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I shopped in my first flash sale. *grin* I bought way too much, as usual, especially considering how much product just got tossed for being out dated. Lol. I just couldn’t resist a sale price with a rebate and a coupon. *laughing at myself*

Anyway….lol. I’ve been really amused by fish in a bag soaps. (See an example under my ideas board on Pinterest if you want.) Basically a little toy goldfish gets embedded in clear or light blue soap in a cello bag, like the fish in a bag that you win at the fair. I think those would be really cute for Spring/Summer and would be a really cute accompaniment to my Worms in Dirt soap.

I’m also going to try to make thumbprint cookie soaps. Basically the colored Shea soap has an indent in the center and a colored clear soap gets poured into the dip, looking like a jelly. The example I saw is gorgeous, so I think they’d look amazing in baskets. I’m kind of worried that the cookie will have the texture of those horrendous bath biscuits that I tried awhile back. *shudder* That is one product I am nervous about testing. Lol.

I’m also super excited, like bouncing in my seat excited, to have gotten a great deal on some one ounce jars so I can put samples in jars too, instead of the bottles. I’ve phased out bottles for lotions on my site, unless requested, since jars let the user get all of the lotion out easily. I love those tiny tester jars I used for the craft fair and am really glad that I can offer these.

I got two new colors and one is a neon hot pink that responds to black lights. I really love pink, but the pink that I have is pretty soft and turns more of a fuchsia if I use more of it, so I hope this is as pretty as the examples I’ve seen make it look.

Another super neat item I got is an orifice reducer for the 1 oz bottles of massage/body oils. I’ve tried for a long time to figure out how to keep from accidentally pouring too much oil into the hand. I had a tester pour almost half a bottle on accident when she tried to use it after shaving and it really concerns me that others might also be having trouble. This should make the oil come out in at least half of the volume that it does and the lids that I have on hand should fit on top without any problem. Yay!

Of course I also got a few new FOs since they are on sale. *embarrassed smile* The first is Sugar & Spice, which should be like spun sugar, cardamom, and coriander. I’m hoping that it doesn’t have the dry and dusty spiciness from Naughty or Nice and Over the Hill. The second is Ooh La La, which is a fun name, so I may just use that. *grin* I’ve wanted this FO since it first debuted last month. Juicy strawberry with dark chocolate. *sigh* I’ve tried to make a good chocolate covered strawberry and it wasn’t quite like smelling one of my favorite treats, so I’m really excited to get to try out a professional version. The last FO is called Hot Stuff. *cracking up* As you most likely know I love masculine scents, so whenever the wholesaler offers me a free sample FO I usually pick a masculine one. This has peppercorn, cinnamon, cashmere, and amber. That’s an intriguing combination to me and I have a lot of hope for it. My dream Scotsman smells a little spicy, sweet, woodsy, and has a musk undertone. *grin* I mean, he needs to smell as sexy as the kilt looks…*wiggling eyebrows with a smirk*

Lastly I just couldn’t resist getting the remaining ingredients that I need to make some cocoa massage melts. This is one item that I really look forward to testing myself! Cocoa butter, beeswax (I got pellets which are supposed to be a lot easier to melt), and sweet almond oil. If they come out well, then I’ll sell a few of them in small cello bags, I think. Some people use ice cube trays for the small molds, but I think this may be the perfect time to use the small beach and flower silicone molds that I got last year.

I’m pretty happy that I was able to replace a lot of my frequently used items like jars while on sale, since they’re the same price as before the wholesaler’s price increases, and now I won’t have to raise my prices on my favorite items. *happy dance* I really hope that the new things turn out well, so I can add them to my improved site. *grin* The flash sale was pretty fun, so if I can get my helper to come back (she hasn’t been here since she went on summer break and started back to school) I might have to see if a flash sale would work for my stuff. I think it’d be really neat to market one.

If you’re going to get hit by a snow storm tonight like we are, then I wish you a safe and warm night. If not, well…then I’m jealous. 😉 Goodnight!

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