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Please note that I make a variety of soaps in decorative and standard molds. They vary in size, shapes, colors, and scents. I’ve done custom orders for massage bars with EOs to help ease pain, creative two-tone swirl soaps, and many more. There are too many options to post on here without it being really overwhelming, so please don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas or requests with me, or you can even take a peek at my blog for a whole lot of pictures. A fun idea is using miniature soaps for party favors for a princess party and they were a hit. Miniatures are purchased in bulk, individually wrapped, and sold in a bag with one set of labels, so that you may repackage to suit your taste, unless otherwise directed. This cuts down on the cost per soap and allows you to easily fit them in favor bags or guest care packages. They also make handy single person/single use soaps for company, especially around the holiday time!

I have a few flowers that were added in 2016 that are so beautiful!  First is Shimmer Me Vanilla, at $1.75 each, that has a gorgeous cinnamon mica sparkle.  Next is Beautiful Bubblegum Flowers, at $1.50 each, in a bright and happy pink.


Shimmer Me Vanilla and Beautiful Bubblegum Flower Soaps


I have three bar soaps as of winter of 2016 that smell delicious, but don’t be tempted to take a bite! *grin* Up first is three slices of Maple Bacon Bars at $3.00 for the set.  The smoky bacon is softened by the mild maple, and they’re layered to kind of resemble the layers of fat and meat in bacon, just for a little fun.  Note: Due to the layers, during use it is normal for the layers to separate and all pieces are usable.  Second is a Chocolate Maple Bacon Bar, at $2.25 each, which are a little milder and sweeter due to the chocolate, but reminds me of a gourmet treat.  Last, but not least, is a Brownie Bar Soap, at $2.00 each, which is all fudge brownie yum scent without any savory notes. (One is wrapped so that I didn’t mix them up, since they look so similar! *laugh*)  All three make great guest soaps, too!


Maple Bacon Bar Soap


Brownie Bar Soap and Chocolate Maple Bacon Bar Soap


Truckin’ Along is a big truck soap that is one of my higher priced soaps, weighing in at more than 6 ounces, at $8.75 each.  It’s scented in Fruity Patootie, which has fruit punch notes.  I think it would be fun in the Dirt scent too, if you or the recipient aren’t quite into fruity scents.


Truckin’ Along Soap


Two snowflake soaps for 2016, both at $1.75 each, are the Peppermint Snowflakes  and A Cozy Christmas.  Both soaps have shimmering micas in them, although the Peppermint soaps are a little brighter while the Cozy Christmas soap has a stunning french white shimmer mica that helps give a softer white shimmer.


Peppermint Snowflakes Soaps


A Cozy Christmas Soap


I decided to start an actual “Undead Collection”.  A couple of my older soaps are at the end of this section while the newer soaps are up here.

Zombie Ducks are a bit of a gory little soap, but oh so fun.  They are $3.50 each and have the licorice scent of a Lump of Coal FO to them.  The ducks will come away from the soap base after one or two uses, so the recipient will have a fun little knickknack long after the soap is used up.


Zombie Duck Closeup


Zombie Ducks Soap Overview

Zombie Bait Soaps are $3.00 each and are a bit gory, too.  The brains themselves are scented in Fudge Brownie and the blood is a sweet Strawberry scent, similar to a cheeky comment made on a very popular zombie show.  There is a bit of “blood” around the base, so be careful while handling!


Zombie Bait Soap Closeup


Zombie Bait Soap

Two deliciously morbid older soaps I’m including as the start of the Undead Collection, both scented in a blend of Maraschino Cherry with an undertone of Chocolate.  Love Bites is a two piece dark soap set featuring a skull and crossbones with iridescent glitter, as well, at $1.75 for each set.  Black Magic Soap features a dark daisy shaped soap with iridescent glitter throughout at $1.25 each.

Love Bites Soap

Love Bites Soap

Black Magic Soap

Black Magic Soap


Moving on I have a few more new random soaps.  I worked for months on Malice & Mayhem Soaps and finally got them just right.  They are a two pack of glittery gun soaps for the ladies at $2.50 for the set.  They’re a little tough, a little feminine, and very empowering hopefully.  🙂


Malice & Mayhem Set of Soaps


I also have a new Pot Head soap at $3.00 each, which are simply a deep and dark brain soap scented with the earthy Cannabis FO.  These have a little heft to them, so they should last several uses.  They’re a little tongue-in-cheek since I grew up to the “This is your brain on drugs…” slogan, so I couldn’t resist making them for rebels and gag gifts.  *grin*


Pot Head Soap

A Slice of Peppermint Pie Soap is $4.00 and comes packaged in a small cello cone with a twist tie. The slices average between 4.5 to 5 ounces each, so you get a hefty soap that will last through a lot of uses. When the slices get worn down just right during use you can get new color variations too! An extra bonus is that this soap has extra moisturizers to help get you through the holidays and winter, although I love it all year round.


Slice of Peppermint Soap

The Glitter Bars scented with Cotton Candy are both $4.75 in pink and natural colors. They have flower soaps embedded inside of them and some of the embeds have glitter as well. In testing the glitter rinsed away in the shower so there was very little glitter transferred to the skin following usage (mostly from handling after rinsing).


Glitter Bar Soaps

My Mechanic’s Soap is made with a soothing Shea butter base (thought to have more healing and anti-aging benefits than other commonly used bases), finely ground pumice, finely ground apricot seeds, milled flax seed, finely ground oatmeal, and whatever fragrance is desired. This soap can be made in any shape, but since most prefer the guest round size, that’s the one I feature now. Pumice is well known for exfoliating, which means that it removes the dead/dry skin and yuck, like grease and dirt, revealing the healthy and clean skin below.  A guest round in the basic Mechanic Soap version runs $2.25each. The price varies according to the size, scent, and additives, if you customize it. I also have a newer formula made in Rugged at $2.75 each guest round, which is a little deeper of a scent. Please note that I don’t recommend getting this soap in a glycerin base, as the pumice will sink to the top of the soap, whereas the pumice remains suspended throughout the soap in the Shea butter base. 


Winter Woods Luffa & Mechanic Soaps



I have a few Star Wars inspired soaps available.  Currently I have Dark One, which is $1 each, and The Good Guys, at $3 each (it’s a lot bigger than the Dark One Soap).  Rounding these Star Wars inspired soaps out I have BeeBoopBop Soaps (inspired by R2D2) at $5.00 for a whole set, which is 4 small and one large soap, and then a set of Sandalwood scented Hansicle soaps, inspired by Han Solo, at $4.00 (which consists of 6 miniature soaps and one large Hansicle).


Dark One Soap


The Good Guys Soap


R2D2 BeeBoopBop Soap

BeeBoopBop Soap

Hansicle Soaps

Hansicle Soaps



I finally succeeded at making luffa (loofah) soaps! Each approximately 1.5 ounce round of soap costs $2.50 and has a 7/8″ slice of luffa inside with Winter Woods scented soap base poured over it. As it sets up the soap usually permeates the luffa and softens it, then it further softens when exposed to your shower water. It is great for rough zones like elbows and heels. It can be made in other scents, but I wanted to post my premade option so that you have a pricing idea. I also have a white luffa soap in Soda Shoppe that runs $2.50 each as well.  The Luffa soaps are  considered great travel soaps. They are small like the airlines prefer and have a built in scrubber, so if you don’t trust just how clean that hotel washcloth is, then you don’t have to worry about using it!  I also made a white version, scented in Sandalwood, that runs $2.25 each and are featured in the second picture below.

Luffa Soap

Luffa Soap

Sandalwood Luffa Soap

Sandalwood Luffa Soap



Miniature soaps are sold in bulk. Prices vary depending on the mold, ranging on average from $2.50 to $5.00. For example, a bulk package of 10 bubblegum scented small Cancer Ribbon Soaps is currently priced at $3.00. Soaps vary on average from $1.00 each up to $6.00 for bigger and more complex variations. I have lots of options, so it’s hard to list them here. My newer and best sellers are posted individually here, but I have several small molds, so please contact me for more information if you have specific interests. Miniature soap aren’t just great embedded in larger soaps; they make fun additions to party favor bags or as little host gifts, and small soaps are the perfect disposable soap for guests. Each is packaged individually, making it easy to add them to gift baskets or travel.  Some of the older plastic molds (before silicone molds became affordable) are breaking, so the variety I can make changes with each use.  Just let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll try to accomplish it!


I have a variety of fun and whimsical soaps that I’m working on. I typically only make a batch or two of the whimsical soaps, so I will post the prices while I have them on hand. I wanted to give a variety of examples below of previous products so that you know you’re not limited to the soaps featured above. A lot of the time I can still make more of the soaps that are shown, but no longer listed, so don’t hesitate to inquire about soaps shown.   Please note that the colors depicted in the pictures may not be completely accurate, since the pixels tend to get a little wacky sometimes when I resize the photos to fit the website. I’m happy to email my pictures upon request if you’d like to see them without any possible pixel issues.  I am always working on replacing my old molds with silicone molds, so I have a lot of shapes that I will be adding to the site as I am able!

Please note that I have a LOT more molds than shown here.  I don’t want to overwhelm people with tons of pictures and I often change molds as I upgrade to silicone, so if you’re looking for something specific, please just ask! If you look through the blog you’ll find more examples of the soaps, too.  Thank you for your understanding! 🙂

(product may vary slightly from the picture due to the handcrafted nature)

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