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This is what fifty dollars can look like. Lol. I had to remove the bars of soap from their boxes to fit everything in the basket. I’m really proud of this basket. Might not look as spiffy as some of my others, but there’s a lot of work and me in that basket. That snowman soap in the middle, Snowman Cocoa Kisses, is one of my favs in this basket. You can’t see it, but there are layers of red swirls in it. I’d pour a little, put a drop, and draw the toothpick to swirl. Pour, repeat. *grin* Too cute!! Now, time to dread the bill at the post office. *grin*

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  1. aw, the snowman is so cute!


    • Thank you!! He has three levels of red swirls, just to be playful. It made for some interesting looking layers when looking at the snowman from the side. Lol. It’s so dangerous, yet thoroughly enjoyable, to give me full reign on making items for customers. *grin* Just say a type of product and give me rope, and I’ll definitely try to make the next best product. Lol. Hey, I kind of thought “float your boat” was cute for root beer float, but go told that it was confusing to someone. Your thoughts are appreciated. I’d love to know if it might be okay to stick with that name. Anyway, thank you so much for following this journey with me! : )



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