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Monsters Away Spray (finally!)

I finally did it! *happy dance* I made a Monsters Away Spray that I actually like. *grin* It’s a combination of Lavender and Vanilla EO/FO blend (Sleep Time) with an equal amount of Deluxe Vanilla FO. The vanilla doesn’t overpower the lavender, but definitely helps to mellow it out, and it’s a rather comforting combo in my opinion. I read a long time ago that vanilla is the most comforting scent on Earth, so I knew that I wanted it in the spray. As much as I don’t care for lavender it is so successful at calming and relaxing (as an EO), that I just had to use it too. I thought about adding a little bit of another FO, a super soft floral or maybe a hint of Arabian Nights, but think that this is pretty close to scents that little kids are used to, so it might be more comforting without making it complex. I ended up using the maximum additive allowance because I want the kids to “smell it working” and know that they’re scaring off those monsters. 🙂

I admit that as usual I had a few uh oh moments while making this batch. I used my handy dandy blender and it incorporated the oils perfectly. However, I totally forgot how bad the spray base bubbles up. *cracking up* Thankfully I got a few pictures before the bubbles filled half of the bowl. Keep in mind that I was blending in my bath salts blending bowl, so this isn’t your standard kitchen bowl either. It’s huge. Lol. It took two hours for the bubbles to go down! Once the bubbles went down I ladled the spray into a measuring cup to fill each bottle. Let me again mention that I decided to use my bath salt blending bowl, which I sometimes have to use an ice pick in to break up clumps. Yep, I’m brain dead sometimes. All I thought was “here’s a big bowl that I can put chemicals in without any worries about contamination. Yay!”. *Facepalm* As I tipped the bowl to ladle the last out I noticed that the counter was wet. I got a bit over zealous breaking clumps at some point and poked completely through the bowl. Thankfully that was an easy mess to clean and the dog didn’t try to push me out of the way to lick it up like he tries with lotion, so on the doh factor this was pretty low. *grin*

Overall I’m really happy with this spray. I’ve made some literal stinkers before, so I was worried about this combo stinking too. If this is a good seller I think I’ll come up with an alternative scent option too, since some kids don’t like lavender. I love that this works to ease fears, helps parents and kids feel like they’re doing something instead of being helpful against those fears, and a bit of aromatherapy for natural aromatherapy benefits. I really hope that this is received well. I think out of all products I’ve made this is the one that really makes me feel good. 🙂


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