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Fonts and Lotion

I happily got a big order of goat’s milk lotions and got to enjoy playing with scents that haven’t been ordered before. They’re kind of like toys in a chest. I’m always tickled when the less popular toy gets picked out of the pile, so it also gets a moment in the spotlight. ūüôā

Anyway, here’s the total filled (large are 8 oz and small are under an ounce)


I decided to start the new fonts on these labels. I figure this gives me a chance to see what seems to fit just right and helps me to decide if I want to use certain fonts for lines, specific products, or what.


I totally love the variety on the labels. I think they give whimsical and professional vibes to the products, too. I’m so tickled with the font used for the strawberry jam and then I think the one for the Shea has a great multipurpose look to it, so I helped draw the eye to it just a tiny bit. Lol.


I’m really proud of completing the near 100 oz order in a timely manner for once (thank you cold for giving me that little break!) and that I’m doing doggone well at breaking out of my narrowed tried and true habits. Only thing I really need to get seriously focused on is the cancer walk event, so I think I’ll try to reblog the first poll that went silent. For now I will set the concerns and projects aside and I hope that you get to set aside your burdens to enjoy family, friends, fireworks, and yummy food. My thanks go out to those that protect my ability to enjoy the day and I wish everyone a very happy, and safe, 4th!

Massage Pudding

I thought I’d let you in on a little secret I’ve held for a few days. Brace yourself. Cover your eyes and read through your fingers. Start to wrinkle your nose now. You have been warned. Apparently I made bath boogers. Chocolatey orbs that felt like a combination of pudding and snot. Yeah, I’m wrinkling my nose too, remembering that disgusting bath.

I’ve been finishing up testing on several projects that I shared, and a few that I was a bit indifferent about, so I never mentioned them yet. Since I had a big bag full of chocolate massage melts that I wasn’t going to sell and would take me a lifetime to use up in massages I figured I’d try some experiments out on them. (Yep, the nerd side of my personality reared it’s head. Lol.) Just out of pure accident I found that if it’s in the 90s and you don’t have the AC on the melts will resemble a Cadbury Creme Egg. A thin, solid shell with a gooey, creamy center. That actually resulted in a nice texture for a massage (of course, can you really ever complain about textures if you’re finally getting a massage, anyway?). If they’re frozen they crumble and after two days the bits still won’t massage in. Admittedly that test was just to amuse myself. *sporting a mild blush* I put them through a few more paces and then thought that I’d try them in the bath. I’ve made cocoa baths before; oils, cocoa powder, and a little extra FO, and they were fantastic (except for the ring in the tub that I then had to clean *laugh*). I figured that these should be even more moisturizing since I could massage them in as they softened instead of the oils all making slicks that evade my sponge or hands. The key thing that I forgot was that there was Cocoa Butter in it. A butter. Something that doesn’t do so great in water. I nearly developed a bruise from smacking my forehead so many times while maybe exclaiming “Buh me!” loud enough when it hit me while sitting on the porch that my neighbors stared. I’m the crazy cat lady that makes my own bath and body stuff instead of buying it from Walmart or Walgreens in a small rural town, so they stare anyways, but these were those “I told you she had to be crazy – she’s from California!” kind of looks. Meh.

Anywho….*grin* I settled in my bath with a big cup of sweet tea and a new book on my nook, plus five of those divinely smelling, crusty looking, squares. I was going to do an even four, but if you’re going to pamper yourself, my theory is that you might as well throw one more in for good measure. Except in this case. I just ended up with another chocolate booger that slithered out of my hands when I tried to scoop the globs out. *shudder* The bath started out wonderfully at first actually. The smell of chocolate started to fill the air, the almond oil started to make my skin silky, and it felt heavenly. Then one crested the shore of my tummy and slithered across back into the water on the other side. Um…well…Bo, my big protector of a dog, might have come running in when I let out a super girly shriek from the bath slug gliding over me. I may have made some odd noises as I splashed the chocolaty boogers up the sides of the bath only to have them slide back down in an incredibly disturbing fashion. Maybe. I’m not saying I’d ever be that much of a pansy. And dogs can’t talk. After a few moments of *cough* dignified disgust, I sucked it up and after a little exercise of chasing the globs around I finally got a handful of water and goo, and massaged it in. Like I said, it truly felt like a mixture of instant jello pudding with the sliminess of a runny nose. It really does condition the skin though. In case you’re curious it doesn’t wash off either. Some of the really gross sliminess goes away with some dawn dish soap, but for the most part you only get the chocolate part off. The rest just has to wear off as you scrub your memory with “mind bleach”.

Needless to say the remaining squares are in the back of my product cabinet and it took a salt paste to make the tub safe enough to stand in (even with two grab bars in there I did a lovely bit of The Twist. Too bad I didn’t have Chubby Checkers actually playing at the time, but I’m impressed that I can still do the dance with all of my problems. Mom, next time I see you, we’ll dance. *grin*).

For the past week I’ve been nursing some burns on my arm (we won’t discuss that. Lol.), so I haven’t experimented with any other items. Honestly I’m a little hesitant to keep messing with the other items from before this disaster. *grin* I think I need to start a line of gross things to sell for Halloween parties now. Apparently I have a previously undiscovered skill at creating slimy and gross things. Hmmm…I’ve made Slimer the aloe rub and chocolate snot. I wonder what else kids could stick their hands into and squeal over. ūüėČ

Silver Linings

I’ve had a hard time accepting and handling having a disabling case of Fibromyalgia and like everyone I have a hard time looking for the good in something bad.¬† Recently I had the incredible opportunity to see a little silver lining to being so sick.¬† Fibro has caused the signals between my body and brain to get all mixed up (maybe my nerve system is male and doesn’t want to stop for directions? *laugh*), so sometimes a hug or even a casual touch can feel like I’ve been punched, and leave me sore for days or weeks.¬† Top it all off with chronic illnesses and the feeling that I have a bad case of flu every single day, and I tend to forget that silver linings even exist.¬† We all have something in life that we get lost in despite our best intentions.


When I was chatting with a new tester recently we really dived into the topic of exfoliation and when I asked her how she applies the products on her face she had to pause to think about it (I’ll pause here for a moment for you to try to remember what fingers you use…*queue the Jeopardy music*).¬† We think we found a few things that she can try to do differently and while we discussed alternate techniques I realized that in learning to adjust to my new needs that I’ve also learned to be gentle to myself.¬† Most people never realize how much pressure they’re using or even how rough they’re being with their skin when they’re rushing through the little daily tasks, like washing, applying things,¬†or even toweling off.¬† We’ve all done it, but if you can catch yourself and alter your routine, your skin will usually show the difference pretty quickly.


I had the opportunity to learn some fantastic techniques from a great Spa Consultant, Michelle Ayers, a few years back.¬† (I know it’s a faux pas to discuss someone in the same field, but she really deserves credit for helping a lot of people and showed me to describe things in more relatable terms, which isn’t a natural skill¬†for me since I’m usually a textbook regurgitator.)¬† While talking about applying anything near the eyes she said to use the ring finger on my right hand, since it’s weaker, and therefore unable to apply too much pressure.¬† As time has gone by¬†I’ve had to become even gentler with myself and went to the most awkward finger that I could –¬†my ring finger on my non-dominant hand (we all know that it’s not¬†either of my¬†middle ones since those get a lot of exercise *sassy wink*).¬† Ahem.¬† I’ve learned that using this awkward finger has made a world of difference for me.¬† I never get that extra bit of puffiness around my eyes when I apply face cream as it¬†reacts from too much pressure, plus when I exfoliate I use that finger and I don’t get that bright rosy hue that makes me look quite feverish.¬† I also pat dry instead of rubbing, massage the shampoo in for a moment instead of roughly lathering it all up, etc.¬† Figure out what your odd man out finger is, try it for a week, and let me know if you feel or see the difference.¬† From exfoliating to that secret wrinkle banishing cream that’s hidden behind the mega box of band aids, and everything in between.¬† Rub a dab of something on your arm with one of your super strong pointers (I won’t judge if your pointer is one that supposedly isn’t fit for society *grin*) and then rub a little bit in with the other one.¬† See if you feel a difference between them.¬† I have a little extra luck with that, since I have Super Senses (cape not included, dang it!).


Being kind to yourself isn’t always about a special meal or a vacation without kids.¬† It’s kind of like those instructions on a plane about putting on your mask first and then helping the child, because if you aren’t taken care of you can’t take care of anyone else.¬† Try to take a moment to be kind to your body.¬† We all¬†want you to feel good, even when you can’t pamper yourself. ¬†If you can manage to slow down for a moment and gentle your movements when you take care of those little things, your body, healthy or not,¬†will thank you.¬†

A Lemon a Day

I learned in testing the new Lemon Scrub I’m experimenting with that a lemon scrub a day brings the ants to play.¬† Meh.¬† Every sugar scrub that I have made before has soap in it in some form, until the Lemon Scrub.¬† I never thought that leaving soap and extra glycerin out may be an ant deterrent.¬† Who knew?!¬† *bewildered shrug* I’ve never had such a watery and loose scrub before, so maybe that’s why it’s so attractive.¬† Or it could be because it’s so stinking cold when insects think it’s time to become active.¬† We seldom ever have trouble with ants thankfully, but holy smokes!¬† This definitely made up for it.¬† There were so many ants covering the lid of my jar that it looked like a moving black lid instead of bright white.¬† *cracking up*¬† I admit that I love the smell enough that I think I’ll just use the scent in my regular scrub recipe and use that for my Summer scrub instead.¬† Good thing that I have set myself a minimum of 2 weeks of testing now (after the Worms in Dirt issues lol).¬† As much as I was startled by our ants, I would be positively mortified if it had happened to a customer.¬† It makes sense that the soap¬†in my previous¬†versions of scrub deterred the ants.¬† I mean, we¬†obliterate ant trails with dish soap and it stops and/or kills them, so it’s logical in retrospect.¬† It’s funny how things always make sense when you look back at the mistakes.¬† *grin*¬†


On a secondary note Slimer, the attempted leg gel, is now gone.¬† I caught Larry playing with it, making it plop around, and that just iced the cake for me.¬† *cracking up*¬† I can’t make up my mind if I really want to give it another shot.¬† Of course, Silly Putty wasn’t suppose to be a toy when it was accidentally created, either.¬† (Cue the “Weird Science” song.)¬†


I guess my misadventures will help any of the DIY readers.¬† If you want to make your own scrub, add some melted soap to the mixture.¬† *laugh*¬† And, no matter what others tell you, don’t add cornstarch to Aloe unless you want something to play with.¬† Maybe if I scent a blob of it with Bubblegum FO I could have a best selling non-toxic toy on the market.¬† *impish grin*

I cloned Slimer

After a couple of tests both new experiments will need to be redone. I’m not as concerned about the scrub, but I somehow created Slimer instead of the energizing gel and will call The Ghostbusters if the jar moves. *grin* I’ll be honest – it’s gross. *laugh* I poked it 6 times and got a slight moistness on my tip, but it just bounced right back. Only furniture and your Hippy Aunt’s mold of jello jiggler should bounce back like this. I’ll leave out the thickener, that’s for dag on sure, but I think I’ll also approach each incorporation a little less aggressive. So we’ll see soon! In the meantime, I think it moved.

I’m not sure that it wants me to test it anymore, so back to the kitchen.

I’m not sure if the brief heat I was enjoying while making the scrub was the culprit or the little changes I made had a lot more impact, but some of the sugar melted into a simple syrup. To use the scrub you have to swirl your finger in the mixture for a few moments. Well, I learned one thing for doing these two experiments together. I’ll add some cornstarch into this scrub since it thickened the Aloe so much!! *grin*

Anyway, I’ll let you get back to things. I will return to treating the energizing gel as the old slime I used to get in gumball machines as a kid. I may have a new niche if the blob does cool moves down the wall. ūüėČ

Summer’s A’Comin’

I was busy experimenting yesterday, but it seemed weird to include them with the cocoa melts post. The gloom has finally lifted and Spring has come to Kansas. *grin* It’s been absolutely beautiful, although seems incredibly warm at 80 just because it’s been cold so often. It was too warm in the house for soap to set and I was too restless to make anything but experiments. In honor of the warmth and sunshine I decided to try and make a few summer ready items.

The first is a lemon sugar scrub. This smells like fresh squeezed lemons, perfect for some iced tea or lemonade, and has no kitchen cleaner-type notes to it at all. *happy sigh* I found a recipe for a sandal scrub during all my research and made a few changes to it. There’s brown sugar and granulated sugar for the main scrub, and although the brown sugar doesn’t do magnificent things, it softens the scent of the mixture and made it look awesome, in my opinion.

It’s thought that Lemon EO (essential oil) has a lot of antiseptic properties, helps clear grease and dead skin, and may even help to fight headaches while it’s helping to heal small blemishes or cuts (although I’d advise asking a doctor before using it on wounds of any type). There are a ton of possible aromatherapy benefits too, with relieving depression and fatigue being key ones, which is why I thought it’d be the perfect EO for a summer scrub. There’s Aloe Vera in the mixture too, so you get that soothing and moisturizing feel from it. I’ll test it for a few weeks, since I can only exfoliate every few days, but the first test was fantastic. If I closed my eyes I could almost imagine that I had a tall glass of lemon tea in my hand while I reveled in a warm summer rain. (I was in the shower and it’s kind of hard to have a fantasy that doesn’t include rain when you’re in there. *cracking up*) The exfoliation is super soft and the sweet almond oil left my skin smooth and moisturized. It sounds like such a crock, I know, but I tested it on one arm and compared them after the shower, and literally the tested arm looks so much healthier and I don’t have any dry spots yet, almost a whole day later. It may be close to time for a happy dance.

The second experiment is an energizing or refreshing gel. This one I have some mixed feelings about. I’m not sure how sellable it would be, because it looks and feels…weird. I can’t think of any other polite descriptions; I just keep coming up with juvenile and gross comments. *laugh* The main ingredient is Aloe Vera, so it’s great for the skin, and it has Peppermint EO and Wintergreen EO to give some zing. The EOs are also thought to be great for aromatherapy; comforting, uplifting, relaxing, and not to mention that they help with congestion. I admit now that I was just excited to be experimenting and adapting some recipes that I found, and failed to think through a few of the ingredients. I added EOs and oils to suit my interests, and what not, but the original recipe for this gel called for cornstarch, and that’s such a toss-away ingredients when looking at bath recipes that I didn’t give it any thoughts. Yeah, you know that I face palmed when things went wrong, and you all ready know something went wrong because it’s just my destiny for something to go wrong. *grin* Anywhatsit…I added the cornstarch to my own version of the recipe and happily started to stir. Then I got my small whisk and beat the crap out of the mixture. Then I brought out the big gun – the electric whisk. I know that this little bad boy can send bath whip from my stove all the way to my kitchen table (I wish I could say that only happened once *blush*), so I figured this mixture had met it’s match. Let’s just give that a big, fat nope. Let’s just make that italic to emphasize that the cornstarch beat me. Nope. This fun little mixture turned into a super thick, gelatinous cloud that can stay in form for the first few attempts to rub it in. That’s some serious witchy superpowers there! *grin* I forgot to mention that I never could get the cornstarch to fully incorporate either, so there are pockets of white floating around in this blob. I know the benefits of the ingredients, so I was able to set aside my nose-wrinkling over the texture and used it twice so far. I like how my skin feels afterward, although it’s not as refreshing as I expected. At first. Take a shower and rinse it off, and be prepared to dance a little. Or maybe that’s just me and my super senses from my Fibro. *laugh* Once heat hit those mints came back to life and had some zing. I loved it, truth be told. *grin* I love when products surprise me like that (not when they surprise me by having gelatinous superpowers though…meh).

20130430-123626.jpg See, the blob doesn’t even fall off of the spoon. There was too much shadow (and I’m too clumsy to be able to snap a pic with my other hand) for the shots of the blob staying put when held upside down and completely sideways to come out.

Top it all off I tried to cut my coffee soap loaf and package it. Doh! The frosting was extra soft and stuck to the bag, while the bar tried to melt where I touched it as I cut and packaged it. Although the grid paper helped to get somewhat even cuts, I need to work on improving that a bit more still. The different sections aren’t totally equal. I set aside this project to finish once it gets a little cooler again.



Top it with fiddling with the cocoa melts and getting the rest of my supply order, and I’m feeling pretty happy with myself. Although today will be a review and research day, I can tell. That whisking…whew!

I hope you have a wonderful and pampering Tuesday!

Oatmeal – Not Just for Breakfast Anymore?

I decided to spend my one-handed time researching some ideas and the how/why some ingredients do or don’t work.¬† I have a small issue with an incredibly rapid stream of consciousness.¬† Red light, yellow light, squirrel!¬† I should put some nuts out for the squirrels, although they keep stealing the sunflower seeds.¬† Hmm, I need to order some more poppy seeds for the Men’s Scrub.¬† The Men’s Scrub uses ground oatmeal.¬† I wonder if I have any leftover or if I need to grind some more.¬† I wonder why it didn’t help with the hives.¬† Do I have anything that might have helped with the hives?¬† Yeah, you get the idea.¬† Although it seems like I’m mocking myself, it’s embarrassingly almost word for word the internal thought process that inspired the latest round of research.¬† *grin*¬† And if you haven’t noticed I tend to get a bit obsessive on occasion.¬† Hey, if I was perfect and healthy I could cause some real trouble in this world.¬†


I got a little…interested…in slow cooker recipes the past week.¬† I go through phases where my nook seldom goes dark.¬† So when I needed to stop reading about ingredients and let the info actually soak in I would flip through recipes.¬† I stumbled across a homemade granola recipe and I’m really happy with how it turned out when I made it (I may be munching on some while I’m writing this).¬† Since oatmeal is one of my main interests of research lately I thought I’d go a little wild and share the recipe.¬† It’s the “Basic Granola” recipe in Carol Hildebrand’s “365 Winter Warmer Slow Cooker Recipes”.¬†

“4 cups old-fashioned rolled oats (in case you haven’t dealt with oats much and haven’t been learning from anything/anyone about it, it’s the oatmeal tube that has the 5 minute recipe, not the 1 minute *smile*)

1/2 cup honey or maple syrup

3 tbsp. vegetable oil, enriched with vitamin E, if desired

Spray the inside of the slow cooker with cooking spray.¬† Put the rolled oats, honey, and vegetable oil in the slow cooker and mix well.¬† Partially cover, propping the lid open with a twist of foil or a wooden skewer to allow the moisture to escape, and cook on low for 2.5 to 3.5 hours, or until the oat morsels are roasted dry and golden brown, stirring every 30 minutes.¬† Allow the granola to cool, then transfer it to an airtight container.¬† Store it in the refrigerator….When the granola has cooled, add in a total of 1 to 2 cups of raisins, shredded unsweetened coconut, chopped walnuts, slivered almonds, or shelled pumpkin or sunflower seeds.”

I used maple syrup for mine and I’ll admit that at two hours I added a bit more syrup right out of the bottle into the mixture.¬† *grin*¬† Don’t forget to stir!!¬† *starts whistling innocently* I believe the syrup can get a tough and bitter if it sits on the bottom too long.¬† Lol.¬† Mixed with some cherry craisins it’s still fantastic to me.¬†


One reason I started researching oatmeal after running across the recipe is that I’ve never figured out why the oatmeal I added to my bath failed to relieve my itching when I had hives.¬† To be honest it felt like I was bathing with a bunch of minnows or something and seriously grossed me out.¬† *cracking up*¬† I did a bit of mind-over-matter and kept bathing in it with the hope that I’d have a few minutes of relief.¬† Aveeno helped me when I was a kid and had the chicken pox, so I’ve been puzzling over it.¬† Oatmeal has phenols and other goodies that are consider anti-inflammatories, plus oatmeal creates a kind of barrier on your skin, which is suppose to protect it.¬† After a lot of reading (I was too miserable to ease my mind when I was itching) it appears that the oatmeal didn’t work because I had such an acute allergic reaction to the medication I had been taking.¬† So thankfully I’m not as skeptical about adding oatmeal to products.¬† It’s still fantastic for exfoliating, but I think it won’t go on my list of anti-inflammatories that I want to experiment with.


Anyway, I hope some of you find the recipe useful.¬† I’m still trying to organize my thoughts about Evening Primrose Oil and Clary Sage.¬† And sampling.¬† And mud.¬† And dogs, especially dogs that keep getting into mud.¬† And one cat stealing the bed of the other cat….


I did some intense idea journaling on the next Sunset Stroll (breast cancer event), which I touched upon the other night. It’s a few months away, but it takes me a little longer than the average person to get prepared for events.

I haven’t decided if I’ll try and set up a booth at the event. I never sold anything when I did before, but there’s always that chance that I have improved enough and have gotten some good exposure before, so I might get some sales. The pro/con spreadsheet is pretty dag on even, so I’ll be awhile before I make up my mind on that details I bet. Lol.

I’m planning to order 100 of the heat seal travel size packets (that I showed in the last post) and will put goat’s milk & honey lotion samples in them for the Stroll swag bags. The first time I made small pink ribbon soaps for the bags. It’s a fantastic marketing opportunity if used correctly, so I think that putting my best product in 100 hands is a smart idea. Plus it’ll look so professional and unique in that package. Soaps aren’t overly good sellers and the really whimsical ones are the only soaps that tend to go over well, so they’re not the best item to use for marketing, I realized. I’m excited because I think all of this planning and idea journaling has dramatically helped me improve.

In addition I plan to do a basket for them to raffle off, similar to last year, although I want to do a themed basket that isn’t a pink theme. I know I’m going against the grain a little, not following the pink and ribbon theme, but I think that’ll help my basket stand out more and get more interest. The more people that want it and don’t win it gives the potential of a lot of new customers. I have several full themes written out, but can’t decide on which I want to do. (See – I really can spend days writing spreadsheets, idea bubbles, and lists. *cracking up*) I’m seriously debating between pampering, sweet treats, or light and fruity. All three have some great options within the themes and really show some of my best items.

I also want to make a second basket that is focused on being kid friendly. I’m not positive that I’ll do this one, but if I can afford to do another donation and can manage it, then it’d be an even better chance to get some new customers. If a kid tries my products and really wants more, the caregiver has to come to be, since my items are so unique. I think a Monsters Away Spray, a couple bubble washes, a Splish Splash Duckie, and maybe even a Worms in Dirt Scrub to keep it all really whimsical.

I am so thankful that the Gauntlet Challenge has helped me do some much needed work for my business. I expected and hoped to have a lot more products made during this, but I feel like I’m much prepared to continue improving my business. There’s some disappointment that I can’t show you a truckload of pics and success stories, but look at how many details have been scrutinized and improved. *small happy dance* (On a side note I am becoming convinced that I have the world’s worst karma, mostly health-wise. I think I broke a warehouse of mirrors at some point and forgot about it. It’s all that I can come up with to explain how I am always getting injured or sick. *grin* When I left the forgotten warehouse I stepped under a lot of ladders too. That’s how I’m explaining a cut on my hand from the dog’s leash and spontaneously developing a croupy cough. Lol. By the way, door jams and gravity have a vendetta against me as well. I went out of my way to do some really nice things for others, so I’m hoping I get a healthy day as a reward. I’d really like to make some products and feel good about some accomplishments. *grin*)

Anyway, I’m crossing my fingers to start carrying out my ideas soon. I hope you have a wonderful and warm weekend filled with creativity and pampering!!

Could You Hear Me?

Did you hear it? Did you hear me squealing wherever you are? Ears are bleeding all around me. *grin*

I got part of my supply order and the free sample of the Night “Blooming” Jasmine (got around that copyright, eh? Lol). It smells amazing! *starts to do a jig, then stops after the dog trips me* I’m so tickled over this FO. It definitely didn’t work to curb my FO addiction though. Oops.

I got a bag full of reducers and they kind of made me a little giddy too. I can convert all of the body oils on hand and I’m prepared for some orders.

20130424-172141.jpg (freaking adorable IMO)

Now for the meaty part. I got a few injuries from a mishap with Bo (my dog), so I’ve been working on more planning and research instead of making soaps (disappointing, but I’m tickled with what I’ve planned out). I started planning out what I want to do and accomplish with this year’s breast cancer awareness event. After a lot of comparisons I decided that if the little heat seal packets that I ordered a sample of are actually as neat in person, then I’m going to do lotion samples in them for the event’s grab bags.

Oh yeah, they are perfect!! They are just a little bigger than my business card, so I can secure my card on one side with a glue dot and label the other side. (Have you ever tried them? It’s oddly addictive and you start looking around to see what else you can glue together *cracking up* It’s kind of like when you get a labeling machine and find yourself labeling the shelves in your pantry just because you can.) They don’t photograph well when the sun starts going down, but you can get the idea. How cool are these?

The end is open, so you fill there (um, still not sure how I’m going to get the lotion in the small opening without burning myself, but that’s a problem for another day lol) and then just slide the heat along it. Those notches just delight me for some reason. I know…I have some really odd quirks. *grin*

As I was sorting through my new items someone decided to try to grab some packing peanuts. ūüôā


A Little Nerdy

In case you have forgotten just how nerdy I can be, I’m letting my nerd flag fly today. 1. I watch Dr Who, 2. I have been on SL (Second Life, an online community, kind of like The Sims and a chat room combined) for years, and 3. I tend to shop for nerdy things to dress my avatar in on SL. Lol. While doing some window shopping for my avatar last night I found a shirt that combines my love of all things nerdy with my love of the bath and body world.

I want to find this in real life. I think it’d make an awesome shirt to wear for business events once my business info was added. *grin* To ice the cake, so to speak, I took a picture of my computer screen via my iPhone while playing Netflix on my Nook beside my computer. *cracking up* I amuse myself when I take a step back and analyze myself.

On a more business-related note, I ended up getting both types of sample packaging discussed previously, although I’m mostly going to go with the little flip top jars. I can’t resist the chance to heat seal some product though. Lol. It might be even more enjoyable than shrink wrapping my soaps. *grin* Yep, I’m a dork. A dork with some seriously “buh me” moments. I amuse myself, though, and that’s a key to my happiness. *sassy wink* Anywho…For my free gift for my order I chose a Night Blossoming Jasmine FO knockoff. If it’s as good as the Bath & Body Works version you’re going to be able to hear my joy wherever you are when I open it. I’m pretty sure ears will be bleeding in my tiny town. Unscented fabric softener sheets will never be the same in my house. *grin*

I also had a lightbulb moment the other day that inspired a lot of pages of stream of consciousness bubbles. Since the decorative trim and buttons felt rather odd on the soaps when washing, why not try embedding them? A total smack my forehead and say “buh me” moment. *smile*

I hope you don’t mind that this is mostly just a really fun post and not full of business “meat”. I’m super giddy because I’m done with my website changes (except for proof reading) and I am so proud that I have gotten so much done. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and if things go right I should have some pics with new embeds soon!

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