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Daily Archives: December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

I’ve been a bit quiet while fighting a sinus infection, coping with side effects from the antibiotic for said infection, resting a small hernia so that I don’t have to see a surgeon, and then, because I’m so gloriously accident prone, elevating my foot so three newly rebroken toes can heal quickly. My cup overflowed and I had no creativity to chat about. *laugh* However, I wanted to pop on to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year full of personal success and joy. And pampering, of course. It’s kind of my job to hope and help you work some pampering into your year. *teasing grin* Hopefully you have a safe and fun celebration however you are ringing in the new year!

Thank you for being there for this year’s journey and for your encouragement! My goals are to blog more consistently and revisit my previous creations to improve their pictures now that I have more experience (plus a better camera and a laptop), so hopefully there will be some fun and exciting posts coming soon! Here’s to hoping 2015 goes better! 🙂


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