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I have so many dang ideas that they’re overflowing, I swear.  I downloaded the Scatterbrain app to help me keep track.  Now that’s sad lol.  One of my goals if I get the money together is to offer more basket options.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the spa basket would be a delightful treat and the couples seduction basket is rather fun in my opinion *grin* (with erotic dice and couple coupons, and a few of my favorite products, that’s the makings of a fun weekend).  I want to do so much more though.

I would love to do a few teen options.  I’m getting ready to start making a few acne products to help out my niece (wow, still getting used to that) and start filling a sad lack in what I offer.  I’ve had a blast researching (I’m very up front about being a nerdy bookworm) and learned a lot more than what I all ready had in the vaults, so now I’m just waiting for my supply shipment to get into production.  The thing is, that’s just a few options.  I have this mental image of assembling several baskets for the holiday shopping extravaganza.  One I would love to do focusing on teaching teens the basics about skin care, with an emphasis on prevention.  I mean, if I’d known putting on sunglasses and not reading in low light would have prevented some of the crows feet, then I’d have definitely changed a few habits, I like to think.  I’d have in this basket some facial wash, scrub, soap, and maybe a few things that I don’t make, like a loofah and some facial wipes.  Another basket would be a teen spa kit.  It would have my absolute favorite book (“EcoBeauty: Scrubs, Rubs, Masks, and Bombs for you and your friends” by Janice and Lauren Cox) with a few of the non-perishable ingredients that are common.  A lot of the ingredients in the recipes are perishable, which is why I don’t make the ideas in the book and sell them, but there are some basic ingredients like honey that would be perfect in the basket.  Then a few fun items like what’s in my spa basket; nail files, pedicure kit, etc.  I think that would be such a fun birthday or special sleepover project or gift.  It would also give the girl a great start to learning how to enjoy taking care of herself and some fantastic natural, and usually easy, ways to deal with whatever is going on with her body.  Plus, I’d love to put it all in a clear drawstring tote bag, instead of a basket.  I think they’re so cute!  Another basket would be a young man’s version.  I would probably get a plastic tote or something a little more practical for a guy to replace the basket, then focus on sexy and clean masculine scents to the products.  I’d make sure that they’re extremely easy to use items (not to be offensive, but most guys won’t do something for their body if it takes too many steps – I learned that when I sold Avon), with items that address their needs more (natural shoe odor/sweat absorbent powder, basic grooming kit, shaving whip, etc.).  It’s an exciting idea.  I personally love buying baskets for people who I have no idea what to buy for *grin*.  There’s bound to be some useful stuff and there’s a lot of thought put into them.

I’d also really like to have some additional seduction options.  I’d like to get more EOs, especially some natural aphrodisiacs.  The one that I have that is a more dominant aphrodisiac has a smell that I can’t stand, so I don’t push that one much (I usually blend it into others in a small quantity).  It’d be nice to have a seductive bath oil that helps a woman get into the right frame of mind *wink*.  A few body/massage oils that I can actually say can be used without as much care.  Pampering extends to a lot more than just putting some lotion on, after all.

Someday I also want to have a baby shower option.  Some chamomile and lavender products, some naturally healing balms, and some gentle items to pamper mom’s body too.  On a side note, that’s one of my biggest pet peeves about baby shower combos.  They typically always leave Mom out.  Seriously?!  That adorable little bun in the oven is causing some not-so-adorable physical issues for Mom, so let’s not forget her too!  Okay, I’m done with my complaint lol.  There are some really soothing scents out there (by the way, scientists believe that vanilla is the closest scent to a mother’s milk, which is why you are instinctively drawn to and soothed by it) and the cutest little soap molds to make some adorable party favor soaps! 

I like to think of the baskets as my chance to add neat little items that I don’t make that I’ve found along the way.  My wholesaler has the neatest shaving brushes.  I know it’s a bit nostalgic, but that’d be a cool little thing for the young man’s basket, in my opinion.  A jar of shaving whip with a shaving brush…cool!  There are these neat soap dishes that I read can be embedded into soap bars, so your soap has a built-in drain dish and never has a nasty side (super brilliant idea!), that I’d love to get and make.  I think I’d want to include that embedded soap in every regular basket.  I’d also love to do well enough to strike up a deal with a small business candle maker and include some handcrafted candles in the baskets, tailored to the theme of the baskets.  *happy sigh*  I could sigh from being frustrated that I can’t do even half of what is racing around in my brain, but it’s a happy sigh because I have some really fun goals and dreams.

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I had a tiny bath and body business which focused on pampering. Since the business had to close due to health reasons, I write post about a variety of topics, ranging from Invisible Diseases and being a Spoonie, to fun and DIY things.

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