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Worms in dirt

I am so excited over this idea. *squirming with excitement* I’m kind of embarrassed that it took this long to figure this out, but what matters is that I have. I have looked at so many creature toys to embed in the Dirt soap and haven’t found any that jumped out to me. Until now! A little out of the box thinking led me to the sporting goods department. Those worm lures (without hooks) will look so cute and realistic for the Dirt soaps. I’ve been scouring online stores to find the perfect colors and sizes. Don’t you think it’d make the soap that much more fun to use if there’s a realistic worm while you’re “using dirt” to wash up? *grin* I’m going to soak them to make sure anything funky comes off before I embed them, of course. I’m still trying to decide which mold to use though. Larry thinks the guest rounds which the worms chopped up in them (I’m sorry but that grosses me out even though they’re not real. Lol!), I just don’t know that cut ones would be quite so identifiable for kids. A bar soap would work perfectly and I can make the worm do some interesting shapes in them, but part of me wants to make the soaps even more exciting. My stars are too small (have to dice with those too) and some of my bigger ones would be thoroughly inappropriate to me, like the ballerina molds. *cracking up* Any opinions on what would look cute if I use the clear bars? I’m thinking maybe a goldish brown (just because the clear soaps always look kind of jewel toned anyway), but I’ve thought about swirling some solid green soap across the top like an oozing mossy bit of fun. 🙂 There are just too many possibilities. *grin* I just had to share my exciting epiphany while working out the rest. Any input/ideas are appreciated, as always!


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