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Daily Archives: June 7, 2018

Final Landscaping Post

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I’m sure I’ll do a few more tweaks as time goes by, since I never leave things be, but here’s our ‘finished’ landscaping.  🙂


Back up to the plateau on the top cliff, with two gaming tables (yep, that one is the Daisies applier from K. R. Engineering), plus some seating that I need to maneuver around.

Final landscaping 6 1 18_001

I couldn’t resist adding a picture of these little cuties.  Jian had the chipmunk collection for fifty linden Friday and I just had to get them.  Most are wanderers, but their log is under the tree on the right side, with two fidgeting ones over there.  Unfortunately the viewer’s camera doesn’t include names, because we came up with some amusing names for these little chipmunks.  “Phantom McMunk” is a favorite, of course.  *grin*

Final landscaping 6 1 18_025


These are some shots of the cliffs and coming down them.  It gives a feeling of nature’s interesting landscaping and feels more realistic, so we call these a big win.

Final landscaping 6 1 18_008Final landscaping 6 1 18_003Final landscaping 6 1 18_004


This is a bit more complete of a shot from the previous post.  The rock arch that leads into the lively cave room, plus cliff stairways leading down on each side.  For some reason I love how it looks with the dark, growth covered rocks, flanked by the stairs.  

Final landscaping 6 1 18_007


And a much better view of the final pond section with a little bit of the tree’s draped lights.

Final landscaping 6 1 18_010


Toward the bottom right of the property, where I have the larger rezzing zone, is my fairy circle with my Celtic Cross and glowing orbs among the butterflies at the edge of the fairy circle.  I absolutely love using this WL when I use the fairy circle.  Impending storms while lazing among the fairies.   *smile*

Final landscaping 6 1 18_012


The larger rezzing area and then the back of the house.  There are some fun little seating spots, plus my yoga mat, and I have to say that the retaining wall with the fence is really growing on me.  It also perfectly hides the differences between mesh landscaping pieces and actual SL land edges.  *laugh*

Final landscaping 6 1 18_013Final landscaping 6 1 18_014


I hope that those that like the SL posts find some inspiration in this post.  If you want credits on any items, so you can use them too, I’m happy to share.  Just drop me an email.  Now that my SL house is in order I need to do a little more work to get my RL house in order before the meeting with our new Social Worker tomorrow.

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