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Daily Archives: November 12, 2011

Event Prep

Well, the craft sale event in Overbrook starts in a few hours and I’m actually extremely calm about it. *smile* I got almost every single goal for prior to the event accomplished even! Booyah!

I was in the throes of insomnia last night, and since my mind was circling all of the things I wanted and needed to get done, I figured that I might as well burn the midnight oil and get a lot of work done. I made a ton of changes to my website. There are a few new scents that I still need to create descriptions and identifications of, but didn’t worry about the ones that I haven’t been working with yet. I even put away the dunce cap (somedays I swear I need to slap one on lol) and remembered how to create a picture slideshow, so I now have a slideshow of some of my pre-made baskets. Somedays I manage to impress myself. *grin* I need to take a few more pics of some baskets, but overall I think the site has come a long way. By 7:30 Friday AM I figured that whatever I ended up changing or writing had high odds of coming out poorly, so I saved the changes and called it good. Lol. I admit that it took a while to quiet my mind even then, to get even a few hours of sleep. I’m really proud of my site though. I now have three rows on my page menu too!! *cheesy grin* I’m bizarrely delighted over that. Lol. I have another page that I didn’t set to be viewable my the public yet, too, called customer and tester feedback. I’m excited to include some of those! I really need to add an ingredients page since I no longer have to put ingredient labels on products and happily take advantage of that. However, I feel that people should have the ability to review the ingredients and want to make it possible. (Hey Z, I’m going to add that to a spreadsheet of things to remember. *teasing smile*)

Young Miss Ash came Thursday and Friday afternoon (hey, I lose track of the days and have an odd concept of days, since mine can be 30 hours long lol. Might as well prevent a bit of the confusion! *grin*). We worked on a price sign for the basket of lump of coals soaps, but it’s more of a holiday scene sketch, so I dated and noted her info on the back, and it’s in my china hutch instead. I made a pretty basic little $2 sign and slapped it on the basket a bit ago. Lol. We managed to get my inventory properly counted and documented (yeppers, another spreadsheet!! Spreadsheets, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…lol) and I now have an accurate spreadsheet to have sales and need to make for orders at my fingertips during the event. It’s also handy as a cheat sheet when people ask what the prices of stuff is, since it so wildly varies. We ended up having some coming of age discussions while I packed up everything. By the way, I did an (oh yeah, totally picture my groovy happy dance for this) awesome job at packing!! I packed that rolling tote so well that it took all of my strength just to pull the handle and wheel it a few inches to make a gathering spot for everything to take. Lol. As to Larry lifting and putting it in the Blazer, I’m sure it won’t be that big of deal. If it is, I might feel guilty, but I’m still tickled that I did a damn fine job of packing it! *finishing out my happy dance* I managed (again, impressing myself) to cushion between the bath salt jars, since I didn’t want to risk them hitting each other during transport and breaking. I cushioned them with the bath tea bags that needed to be packed! Instead of just putting the tea bags in their basket in a box, I figured I’d use less space and take advantage of their natural cushiness. Even thought ahead and put my samples all together in the little removable tray that sits in the top of the tote. Set up should be easy peasy! Ash was thoroughly disappointed that I didn’t make any crackling firewood room and linen spray. We made sprays together Thursday and as soon as she smelled that one, which is a component of a custom blend that I made, she was massively hooked. Every time I turned around she was huffing that FO when she wasn’t spraying the squirt gun into Bo’s water bowl (squirt gun is Bo’s arch rival. It’s his punishment and incentive to do what he’s told when outside, but Ash was fascinated by the stream of the Nerf variety lol). I’ll make her a spray for Christmas, since she argued that SHE would use a spray of just that scent, when I had replied that I hadn’t made any of just it previously because most people don’t want to smell like firewood. Lol. She asked if I made some while she was gone and didn’t hide the disappointment when I said I had to focus on packing instead of making new stuff. She said that my baskets were “super cool”, although the coffee combo got a nose wrinkle and a teen dramatic statement that “I just don’t understand how people can like that. It’s so gross! It…stinks!”. Lol. Gotta love teens and preteens. *grin*

Anyway, Larry loaded the tables and chairs into the blazer when he got home and I stopped him (thankfully) from hauling my boxes of products out so we would just take off when we get up. Somedays I have to wonder what he thinks lotion and bath washes are made out of, since he’s nearly left them out in near freezing temps a few times. Lol. So I have a nice tower of stuff to haul out at 6:30. I’m just freaking proud I took my time, set my mind to it, and got it all done all by myself at my pace.

Wish me luck that I at least get some sales, if not orders, please. *smile* At some point I figure I need to sell what I’ve made before I get to keep making new stuff. Lol. What an annoying little technicality that I need to heed. And I’m hoping that the Twilight force is with me. I’d love to cash in on the new release and share these scents. I’m too dang proud to be the only one using them! I tossed in a set of Twilight stickers and bookmarks to sweeten the deal for a limited time offer. I’d love to sell out of all of my combos/baskets. That would remove two boxes from hauling back home and make me feel pretty successful. Lol. Anyway, I’m being to ramble (okay, okay…it’s all been near insane rambling, but I’m sticking with the delusion that I just started *sassy grin*) and need to get up in 4 hours (I need to find some night owl events from now on lol). I hope you have a fabulous Saturday and look forward to *crossing fingers* gushing about the insane popularity of my booth later. *laugh* Thanks for putting up with me and sharing in my booyah moments!!

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