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The kitchen just might explode

I haven’t been overly productive the last few days, since I haven’t felt well, so I decided to really give a push last night to get a few things done.  When I got off of the computer I sanitized my workstation in the kitchen and then started to get things out to start working.  I really want to make a more masculine scented scrub option, so that was my main priority.

I went to get out some bath whip, which is a main component in the scrub, but couldn’t find a jar.  I finally found some in my emergency stash “hidey hole” and gave a sigh of relief.  Then I began to bite my lip when I realized that I don’t have enough of the usual extra clear soap base that the recipe calls for until my order is delivered, who knows when, until I found an alternative that I think might be kind of nice, since it’s a creamy variation.  Okay, second crisis averted.  Cool!  I got out the little holiday print plastic buckets that I wanted to put the finished product in, so they’re ready to just pop a gift tag on and put under the tree.  I sanitized them and let them sit to dry while I got ready to cut the soap for melting.  I had to roll my eyes when I went to turn my digital scale on and it said “lo”, and shut itself off.  Seriously?  So, I chilled myself out and went to my battery drawer to get another battery.  Of course the scale has one of those special CR disc batteries and I have two, but not of the number that the scale needs.  I mean, at this point it was just totally an “of course” thing.  *grin*  Okay…quick thinking prevailed and I grabbed my household scale.  Hmm….won’t read mere ounces (and I don’t have much more than the needed 10 ounces of the soap anyway), so I sigh and step onto the scale with the soap on a lid, knowing that I’ll have to suck it up and see my weight if I want to get the measurement of this blasted soap.  Once the weight is flashing I put the soap on the cutting board while still on the scale and look back down to see the difference.  Seriously?!  The scale was so mean that it didn’t bother to read a difference in the ounces of me versus the ounces of soap.  Just stayed the same weight.  *sigh*  Appliances can just be so cruel.  lol.  Fine!  I’ll just scrap making scrub for now until I get the new battery and will make some of the pumice soap that I need, since I sold out.  Um, genius?  Knock knock…still no way to measure the soap to make the bars.  *rolling eyes*  Okay, so now that my spectacularly stupid moment was over I go to put the scale away and the glass top comes off.  The glue had come loose and now my scale is a bit wobbly.  No biggy….super glue is awesome and a quick fix.  I put the stuff away and then go to the now dry buckets.  They’re totally ready, so I figure I’ll pop the lids on and they’ll be ready for when I actually can make some base.  Yeah, cue eye rolling now…the lids didn’t fit.  *cracking up*  It’s a miracle that I wasn’t hyperventilating at this point and I was texting with my friend at the time about all that was going on.  She advised that I just get out of the kitchen before it exploded, the way that things were going.  *grin*  The guilt though is soooo strong that I haven’t done much more than read and pack a few boxes, so I decided to box up the remaining dessert cake soaps.  Oh yeah, you see where this is headed, don’t you?  lol.  I had three of the perfect favor boxes left and had some of the fat square soap boxes that I had found in my hidey hole that might just work for the rest, since I’d like to ship a few more.  First one I managed to cause the flaps to come apart, because adhesive now hates me, too.  Double sided tape is my friend, though, and that puppy got wrangled.  Second one went perfectly, so I should have been on guard, right?  The third one I could see almost in slow motion…I pick it up, move my hand the three INCHES to the box and suddenly I see my hand becoming weak, the fingers stiffening and beginning to spread…splat.  Apparently the cherry soap “sauce” has hardened rather well with the extra cure time and there’s just a bit of a dent in the bath whip “ice cream” below, but the sauce remains perfect.  lol.  No biggy…my mom has always embraced the little mistakes in my art, whatever medium I currently am into, as part of the gift of uniqueness of that item.  That one is in Mom’s Christmas stocking.  *grin*  Anyway, I used my other hand and got the third box filled.  Beautiful.  I assemble the soap box to test it out and it looks just great, although it is cardboard instead of something pretty, but I don’t care at this point.  I carefully wrap another cake soap in tissue to help protect and cushion it in case the postal worker has to hit the breaks suddenly or someone decides to play shuffleboard with the gift box my goodies are going into (hey, I’ve heard the stories of what goes on behind the scenes and received some seriously smashed up boxes myself lol).  As I am putting the soap into the box I notice that there’s a little bit hitting on the edge of the box.  Hmm….maybe I need to sacrifice some of the tissue?  Of course not!  I mean, it was a day to live on in infamy, right, so shouldn’t we add one more to the list?  Yeah, the soap is less than a centimeter too big itself to fit into the box.  *cracking up*  I tore a sheet of wax paper and covered the remaining soaps with it, and just walked away.  lol.  However, I couldn’t just walk away with a scrap of dignity and call it a crappy night.  Nope.  Nada.  I slipped on the way out of the room, so I crashed into the living room in utter defeat.  *grin*  Needless to say I sat and finished reading my book for the rest of the night.

I’ll get a new battery tomorrow and contemplate trying again.   I can switch to using the empty whip containers that I stash for putting tester products into.  I figure that they might not be as cute as the buckets, but they twist on securely and I can trust them.  I might have someone else cut the soap though, because if the universe is still hating me, I will probably cut my finger off.  Maybe when I’m melting the base I’ll actually cause an explosion in the kitchen, though….okay, maybe I won’t make anything new for awhile.

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