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My love of fragrances continued

I’m really excited to get a new FO for the holidays.  I’ve been pondering what would be a really cute soap that would make a great stocking stuff.  Finally I found it and am as antsy as the kid that will be opening said stocking – “Lump of Coal”.  Before you wrinkle your nose, rest assured that it’s a blend of vanilla and licorice.  Licorice is a logical choice for a black soap (by the way, anise EO smells like licorice and has some awesome natural benefits) and I just found a black soap dye, so I’m pretty excited.  I even got a pre-order of 4 just in talking about it!  No cute little holiday mold for this one though.  I’m going to take a medium sheet of foil, crinkle it up really well, and then make a nice tall rim on all sides.  When I pour the soap into it, it’ll get this neat texture from the jagged crinkles and it’ll be broken up into shards.  Not quite a lump, but it’s soap, so I’m not too worried about being precise. *grin*

Santa’s Tree Farm and Root Beer Float are two others that I’m pretty excited about.  I have Christmas Wreath, which is an awesome balsam fir scent (interestingly most people identify the scent of balsam with Christmas over evergreen I read), but the thought of a crisp evergreen scent had me clicking add to cart immediately.  I might blend the two, but I kind of want to play with the idea of putting some of this with some baking scents into my oil burner, and seeing what I think.  A lot of blend ideas come from the random mixtures I add to my oil burner.  *shrug* I guess inspiration comes from even the most simple places.  Now, root beer float is a whole other kettle of fish!  I have this mental image of a luxurious body scrub that reminds you of a soda fountain.  Swirls of brown and white, brown scrub and white being the creamy bath whip, looking beautiful in a small glass jar.  I think I’ll scent the plain bath whip with vanilla buttercream.  When you dip your fingers in to get some scrub, you’ll get a bit of both swirls, and you’ll get a delightful treat for your body.  Come to think of it, maybe I can do that with gingerbread and the new “naughty or nice” FO, since it’s mostly Christmas spice scents…

I have another fun one that is in the works that I think I’ll need to make two names for.  The FO itself has a risqué name that isn’t quite blog appropriate, which kind of explains why I need a second label name.  The risqué version will be for the adults and I’ll have a cute, child-friendly name for the younger or more conservative customers.  The scent is very similar to a popular fruit punch that we’ve all grown up on that is trademarked rather well. *grin* Honestly, I never would have thought of having another fruit blend in my line, except for the name.  As I’m scrolling through the “s” FOs for more Santa variations, this one dragged my attention right to it.  We’ll say it’s “‘fun’ in the shower”, but with an s variation. *wink*  Um, yeah…who can resist seeing what in the world that is about?!  Even a good girl has to check that out!  I read it and scrolled on, then scrolled back and hit add to cart when it dawned on me that if it made me look at it, then it’ll catch the attention of others who are just browsing.  I guarantee that there will be some more fragrance only entries, but for now, I’m just about out of space.  I hope you’re as anxious as me for the new scents! *grin*

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