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Float My Soap

I finished making up all of the products that have been ordered so far. With free reign in making bars of soap I made a few new blends and one turned out phenomenal in my opinion. It’s a root beer float with a nice hint of vanilla. Oh man do I like it! My working name is “float my soap”. It might not be the best, but I think it’s a cute play on float my boat and root beer float. What are your thoughts?? I started out with using it in some regular bar soaps with nice raised lettering words. I couldn’t resist using the same scent then in some loofah soaps. I squished some loofah slices in some round guest molds, and then poured the soap over and in them. The moisture of the soap and when used will soften the loofahs very effectively, although I’m concerned about rough edges peeking up out of the soap and being too abrasive, so I need some testing before offering it on my site. I’ve been wanting to make loofah soaps since early summer, so I’m so excited! *grin*

I upped the awesome factor with some lemon powder. It didn’t change the scent, but caused a bit of yellow speckling and is really beneficial. I don’t think the speckling detracts at all, just helps with the homemade look, and I love how it helps the skin.

Sadly not all work was a success. *mock pout* The Acne Bee Gone facial soaps in Fruity Patootie for my brother’s stepdaughter may be something she will like (oh yeah, sooo crossing my fingers on that), but it makes me wince. Just 2 MLs to 6 soap rounds and my mold smells so strongly of fruit punch that I want to lock the mold away for a few months. Lol. If they like it, then it’s all worth it, but I might try to discourage future purchases of it. *teasing smile* I’d never do that, but boy would it be tempting.

I also decided to finally try blending floral with a more neutral, dark note, but I declared it an epic fail. I’ve been reassured that it’s “not that bad; still sellable” with a shrug, so maybe it’s my super sensitive nose that makes it seem so horrible. I’ll have Miss Ash give her utterly honest youthful opinion of it when she’s here and know if it’s going in the write off bin or on the shelf to sell. *grin*

I need to finish assembling my brother’s basket, tape up my stepmother’s order, and then work on family gifts. I’d probably finish the baskets up if it wasn’t going on 5 AM and my longing for the insomnia to end. I would really like a few hours of sleep before the roofers come to finish up. Maybe I’ll go huff some Sleepy Time spray ; ) I wish you a very good day.

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I had a tiny bath and body business which focused on pampering. Since the business had to close due to health reasons, I write post about a variety of topics, ranging from Invisible Diseases and being a Spoonie, to fun and DIY things.

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