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Daily Archives: October 13, 2011

Lump of Coal 3


The texture turned out kind of cool I think. Now the molded side looks too nice lol. My worst problem is that I can’t get black again! I tried correcting that second round, but these turned out even more of a navy, despite using the colors on the other side of the color wheel. I think they’ll melt again and become some cool car soaps *grin*

Bunny Farts

I was laying on the couch in my usual state of insomnia in the wee hours a few days ago and I realized that I’m really tired of being boring. lol I’ve really enjoyed thinking about and discussing fun names for my products. Therefore, no more “buttercream lotion”, “lilac body and massage oil”, etc. I want to redo my product names at some point, but most importantly only use fun names for the new products that I’m working on. I think the “sex in the shower” FO is really what tickled my mind and started this, honestly. It caught my eye so well in a list of hundreds of FOs and that impressed me. I want the same for my items.

Anyway, I’ve always taken a few days to roll around the possible titles of my writing in my mind. Usually something just feels right, much like how a name can really suit a pet. I’ve been waiting for that with the latest sugar scrub. Since “Cherry on Top” (the A comes and goes lol) has remained dominant in my mind, that is probably what I’ll name it. I know that I want a fairly decent line in the scent, no matter what I name it.

Regardless, you probably wonder what in the world the name of this post has to do with anything! *grin* I have no idea why, but the name “bunny farts” has been in my mind ever since and I’m thinking it’ll be a fun one especially for Easter! Most likely I’m going to change the “jellybean” line to that. For years I’ve seen the little mechanical bunnies that drop jellybeans through themselves at the turn of the knob. It’s crude humor, but I sure remember it. Apparently my mind decided to bookmark that item and run with it while I was in the odd in between state of awareness. The words “bunny farts” just continually play in my mind and I know from writing that I have to use it.

My modem went down while writing this post on my computer and I have been unable to access to finish until now. In the meantime I have all ready posted a request for name ideas on FB. Hopefully my random request on FB now makes sense. I confess that due to the interesting new ways that my brain has worked since starting my relapse, I tend to have some wildly random comments and questions anyway, so maybe this is just amusing now. *grin*

Anyway, I have been writing a list of ideas, but few continually scroll through my mind as much as bunny farts. Lol. My beautiful helper will be here in about thirteen hours to help label and package the newest finished products and I plan to tap into the immediate creativity of the youthful mind. Plus, I know it’s kid approved all ready *cue mock evil laugh* I look forward to sharing the fun ideas as I take this journey.

On to a little side note – I got the registration forms for the craft sale event in Overbrook a month from now. We went and started looking at better event presentation today (technically yesterday, but for an insomniac the day lasts until I actually fall asleep lol). I will be getting the second table once they’re back in stock (seriously…why in the world were all of the folding tables sold out?! What memo did I miss that said we were all required to get them? I’m not as unique as I like to think!) and I think I’ll be getting a heavy duty rolling tote. It’s that kind made out of what looks like truck bed lining rofl. Has a handle, locks, and will make loading/ unloading a whole lot easier! Heavier, but realistically, I’ll never be lifting it anyway lol. There are still really good people out there that are very kind to lift out things or carry for a petite woman with a cane that looks like I’m trying out my zombie costume (remember the insomnia? It’s not pretty and that’s freaking annoying! I have limited resources here to work with, so I don’t need additional issues!). Worst case scenario is that I’ll be asking a guy to load it in Mom’s blazer since she will be taking me home that day, since Larry will have to be at work before I am packed after the event. I’ll be posting more about what we end up buying since we may see if we can figure something else out.

Okay, I’m going to go pour some coal soaps to add to Ash’s labeling project. Hope you’ve enjoyed my random conversation *grin* I promise to provide more at a later date! Lol I seriously should consider trying to sleep maybe…

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