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Pop a Wheelie

I admit that I struggle with creating catchy or unique product names, just like I struggle with naming my poetry. Typically a poem will end up untitled or part of the first line. I suppose that all of my creative umph goes into the poem, so there isn’t much left for the title. Same with my products usually. Every so often I do really well though, I think. I love Acne Bee Gone and Have Your Cake and Bathe With It Too (long one for a small dessert cake soap, but it matches the work that goes into it and I love it too much to change it). I managed to come up with another perfect one.

I made some new mechanic bar soaps to give as Christmas gifts and used “Sand Dune”, one of the new FOs. Sand Dune just didn’t do it for me as a name, so I started going through my limited vocabulary of motocross terms. Suddenly I heard a friend’s little boy saying “pop a wheelie” over and over from my memories. Oh yeah, perfect! The guys will love it, it actually fits their moto lingo, and one of the recipients happens to be that little boy (not quite so little now though). Heel Clicker was the only other lingo that had a chance, since it was better than roosting, whoops, and hang on (exhausting my lingo knowledge for the most part *grin*, I suppose I should listen more instead of allowing the wah wah of Charlie Brown’s teacher to replace what is said). I’m pretty happy with Pop a Wheelie and the soaps turned out really nice. I had just one little issue with the soaps. I decided to change things up and use my new spa sayings mold instead of my usual “homemade” or plain bar molds. When I bagged the bars I had a little head scratcher when I realized that I’d have to figure out which moto enthusiast guy would get the one that says “romance”. *snicker* I totally forgot about that one. I got too stuck on refresh and uplift. Lol. Doh! I experimented a little on this batch too (as if I’d leave a recipe alone and just make something as I had previously). I decided to add some ground apricot seed to the pumice to see if that helps with the performance. The seed that I have is gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet is good at exfoliating, so I figure it has a good chance at improving the mechanic soap. Please cross your fingers! Since they were gifts I didn’t make testers, so I have no idea how they will turn out. I have 4 testers that I’ll have to check up on after Christmas, I suppose.

I used Oakmoss in sugar scrub that I made for gifts, too. I have to say that it’s way more of an ocean scent than woodsy. It has that dark undertone of the recesses of the woods, but mostly it has crisp, clean, and inviting notes of a body of water. There is a slight tang that I can pick up on that is in most perfume and cologne bases, but so far no one else smells that note thankfully. (I admit that my nose is sensitive. I can smell milk or bread turning days before it does. Sucks for me since I won’t touch them then, while others can finish it up before it actually turns. Comes in handy for my little hobby though.) I had a horrible time coming up with a name for such a contradictory and complicated scent. Plus, most that I liked I figured would be way over most heads, like mythological names. I like Oldies and was sitting there listening to them while finishing a few things up, when I heard “Beyond the Sea”. Booyah! To prevent any infringement I went the extra word and named it “Beyond the Sea, Somewhere” which amused me once sugar scrub was added, because it looks like “somewhere sugar scrub”. *smile* We’ll see if anyone takes it that way. Lol.

I have a list of names that I and others have brainstormed, but somehow nothing that I have been making fits any of those names. Murphy’s Law.

Anyway, I woke up way too early and am getting cranky, so I’m going to go finish my last two orders. Huffing some sexy smells should turn the day around. (Both orders are for seduction baskets. Too cool! Both get a little customized, too, so it takes more of my abilities than just putting stuff from a list into a basket. Have I ever mentioned how much I like to be challenged and mentally stimulated? Lol.) Have a wonderful weekend and be safe if fighting those holiday crowds.

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I had a tiny bath and body business which focused on pampering. Since the business had to close due to health reasons, I write post about a variety of topics, ranging from Invisible Diseases and being a Spoonie, to fun and DIY things.

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  1. more excited than ever about the oakmoss now that I know it has an oceany scent to it. Can’t wait to get the lotion in that scent!



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