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Sunset Stroll 2


The finished basket for the raffle. The products may not all be pink, but I think the pink basket and wrap celebrate it pretty well. I’m so glad that I am able to donate for such an awesome cause! 🙂

Sunset Stroll 1


I thought I’d share how the Sunset Stroll for Breast Cancer Awareness raffle basket turned out. Almost every soap was a variation of pink (I had to throw in a mechanic’s new version soap since I love them so much). I put in two goat’s milk V2 lotions, one jar and one bottle, since they work so well. I really hope it works well for the fundraiser.

Change of venue

Physical therapy has been kicking my rear, so I’ve had trouble doing the Breast Cancer Awareness Sunset Stroll soaps that I blogged about. It means a lot to me to at least donate something, so I am going to make up a gift basket for them to raffle. I really, really hope that it does well. I’ve decided to put my large pink ribbon soaps, a few pink Victorian heart soaps, and one of my hot pink fang soaps in it. (Hey, it fits the pink theme and I still love them, despite the fangs not being mainstream. *grin* Might as well toss one in since they make me smile. Lol.) I’m going to pop in one jarred and one bottled goat’s milk V3 lotion, so they have a chance to decide which packaging they prefer. My sugar scrub sells really well done there, almost as well as the goat’s milk lotion, so I’m putting a Cherry on Top scrub in and it even has a pink layer. Since this is a marketing opportunity I’m also going to include a mechanic’s soap, some of the cubed embed soaps, and a few body oils. I’m disappointed that I’m not able to make an event specific scent line, but it gives me a plan for next year I suppose.

Since the moon and stars aren’t lining up (*cheeky wink*) for me to have the booth at the Sunset Stroll, I’ll direct my attention to the Christmas Craft Sale down there in November. At least I’ll still have a chance to be in Overbrook for some of my best customers and it had the biggest sales last year that I’ve ever done at once.

So today I start my lists and spreadsheets *smirk*, and set aside my disappointment. I have a few months to work on the next venue and something to be super excited. *grin* In the meantime, Happy Friday!!

Breast Cancer Awareness

I’ve had some health issues that kept me away from my delightful experiments for over a month now, but I’m tickled to talk a bit about an upcoming event. This year I will again donate 150 or so small pink ribbon soaps for the Overbrook Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in late September. Last year I did a variety of scents and had a heck of a time making enough soaps in a two week period to put in all of the goodie bags. Despite my best attempts I was unable to make enough to get one in each bag and broke several molds from so much use in just a few days. The Walk gives out swag bags of items supporting the cause for registered walkers and the turn out last year was incredible enough to bring a tear to nearly every eye. This year is expected to have an even better turn out, and this time I have a lot more notice, so I’m starting to make the donation soaps and shouldn’t have a problem making enough this time.

I love being able to do something for a cause that is so close to my heart – my grandmother died from it and an aunt is a survivor twice over. The billing clerk gave me awhile to glow over being able to have a good impact again and then reminded me that I needed to come up with some ways to improve sales when I have a booth at the event (for shopping before the walk). Last year saw pretty meager sales at it and some awkward moments. It was the first real event and I lost control over how I wanted the table set up. Thankfully this year I am way more organized and have had some incredible sales to give me some confidence. I am brutally honest about my shortcomings and talking about myself or my creations is one of the hardest things for me to do in person. I’m better at waxing poetic in writing or an energetic email about the benefits of certain ingredients. This time I’ll focus on why certain items are best sellers and see if I can translate that to this event too, and why my unique items are worth their attention instead of buying something from Bath & Body the next time they’re at the mall. It’s a tough goal for me, but if I’m healthy enough to be at the event, then I am definitely up to the challenge.

I realized that if I combined a best seller with honoring the cause, then it’d be a lot easier to bring people in for a sale, too. I’m going to make a goat’s milk lotion with the traditional emulsifying wax in the customary breast cancer ribbon pink and name it along the lines of “I’m a survivor” or “We will find a cure”. I haven’t decided if I’ll make a new scent blend or if I’ll use an established top seller and use it with the alternate name, much like I do with a few items that I keep year round but have holiday names also (like Snowman Kisses). I know that lotion sells better than soaps there, so I’ll have a few of the large ribbon soaps on hand, but will try to have a healthy amount of the pink lotions front and center. Last year I tended to use a bubblegum scent the most for the event’s items, intending to be uplifting and happy. I’m thinking that I might do two main scents this time – a yummy dessert or fruit scent and then a floral, that way the main preferences are covered. I have a lot of time to decide and am enjoying my favorite part (yep, making lists of tons of ideas pinging around like pinballs *grin*).

This time I’m also going to do my own marketing as well. I appreciate all that the event coordinators do, but people generally weren’t aware that I would be there selling my products. My mom had mentioned it to some people, but I’m going to make some fliers to hang in their stores a week before and see if I can even get a little note in their paper. This time I’ll have fliers to hand to prospective customers too, I think, instead of just my business card. Maybe people still aren’t aware that there will be vendors selling and won’t have cash with them, and a business card is easy to forget in your pocket when you toss your jeans in the wash. A piece of paper with a short blurb about pampering with natural benefits and my top sellers, with contact info, will be a lot harder to overlook, especially on top of the business card stapled to the donation soap. *grin* I’m crossing my fingers that some of this works.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty of other thoughts that I’ll throw at you, my note apps, and my lists, along with plenty of requests for feedback, but for now I’m going to let my mind rest for awhile. Happy Friday!! 🙂

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