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Put the Lime in the Coconut

Oh. My. I have been testing some fractionated coconut oil and although I expected it to make a nice body and massage oil, I was surprised by just how well it has done. The quick and easy explanation of fractionated is that it’s a process to make the oil have a better an longer shelf life. Aside from that, coconut oil itself is used in lots of applications.

As you know I’m quite a fan of sweet almond oil (SAO) for my body oils since it moisturizes for so long, applies beautifully, and leaves the skin so silky. I decided to start with a 50/50 blend of SAO and the coconut oil (CO). Since I hadn’t used CO before I didn’t want to jump in fully. The blend dried much quicker and didn’t leave such a wet feeling like straight SAO does, which makes it better for when I need to dress quickly or I’m having one of those “Ew, if anything sits long I’ll feel icky”. (Yeah, I have some weird moments. *grin*) The really impressive part is how well it has worked on a few stubborn dry patches that are pretty much unaffected by all of my lotions, as well as the store bought ones I’ve tried. It literally worked on all of my patches for a solid week before they started to act up again. Wow!

I’ll experiment with a 25/75 blend next and will use it again on several skin zones. Admittedly the 50 blend would probably be incredibly effective when used daily, but I want to do the extreme tests first. Plus, you know me. I like to have, and give, lots of options, not to mention I love the challenge of experimentation. *grin*

I’m pretty excited to have new options to offer and this might be the perfect product for other skin ailments, especially for others who have failed with other traditional treatments. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to have an excuse to sing the “(Put the Lime in the) Coconut” song. 😉

Catching Up

I got hit by a migraine last night, so I couldn’t stand the light in order to post an update on the melts, but I promise that I was (maybe excessively, as my husband claims, although I wouldn’t apply that term *grin*) experimenting on the cocoa massage melts. I really, really like the smell of the melts. That sounds a little goofy, but have you ever ran across some synthetic chocolate scented items that just don’t smell real? Or they are so overwhelming they’re almost tangible and smacking you so hard that you’re amazed that your nose isn’t broken? The Fudge FO gave a little depth to the actual dark cocoa powder and I’m a tad over the moon about it. *smile*

I have to admit that the texture of the melts has puzzled me a bit. Hastening the setting up of the melts by cooling them caused a super dry, and sometimes cracked, exterior. The testers that were left out don’t have the same look, but after breaking every single one of them into pieces I know that they still haven’t fully set inside. *sigh* I’m not sure which I prefer or will use, but I actually like them both.


Despite the dry exterior the melts have a lot of pampering to offer. By letting it sit on your skin for a few it warms up and you can spread some of the melt across your skin. If you get a little impatient (*whistling innocently and cleaning the cocoa out from under my nail*) you can give a quick blast from your hairdryer and it’s the perfect temp to spread. *grin*


The only downside, to me, is that it can take a little more rubbing than expected to get the cocoa rubbed in, so if you (or your incredibly impatient helper that wants to be looking at Craig’s List instead of rubbing stuff into your skin) don’t give it enough rubbing you’ll have some brown streaks until it naturally finishes soaking in. Lol.

One last bit I love about the melts is that even if you need to wash up the oils create a barrier on your skin, so the water just beads right up, and your skin keeps getting nourished for hours.

See, it worked!

Cocoa Moisturizing Massage Melts

*stops dancing mid-rump shake, blushing from being caught* I thought it might take you a little longer to get to Part 2, so I was doing a little happy dance while looking at my little army of melts on the cabinet. I knew I should have stuck with a cool and casual head bob to my favorite song by Fun.

Anyway, I finally got to try making massage melts and I’m really excited over them. Unfortunately the melts are taking forever (queue the teenage dramatic eye roll of “this is so lame”) to set up. I, um, kind of made a really gross looking blob out of one tester when I tried to unmold it a little bit ago. Lol. Looks were definitely deceiving. Soon, my friends, I will post my deliciously scented finished product, but in the meantime I’ll share the process.

The Cocoa Moisturizing Massage Melts are basically a chocolate snack to your body. Instead of nibbling on that piece of Dove or that Easter chocolate rabbit that you hid behind the sofa cushion to attack rabidly when PMS hits, you actually do want this chocolate to go to the hips…or elbows, back, etc, and I want to test it on freshly shaved legs. I started with dark cocoa powder (rich in antioxidants); then added beeswax granules, grated cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and I boosted the divine scent just a bit more with some Fudge Brownie FO. *happy sigh* I wish I could bottle the resulting smell for those raving lunatic, must-have-chocolate-or-someone-will-die, days. Lol.

I admit that it was the first time that I ever grated cocoa butter. I can’t even think of how to adequately describe the weirdness of how it melts in the hand while being grated, so my hand looked so oily. I couldn’t decide if I should let my mind play in the gutter over it or if I should wrinkle my nose and go all “eww” over it. *grin*


In a double boiler (well, my generic version anyway lol) I mixed everything together. It looked really odd at first.




It took me a while to get the heat just right for everything to melt. Beeswax granules are easier to handle and supremely easy to measure, but I had a hard time getting them to melt. As things began to melt and blend I was reminded of chocolate pudding.


Suddenly everything was just right when I dipped the spoon in again to watch how the mixture dripped and I had to work fast when I turned the burner off. The mixture was poured into a large measuring cup to make it easier to pour and then I immediately poured into my guest squares mold. I had a little extra scraped from the edges of the bowl and cup that wasn’t as nice and creamy, since it’d been off of the heat a few minutes at this point, which I got into a couple of small molds to use as testers. I still think of chocolate pudding when I look at the melts.


We tested what was left on the spatula and took “control” pictures to see how it will change with time, etc. My husband didn’t quite expect to be a tester. I suddenly walked up to him and smeared it down one of his legs while he was laying in the recliner. *cracking up* There were a few fun comments made, but then I think he started to enjoy the spontaneous leg rub. Next he got it tested on a hand and then I had him test it on my back, so we’d have several ranges of skin in the test. There was a bit of trouble with the cocoa leaving a slight tint when massaged into body hair, like manly leg hair. *grin* I’m going to keep checking it periodically and even seeing if it’ll rub in further with time. The patch on my arm and then the one on the elbow are both incredibly silky five or six hours later. The secondary, and most important, test is to see how the melts perform after they’ve set up. We have a baseline of expectations and I’m super anxious to get them un-molded.

So that I’m not tempted to poke the melts until they are set up (yep, I’m that kind of person that pokes jello and bruises lol), I’m going to go lay down and savor the lingering smell of chocolate. I can’t wait to share more about them with you soon!

The Incredible, Non-edible Reducers

I am so excited that I couldn’t wait for Larry to come home and help me take a better picture, so I apologize now for the one-handed camera skills. *grin* Tonight was the perfect time to test out the 1 oz orifice reducers in a bottle of massage oil since I want super smooth skin for my doctor’s appointment tomorrow (hey, I am a girl, so I want to be my very best when in a gown and not worried about my legs looking dry lol). Anyway, it took a bit of work to add it to a full bottle of oil without one of my notoriously messy mishaps, but holy smokes was it worth it!! I’m not making it an option for customers – it will go in every oil I sell now! It is incredible! I was literally holding it almost upside down in one hand when I took the picture and one drop had trickled onto my hand. *happy dance* I can’t believe how amazing a tiny piece of plastic can be. Lol. I use the oils a whole lot and it never really bothered me that I had to be careful to not have too much come out at once, but now that I’ve rolled around in those grassy fields on the other side, I know that the grass truly is greener on the other side. *grin* Success!!


Honeymoon Basket

I have an order for a fun basket to be given as a wedding/honeymoon gift. It’s basically a retooling of my seduction basket and a bit more expensive. I’ve been thinking of redoing that basket for some time, as I’ve developed more recipes and expanded the options, so I’m pretty excited. Plus, it’s hard to get restless when it’s one of everything! Lol. I’m going to include the usual erotic dice, votive candles, feather, and erotic coupons, but I think it’s up to them to do a blindfold if they want one. *cheeky grin* There will be quite a variety of oils including peppermint EO, sensuality EO, Lovin’ with Licorice, Cotton Candy, South Pacific Waters (need a dash of sexy and refreshing in there), and then I think I’ll add in some bath salts. If I were close friends with the couple I’d consider a little tongue in cheek amusement by adding my muscle rub. Rofl. I’m staying professional though and debating what else to make for it. I’ve been doing research on aphrodisiac EOs, so I’ll add in some ylang ylang and look what blend has myrrh (can’t afford the regular, so it’s in one of the blends). I read that women are more turned on by a musky masculine scent than the “gentler” scents, so I’m debating which of my male line to go with. Sand Dune seems to be going over well with men, so I think I’ll probably end up with that, which I’ve never done in oils before.

If I’m being honest I must admit to being a little nervous. I think it’s a really fun and unique wedding gift, and I’m always amused by risqué gifts, but I wonder how other wedding guests will take such an item? Truthfully it’s not really my concern, but it has my business name all over everything, so I want to walk that line on the right side. Lol.

Anyway, I think I might add a few soap cordials and mini bottles of products that can be used on their honeymoon for the everyday instead of just bedroom, too, like some lotion. It’s fun to have free rein, but it’s hard to decide what everyone will like when you don’t really know them. Lol.

I should probably go get started. I have a delivery of FOs and a couple of new molds that will arrive any day, and we know how distracted I get by my deliveries. *grin* I ordered the cutest soap mold that I can’t wait to blog about…

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