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Feeding my addiction

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

In honor of the closing of the year my wholesaler is having a sale on FOs and I won $25 in store credit via a raffle of their Facebook followers, so I fed the addiction to new scents. *grin* Mostly I managed to stay practical and reorder some of my best ones, like Bubblegum, so that I don’t have to raise my prices for a while hopefully. My fingers started to itch to click, though, and I found three new FOs that I just have to try, which should be here in a few weeks. Mawahaha. Lol.

Anyway, my scent hoarding split personality aside, I ordered a version of Jasmine, Dirt, and Fruit Loops-like FOs. What an odd variety, right?

I picked this variation of Jasmine because I’ve been watching for a more straight forward jasmine blend for awhile. I love the smell of jasmine, but I usually can’t find notes of it when it’s blended in the floral FOs that I have. This FO has been rated at 5 stars by other crafters with several notes about how it isn’t overpowering like most florals can be, so I really think this may be the one. *smile*

As to Dirt… that one I stumbled onto. Lol. You know that I love to blend my own combos and I seem to have become obsessed with more earthy scents the last few months. (Well, not counting my full time obsession with sweets, of course!) This FO is supposed to smell just like freshly dug dirt. I know that sounds rather unappealing in a lotion or soap, but I have two ideas for it. First, it may smell, well, dirty, but if I do a soap with it and kids actually want to go wash because of that scent, then it’s a total win. Second, I think it’ll add a really good layer for a complex men’s or unisex blend. I always love the blends of spice, leather, musk, etc. It’s the layers of scents where you get just a hint of something else different each time that keep me interested in a scent. I may also use it added to my rain and ozone-type scents to give that added boost of realism to them. I love all the bits in the FOs that you can get all poetic about, but when there’s something that let’s you close your eyes and for just a moment seem like you’ve escaped to a special haven…now THAT’S a keeper in my book.

I’m feeling all sorts of Valley Girl “totally” excited about the Fruit Loops-type FO. *grin* When I get really excited or happy the “likes” and “totally’s” seem to burst forward from my years in CA, and this is one of those instances that makes me seem like an airhead. Lol. Anything that might really smell like a freshly opened box of fruity o’s of happiness has to be tried. I need to replace my Jellybean scent because it got discontinued (so sad, but thankfully I have some left until I find a replacement) and I’m hoping this might be a great replacement. Plus I’m always on the look out for a new child-friendly scent.

I’m crossing my fingers the FOs turn out as awesome as they sound (and I’m imagining)! I had some injuries that got me prescribed to bed rest, so it might be a little before I get to work with them, but I’m excited to have a few new options to explore in the new year. I’d like to add that I hope 2013 is a happy and exciting year for you and yours. 🙂 Thank you to those that have been on this journey with me through 2012 and hopefully we have more fun in my first full year of blogging!


I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before (I write everything in my mind before hitting the app and sometimes the stories never make it to the app lol), but I want to try to make some rubber duck soaps. The examples I’ve seen are so cute! Basically a soap is poured (either guest round or regular round) and a rubber duck gets nestled into the soap before it sets. Then some soap curls or shavings get placed around the duck while the base is still warm, to cover the spot and make it look kind of like a nest (although there are definitely some whimsical takes on the concept).

I planned to do a pink duck with a tiara first for my honorary niece for Christmas. My first versions of products are kind of coveted, so I seldom let them go, but I’ll give them for a gift that’s meaningful to me, like in this instance. Anyway, while grocery shopping they had an end cap with some rubber ducks and we spotted this pink cutie, and thought it would work. Utter failure. Lol. I used to be an intelligent person, but now I’m not so sure…*grin* I never even looked at the base to guesstimate if it would fit in a mold. Yeah, um…not a single mold, even my large massage bars! *cracking up* The only option if I pursue wanting to use her is if I use a loaf pan, but can you imagine that chunk of soap?! It’d take a kid a year to wash enough to pull it out! (Theory is that embeds make kids want to wash, so they can get to the cute toys.)

I had a free delivery deal come up with Oriental Trading, so I ordered some of their ducks. I figured I was going to have a family of ducks that I’d have no clue what to do with, with the way my luck tends to generally run. *grin* I wanted to make sure that I got something whimsical and gender neutral, so I ordered their dessert ducks. There are four versions of cupcake ducks in the pack and they are adorable. Plus, they’re pretty small so they’ll fit perfectly in several molds. *happy dance* I have a kitty recovering right now, but after she’s better I can’t wait to make a batch of duckies and some Monsters Away spray. *grin* Of course a picture of these cute little buggers will finish this post 😉


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