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A Quick Quote

I (Georgia) know it’s Leah’s post day, but wanted to share a quote from Dr. Perry’s Make It Ultra site. It really speaks to me during our adoption journey, but is inspirational for everyone, so I wanted to share it.

It’s hard sometimes to keep the faith and belief in yourself, especially when your dreams feel so difficult to achieve. I saved this as a favorite picture from my camera roll, so that I have quick access for that extra inspiration I need when my resolve begins to slip a bit.

There are some really great inspirational and educational posts on his site, so I hope you will check out some more of his posts on Make It Ultra (and no, I get nothing for this recommendation, other than feeling good about sharing something uplifting).

Poison Ivy Prevention

While I’m waiting for a soft set on my soap project I thought I’d pop on for a moment. With the weather getting nicer the plants are starting to green up and seeing some vines today reminded me of an easy tip from a PA for Poison Ivy prevention. Until I got married I never paid attention to the “poison” group. Amazingly enough it’s one of the few things that doesn’t affect me (yet), but Larry became really allergic once he hit 35. After getting steroids a few times the PA asked if he had been washing with Dawn Dish Soap after working outside. This caused us both to raise our eyebrows. *grin* She said that replacing your body wash with Dawn (especially orange, but we have experimented with others to test that part) will help strip the oils from your skin, which seriously reduces, if not eliminates, your chances of breaking out. So it may seem a little odd to people when they stay over, open the shower curtain, and among a ton of tester items they find a big bottle of Dawn on the shelf, but he hasn’t had another steroid shot for five years. There have been small break outs, but usually because he was out so long before he showered. Anyway, I wanted to share in case anyone else out there didn’t know this handy tip, but now I need to go whip some soap into submission (okay, okay, into a froth, but that sounded better *grin*).

Gauntlet Link

I wanted to share the link to the blog that inspired me that I discussed in my earlier post. Not only is it an enjoyable quick read and helps this blogger get more exposure, it might just inspire you to accept the challenge. If you decide to, please let me know and keep me posted as you go. Having a workout buddy is helpful and I think that concept applies well to this challenge. If you need help setting up a free blog to document your challenge, don’t hesitate to contact me. Maybe if everyone participating in the challenge reached out and helps another, then we might all get an extra benefit of connecting with others. 🙂

The Jackie Blog Gauntlet

Photo Op Idea

In one of my happy dazes I suddenly had the mental image of a girl with an overly dramatic “scared face” spritzing Monsters Away Spray on some odd looking made up monster. I don’t usually go for shtick, but I can’t get that picture out of my head and I think that would be a lot more interesting than a picture of the bottle. I mean, a plain Jane bottle doesn’t really make you wonder what is being sold or really draw you in. Maybe I need to make the pics promoting my products more interesting and creative, instead of just giving the goods. What do you think? I’m not sure on the age for the child in the pic, plus it depends on if any moms are cool with their child being a model (unnamed for privacy of course). I think younger might be better, since they’re the ones the spray is for, plus most of the younger ones are more willing to ham it up and overact the expressions. *grin* If I do the pic should it be some weird, oddly constructed, monster or should it be them spraying under the bed, into the closet, or something else that represents the scary stuff lurking in the dark? Even if I never use the pic(s) for the business, the idea sure makes me grin, so it’s staying in my idea brainstorming app as a happy thought. As always, any input is greatly appreciated!! Well, even more than usual, since really I’m asking for opinions in case I’m still a little too off kilter for normal thinking. *grin* Hmmm, first time I ever tried implying that I’m normal. Maybe I should check with the voices to get their thoughts too. I’m not so sure they’ll be happy with my fibbing about being normal at some point. 😉

App Note

Just a quick note that didn’t really fit with the new FOs post.  I found an iPhone app called “Total Recall” and I recommend it for anyone that finds idea mapping handy.  I do it a lot for my business ideas, especially since my mind has a habit of going freakzoid when I need to go to sleep and comes up with a ton of ideas that I want to sift through later.  The app is pretty easy to use, fun to look at the results, and is the best idea mapping program I’ve ever seen.  If you get the app and get stumped, I’m happy to help if I can.  I’m using it for scent combo ideas, a map for actual product ideas, different maps for projects and ideas I’m working on for customers or family, and I even have one for my writing (for those that don’t know, I write poetry and short stories too).  It’s the most impressive app I’ve found in the past year, which is saying something since I’m the poster child for “there’s an app for that”!

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