: If you are doing this on your feet make sure to walk very carefully and limit the amount of walking.  The moisture and the plastic makes it difficult to walk and more likely to slip, so please try to walk as little as possible.  I strongly urge that this is done when you’re going to bed, just to minimize the risk.  Anyway, let the wrap stay on as long as you feel comfortable, up to about 4 hours.  The amount of time varies per person and their body, so you’ll have to try it out and see what works for you.  I handle it on my feet for a lot longer than I can on my hands, for example.  This technique should really help your skin and you’ll usually see results a lot faster.  One of my customers is a cattle rancher and he uses the technique after applying one of my Goat’s Milk V2 lotions, and he said his hands are softer than he’d seen them for several years.  The combination will hopefully work just as well for you, too.


For soft and pretty lips you can easily make a quick exfoliating blend with ingredients in your pantry.  In a small bowl add about a teaspoon of brown sugar and about half a teaspoon of plain old clover honey.  Mix the two into a thick paste, adding more sugar if it’s too thin and more honey if it’s too thick.  Gently rub the mixture over your lips in small circles.  After a few passes rinse your lips and be amazed.  The brown sugar will very gently exfoliate the dry skin on your lips, helping to reveal the beautiful fresh skin below, and honey is an amazing ingredient for your skin.  The scrub can be a little messy and I have a tendency to drop bits of it, making a mess out of my shirt, so I now do this when I’m in the shower, so I can just rinse it all off without worrying about making a mess.  There is conflicting information out there about if it’s safe to keep the mixture around or not, so I don’t risk it, which is why I make such a small batch.  I found that once a week works well for me, but you could do this every other day if you wanted and if your skin handles it well, just as long as you’re very gentle.


A great way to ensure that you apply products gently, especially on the face, is to use your ring finger to apply things instead of your first or middle fingers.  It seems so weird and is very awkward until you get used to it, but that’s exactly why you have the tendency to rub a lot lighter and have less risk of damaging your skin.  It’s a simple little change, but boy does it work!  I now do this with anything I need to rub in near my eyes or lips, and even when applying antibiotic ointments to cuts.

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