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Lump of Coal Take 2


These are from two batches made at 3AM yesterday. The standing one in the front is from the first batch, while the darker ones are from the following batch. When I started creating the recipe it seemed fairly good the first time, although it was very surprising that each square held nearly .25 ounces. I really misjudged when eyeballing due to the excitement of a possible solution. When I doubled the recipe and made the following 8, during the dye stage it really didn’t look right. A drop each of 2 colors made a tremendous difference. The mold side has a dullish surface while the air side is very glossy, so I’m taking a few days to mull some possible experiments over. I’m really bad about being a perfectionist and with lots of time on my hands to analyze myself I realized that I usually will not continue doing something that I don’t immediately succeed at. (Sorry about the double negative, but the correct way to say it didn’t convey correctly IMO *grin*) Making my products is an opportunity to work on myself too, so I’m working on having patience and confidence that the soap will be great in the end. By the way, if you like the smell of black licorice or Anise, you will love these!! Pics of experimental mutilations of the cute squares to come lol. Please feel free to provide ideas! ; )

Addendum: experimentation with my micro planer resulted in pure weirdness. Lol. Sorry, but I have a few ounces of too much pride to have photographic proof. Off to hunt through drawers of gadgets to see what might be repurposed.

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