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Daily Archives: November 16, 2011

Tonight’s touch of random

I honestly haven’t done much the last few days due to being so sick, but thanks to my amazing Scatterbrain app I have been able to “jot down” the random thoughts flitting through my odd mind. *smile* Since I’m in an odd mood, I’m going to subject you to my random thoughts. Lol.

I did a ton of paperwork and updates while preparing for Saturday’s event and my ingredients are fresh in my mind. I got into a romantic mood and contemplated if I should do some Valentine’s options, to which I decided why not (may not be making enough to break even, but I figure that it’s keeping me from going more insane than I all ready am *grin*), and I planned out several items to make. First off, the Seduction Basket is getting reworked. I’m going to make “Aphrodisiac Body & Massage Oil” that clearly has to go into that basket. I’ve been doing some refresher reading on EOs and realized that I have several EOs that are thought to have aphrodisiac properties. It just makes sense to do a blend then. I absolutely hate the smell of the “Sensuality” EO blend that I bought back in one of my first orders with this wholesaler. I haven’t put my finger on the ingredient yet, but something seriously stinks in it to me. I suspect it is the Ylang Ylang. I’ll make a few varieties of my blend though, in case others like the variations, and can’t keep some natural “brown chicken brown cow” (this is where I know if you like country…lol) assistance from people. I was catching up on episodes of “The Doctors” and they were discussing how to increase the bedroom sizzle. One tip was to get a massage from their man with their man’s favorite scent, since it will increase the arousal and connect to what they associate with their mate. See, I was right to include the male scents!! *happy dance* I’ll have to add a few more though and maybe do a massage only combo.

I still hope to sell the Seduction Baskets though and make the embarrassment of buying six packs of intimacy coupons and erotic dice worth it. Lol. Little ol’ me was beet red while checking the multitude out. All I could think was that the teen ringing me up at Spencer’s was probably going to tell others about the perv who was stocking up. Rofl. Okay, my cheeks are red again just remembering.

I have some bath salts that are starting to degrade, which is disheartening. I realized that in my enthusiasm for my sugar scrub I almost put down salt products, so I’m shooting myself in the foot. I made a note in my app to make a blurb on my site about how salts are great for an occasional use, whereas sugar is better for frequent use. Big facepalming moment! I suppose this was one of those learning experiences.

I’m seriously thinking about making donut soaps too. The cakes were so well received and adorable, and I’d like to extend that a tiny bit further. I think a “sweets platter” with one of each soap would be so cute!!

I’ve been really utilizing my stock of EOs and will end up having to reimburse my business for my bottles of EO if I use much more. Lol. The “healing” EOs are cycling through my humidifier and my neck rubs. I have some EOs that I don’t feel comfortable including in items that I sell yet. I’m more than happy to experiment on myself though and it’s been helping. Lol. My proportions of the oils are generally beyond (okay, some way beyond) the maximum guidelines for helping ease my congestion, so I couldn’t sell these things. Every so often I get tired of the camphor and herbal scents though, so I’ve been cycling some Wintergreen EO on occasion. Mmmm. Gotta love it!! Between the infection and the EOs, I appreciate the side effect of appetite suppression. Lol.

Anyway, I have some fun scent profiles rumbling around in my brain and look forward to seeing which ones become successful. Now it’s time to go back to thinking about Christmas stuff! Have a fantastic day!!

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