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Baskets anyone?

Some people won’t be too pleased, I’m sure, but most on my list are getting specially selected or created products for Christmas. I did small gift bags for the kids and baskets for the families or adults. Plus one order is waiting for pick up with that family’s gifts, just to make sure that I don’t forget to give one or the other. Lol. Can you believe that 5 baskets aren’t included in this pile because they got shipped?! I finished the ordered baskets last night and took the pic, and realized that I have justification for being so exhausted. That’s a lot of little spurts of work. Albeit I’ve worked on stuff for months and now it’s just getting assembled, but I finally feel that there is proof positive that I do something. Lol. If people don’t like the stuff, I hope they give it to others that will, but I’m proud of myself. Good thing I stuck a bag of my “lump of coal” in each one just in case they don’t like getting the product for Christmas. *big grin*


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  1. They look lovely. I’m sure everyone will love their gifts. Anything they don’t like they can send my way! lol. You are a talented young woman.



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