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Soap, Brains, and Automobiles

How is that for an interesting post title? *grin* 

I thought it would be fun to give you a little sneak peek into what is in the works for some new soaps. While I’ve been yoyoing with health issues, medication changes, and taking advantage of energy bursts to do some Spring cleaning, I’ve also been cooking up some inspiration for my business. 

First up is something mostly geared to kids, although I think it might be cute to add to my men’s combo, as well. 


I found this silicone mold at a reduced price on Amazon and thought that it might produce some really cute soaps. I realized that I don’t have many male friendly soaps, so to speak, and set out to remedy that. What I really like is that the cavities are a decent size, so the soaps will be a realistic size instead of the tiny decorative variety. 

Next it’s time for some braaaaaiiiinnnnssss. Sorry, I couldn’t resist dragging that out like my inner monologue did and I obviously couldn’t resist getting the following mold when I ordered the automobiles mold. 


I figured that screenshot from the vendor ad gave the best view. They won’t be very big soaps, which works well for this, since I plan to add a bit more soap to them anyway. My morbid creative side really, really wants to drizzle some red soap over it to make it all bloody looking. *laugh* In theory the drizzle might follow along the brain grooves and look really grotesque. *crossing fingers* I think bloody brain soaps would be an awesome addition to my Dark Side soaps (name keeps getting changed – but I basically want a line of products that pertain to skulls, monsters, and supernatural, etc.).  I figure that Black Magic, Love Bites, And Malice & Mayhem will fall into this category, too. 

Speaking of Malice & Mayhem I haven’t been able to make another batch yet, but thought I’d share my trial run. My hot pink dye speckled on me the first round, so instead I re melted and poured into the Weird Science mold, which has beakers, eye balls, and partial skulls.  The second round just don’t have enough pizzazz. I had an image in my mind of some truly hot pink soaps for Mayhem (I have been researching how to get a better black result in soap, so I haven’t attempted the black and glitter Malice soaps yet). As you can see in the next picture neither round came out very flashy. 


I seriously love how dainty yet fierce the little gun soaps are, though! I think I might end up doing some wacky color combinations for Mayhem instead of a bright pink, since it took a lot of dye to get to these shades, and I don’t want to risk staining customers just because I wanted a brighter pink. My mom and I have been tossing around some ideas for staging the marketing picture for the M&M soaps, and if any of our ideas pan out, this is going to be the most professional business pic I’ve done. *crossing fingers* With better weather coming I look forward to being able to stand for longer periods of time and try out some of the dye tips I’ve found. Hopefully I can make a few variations to show you soon. 

Lastly, I thought I’d see if I can get a little feedback. I’m debating a set of silicone molds I stumbled across while looking at the two that I bought. Sometimes my nerd flag flies so high and proud that it gets in my eyes and I can’t look at things objectively. I’m a little concerned that this might be the case with these molds. Would any of you consider buying Star Wars themed soaps?  Or Tardis soaps?  Or are these a bit too out there to have a chance at being a popular item?



I honestly just don’t know what others might think. I mean, part of what makes my business different is because I try to offer very creative and unusual things that you don’t usually see. I hope that I’m set apart because  I will only sell something that I can vouch for (with my sensitivities I am super hard to please when it comes to topical products) and that I do a lot of research to hopefully help others work a little natural pampering into their lifestyle. The fear that I am getting a little too “out there” is growing though, so I figured I’d put the question out there. If you have the time to give me your opinion, I greatly appreciate it!  

I hope you all have a very Happy Easter, if you celebrate it. I plan to nibble on some Cadbury Eggs while looking over my color wheel to help decide what I want to try for the Mayhem soap. 🙂 

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