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If you have the time would you please consider signing the following petition for the White House to review at CBD Petition?  CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which comes in two variations.  You can get it “…from medical marijuana plantsor from industrially grown hemp plants.  Both are varieties of Cannabis, but they are grown for different purposes, and each one comes with its own legal status…Cannabidiol from industrial hemp also has the added benefit of having virtually no THC.  This is why it’s not possible to get ‘high’ with our products.   There simply isn’t enough THC.” (via


Until this past December Hemp derived CBD was legal and helped with a lot of ailments, varying from headaches all the way to Fibromyalgia, and has several options of delivery, such as tinctures or e-vaporizers.  The high CBD is for medicinal use while there’s almost no THC, so it’s not like the users are wanting to get stoned.  This is for people who are searching for alternative treatments for their ailments, and as of December the government has ruled that even Hemp derived CBD is now considered a Schedule 1 Substance (effective January 13, 2017).  You can read the DEA’s ruling HERE.  It was argued that the other parts of the plant has little to no THC, but since it can’t be confirmed that it’s absolutely free of THC, they are including Hemp Derived CBDs in this ruling.


I don’t usually get involved in political or governmental stuff, and as a rule it’s on my “no talking about” list, but I’m hoping that the petition gets enough signatures to just get a review at least.  Our government’s views on drugs has grown outdated and maybe a review would help bring a call to action that they be re-educated.  If you don’t agree with this, then delete this post and have a great day anyway.  If you don’t mind taking a few minutes to add your signature a lot of frustrated and hopeless patients will be very thankful.  Either way, thank you for your time and I hope you have a fantastic weekend everyone!  🙂

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I had a tiny bath and body business which focused on pampering. Since the business had to close due to health reasons, I write post about a variety of topics, ranging from Invisible Diseases and being a Spoonie, to fun and DIY things.

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