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Big Changes

All sorts of fun things are happening that I want to share with you.  First off, I’m not starting at the right time, but I’m going to try to do the month of daily blogging challenge again.  Settle in for a wild month!  Kind of like that famous box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.  *grin*

Second, my website is under construction and will be for a bit longer.  Some is pretty familiar, but I’ve specifically developed a Monster theme line and a Whimsical line, and that’s going to be a main focus for now in my creating, as well.  For some reason that’s what inspires my creativity right now and I’m really excited about them.  So, my overall theme is no longer about pampering with natural benefits; more like making your bath and body routines a little more fun with some creative products.  I haven’t really decided on a tag line yet, honestly.  I also seriously overhauled the shopping content on the site.  It’ll now feature products I have on hand, in my featured themes, or my best sellers.  I’ll give a scent, a price, a description, and it won’t be so complicated anymore with so many options.  I’ll totally welcome custom requests, as always, and will make most of my older products if requested, but there won’t be long pages of scents to choose from anymore or the kind of build your desired product concept.  I’m really liking the organization and streamlining of the site so far, although there are a lot more pages than there used to be.  We all know that I’m obsessed with organization, so I’m totally fine with having a lot more organization!  So if you are interested in ordering anything while the site is in disarray, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll get the information to you, I promise.

Next, I am going to have guest bloggers!  I’ll introduce them soon and give an idea of what their focuses will be, but it’ll diversify the blog content, hopefully help some readers in ways I definitely am not educated in or good at, and also help prevent some of these spans of silence.  We’re hoping our adoption process will progress further soon, so I may have all of my attention focused completely away from my business and blog.  The other ladies will keep things running and interesting.  I’m also facing the possibility of a couple of surgeries this year, so it’ll be a relief to know I have some pinch hitters when I’m bed bound and cranky.  *grin*

Also, I’m going to blog a lot more about my personal life instead of the crazy creation process and epic failures.  Expect some information about adopting that I’ve learned, so it’s out there for people looking for reliable information about adopting teens.  A lot of the research and information we went off of in the first half of our process was all completely inaccurate.  It really lit a fire inside of me to provide a resource for people considering adoption and hopefully even raise awareness of the need for people to adopt teens and youths instead of focusing on infants and toddlers.  You can also expect a lot more tidbits about my Second Life (SL), which is an online community I’ve been a part of for a decade now.  Some will just be my fun adventures, or adventures of those close to me in SL, and some will be helpful resources for SL avatars like free items or where to access some fantastic tutorials.

Basically, it’s going to be Whatever Wednesday any day of the week from now on.  *laugh* I’m excited to add some new dimension to the blog and new insight into my life, especially with my journey of changing my perspective of losing my former life due to disability and instead gaining a new version of life with new abilities.  I’ve struggled a lot in the past year with my health and an unhealthy perspective about it, focusing on the limitations and losses, and hopefully I can help a few others in their changed journey in life.  In one post you’ll even get to see my attempts at making Spoonie soaps (Spoonies is a name used for those that suffer chronic illnesses with a lot of fatigue.  If you’d like a great explanation of the theory, please read this wonderfully written description.).  

So that’s the big update with lots of info that I probably should have broken up to use for several days of posts, but I want to share all of the big stuff together first.  Until tomorrow…happy pampering! 🙂

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