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Cold and Cranky

I had planned to finish sharing about Branson tonight, but I’ve spent hours dealing with Apple to get my defective phone taken care of and am still a bit cranky, and honestly right now the last thing I want to do is see cheery stuff. Lol. Top it off it’s either sleeting or snowing (can’t really tell which since the wind is blowing so hard that snow can become a pelted weapon at this speed, making it a toss up as to which it really is *laugh*), which caused a pain flare up. Instead, I’m going to share a pin my friend sent me on Pinterest recently. It SO fits my sense of humor. It’s always the small quiet ones that you should worry about, right?


Mawahaha…*grin* By the way, if you have a bent sense of humor like mine, then you totally have to check out the “Build a Snowman” parody on YouTube called “Will You Help Me Hide a Body”. It’s so twisted and awesome. So much so that Larry actually made that my ringtone. Now that’s romance there. I’m not totally sure which of us is the prospective sociopath, but we’ll help one another no matter how morbid it gets apparently. *cracking up*

Anyway, nothing like a little twisted humor to lighten the mood. *grin* I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and stay warm. 🙂

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