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Close up of FOs


I have spread to three flats of oils and pigments now! Whoa! I honestly didn’t realize how much I had ordered until I started organizing. Lol. This close up is food and bulk refill FOs. In a flat to the right of it is a small flat that used to hold canning jars and now has a tiny army of EOs, natural supplemental items (like chamomile extract, etc) and all colors. To that flat’s right is another large flat which holds the nature, holiday, mens, and womens FOs. It’s still a little awkward to find the right bottle, but at least I have a starting point now and they’re more protected from accidental bumps. The flats are proving even more beneficial since they soak up any residue instead of it being on the shelf. Btw, I’ve been sniffing brown sugar FO. It smells like maple syrup (not quite expected, but still a lovely scent) and I think it’ll go well with a chocolate FO. Replicate that wave of deliciousness of opening the door to a doughnut case. Lol. That might be a really fun room spray. Betcha if the recliner happens to smell mouth watering on a day that I want to go out to eat, that there will be a spontaneous offer for us to go to Topeka for a bite. Mawahahaha ; )

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