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Mechanic Scrub

I am so happy with my latest creation! I’ve wanted to make a scrub with better exfoliation than my usual sugar. I love my sugar scrubs, especially for myself, but with Larry as my guinea pig I knew that some people needed something a little stronger. I found a basic recipe that I decided to start with and then tweak because we all know I can’t leave things alone. *grin* I used the pound of pumice that it called for (wow!) and the soap, but added more glycerin since I knew I’d have more dry ingredients than their recipe. Then I figured that I’d almost match my new formula of mechanic soaps, so I added finely ground apricot seeds and my new poppy seeds. To up the gentle exfoliation I added a few cups of sugar too. I also made a really nice scent blend with pine, sandalwood, and crackling firewood. It smells so manly, yet still a bit mellow. I am really enjoying it!

As you will be able to see in the picture at the end it has a really cool texture. While packaging the scrub I kept getting it all over myself (ever notice that the more clean you try to be the messier you get?). I washed my hands so many times, but it didn’t dry my hands out like I expected. The seeds have that extra umph while the awesome texture is soft and almost fluffy. It’s actually a really neat blend of textures and has a fun look, too. I’m giving away some for Christmas, but also have several 7.25 oz jars on hand for $6 each. I’m really happy that I’ve had some successes lately 🙂


Monsters Away

I’ve been really sick, like can’t speak or eat sick, and didn’t get much accomplished. One of the benefits is that as I came out of the medicinal fog “Monsters Away” kept thumping through my mind. I remembered a friend’s daughter having trouble with nightmares and Larry’s favorite poem that I wrote named “Grim Reaper”. It’s about nightmares and what-not. I realized that I could do a twist on my Sleepy Time spray and name it Monsters Away. The base I use is skin safe and the scent doesn’t linger long, so it’d be perfect as a short-term ghost buster. *cheesy grin* Chamomile and lavender should help relax the little ones and I’ll add a few others that are believed to help with anxiety. With this name hopefully kids will believe in the power of it and a spritz in the closet or under the bed will send the creepies packing. The best part is that it’s such a safe base that the little ones can accidentally step in the path and it won’t hurt them. I’m also thinking of what herbs to put together to make sachets that can work longer term under pillows and stuff, like a dream catcher or talisman. I’ve had a few misses lately, but I feel really good about this idea. The only part that could fail is that customers don’t want it. For once I’m really thankful I got such a bad cold. *grin*

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!

I’m done

I’m so excited. I got all of my lotions and soaps poured that were ordered at the craft fair. I’m waiting for the Christmas Tree soaps to set a bit more before I paint the ornaments.

To top it off I found a handy new way of making my lotions that I’m absolutely tickled with. I used the whisk attachment for the immersion blender that my mom got me since I’m having trouble with being able to mix things. This was the first time I successfully used it on lotion and it came out so light and creamy. *happy dance* Sometimes I have trouble with the oils and water separating as I work when I’m making several bottles/jars. The emulsifying wax helps, but sometimes it doesn’t incorporate overly well and I even lose some batches. Anyway this incorporated the wax beautifully and immediately turned the liquid lotion into a soft cream. It’s so nerdy, but it was amazing to watch. Lol. This little technique helped me get more done in one round and I think it’s an even better product now. I had to change my usual system of measuring from my Pyrex measuring cup to a scale though, since it’s so light and fluffy. (It’s the same amount still, just a different method now. I double checked. *grin*) I had to share my happy little success. Now I should probably finish up my special event tax paperwork and get that paid…meh. Lol.


Craft Fair

This year I did much better at the craft fair. I have 4 orders to fill, less product on hand, and hopefully several potential customers that will follow up after looking at my website.

I used my cute sample pots and since I couldn’t label the pots I made little signs that I taped the pots to. My little spatulas worked great except when one customer looked at the spatula and then dipped her finger in, twice. I was pretty pleased with myself that I didn’t react at all until after she left (I scooped the lotion out in that area). The only problem that came up was that I decided to use a lotion to sample that has never sold (so I never made more than the 1 oz tester), because I figured it’d still let people feel how the goat’s milk V2 would feel. Weeeellll….I have 3 orders for that lotion now. Lol. I didn’t want anyone waiting to sample if the others were in use. I have learned my lesson. *grin*

My shoe organizer worked amazingly well! I was able to put the scrubs in a few cubbies together, GM V2 and then GM V3 in separate sections, etc. I was even able to group by scent profiles too, so when someone preferred non-food it took only a few seconds to hand them several options to sniff. *happy dance*

I really thought that the A Cookie in the Wash soaps would sell great, like the Dessert Cake soaps, but only my mom ever bought any. Including orders to make I sold 9 Gumdrop Christmas Tree soaps though. *grin* I’m tickled! I sold several mechanic soaps too and then most of the glitter bars.

I started to lose my voice from talking about my products and giving tips to help with dry skin, plus I’m not suppose to be on my foot beyond an hour total, so this had me in near tears. I kept it together until we left though and think I came across pretty professional. That kind of makes my day. *grin*

I’m really proud too that set up was such a breeze. I spent more time facing product (straightening labels, etc) than the actual set up. Lol. The one bummer is that I didn’t get to use my Go Payment card reader. I’ve never had a customer pay with credit while in my presence, so I haven’t seen it in action. I know, I’m such a nerd to be disappointed to not see that, but hey, I’m honest on here. *grin*

Anyway, I’ll probably add some tidbits from the day tomorrow, but am beyond exhausted (you know that horrible not getting anything done but can’t sleep because I’m so tired bit of misery?), so I’m going to attempt to attach the pics and see if the kitten wants to snuggle. 🙂







Bath salts

I’ve been finishing things up for Saturday’s event and I think the cello cone packages turned out pretty well. They’re not as cute as the chocolate covered cherry ones were early on this year, but I think they’ll look good in a holiday container on the table. At $4.75 and $5 I think people should consider them pretty affordable too. (Sure can’t beat the $1.75 for the cookie sandwich soaps, but few things can lol.)

By the way, before I attach the picture of the salts, I thought I’d mention that I picked “A Cookie in the Wash” for the cookie sandwiches. I’ve had such a hard time picking a name, but like the play on classic literature. Plus it mentions washing to help emphasize that it is soap. At $1.75 I rock! 😉


Have a happy bath

I hope to get a few fun things finished to take to the sale event next Saturday, but after going through my inventory last night I realized that I have nothing for baths for adults (but lots of bubble wash for the kiddos! Lol). I decided to make a few batches of bath salts and package them in the cello cone bags that I used for the chocolate covered cherry swirl cones (see my website for a pic if you’d like). I figure that it’d be a pretty sure bet since the cone size is rarely more than $4 and I can make several pretty quickly (not counting drying time). I made a batch of On a (Pumpkin) Roll and a batch of Spa. A little seasonal and a little ahhh. *grin* I’m crossing my fingers.


Shea aloe butter

Oh my goodness…I’m in complete awe of a sample base that I got during my last supply order. I decided to try a little Shea Aloe Butter. It is a mixture of 50% Aloe and 38% (I think) of Shea Butter. There were lots of 5 star ratings by other crafters and several wrote that they sell it as is, so I figured the sample (which was on sale or I’d have never discovered this little lovely) was a smart buy. It is one of the creamiest, smoothest, and thickest lotions I’ve ever felt. I was pretty skeptical when I first felt how thick it is, but it melts so amazingly quickly and thoroughly. I think an amazing scent palate will detect a slight nuttiness and that bitter note that aloe usually has, but should be pretty unscented to the average nose (if unadulterated I mean). Although the base is a bit expensive I think it’ll be well worth for people that have some dry trouble patches. I look forward to doing some more testing with it, but I’m so excited that I had to share while I’m giddy. *grin* Originally I planned on adding a few things to it to make a great base, but after a few uses I’m pretty sure that I’ll add a tad of scent and leave the formula as is. I love it too much and would be devastated if I were to make it less perfect. 😉

A small anxiety attack

So I, um, well…I lost track of time. It’s way too easy when you’re on disability because it seems like the world went on without you, but seriously!?! Exactly one week from today is the Overbrook Craft Sale that I reserved a double booth for. *sigh* Don’t get me wrong – I’m excited about the event, but I’ve been operating under the thought that it’s a few weeks away. Yikes! I guess it’s time to start making decisions on the ideas I’ve been debating such as needing more lotions, making and taking a new scrub, and even a new lotion scent. My helper hasn’t been by and I have a stack of new products that need labels. The wholesaler I use even posted a new recipe for bath fizzy thumbprint cookies that looks adorable and might be a good seller, so I started thinking of experimenting with that. I think I need to tone my creative juices down and do what is left of the basics. I can’t believe that just last night I said “in a few weeks”. Lol. Sounds like I’m doing inventory in a few hours! 😉

Cute little jars

I also got my sample jars today. I’m tickled with them and think they’ll be awesome at my sale event in a couple of weeks. They’re a quarter of an ounce with an attached lid and I think this will help make the lotion samples more event friendly. People can use the tiny spatulas and not have to whack the tiny bullet bottles I used to use for samples to get the lotion out to try.


Honey I shrunk a tree

I was very excited to get my delivery from the wholesaler today. With the superstorm I wasn’t totally sure things would run on time. I always love that feeling of Christmas that comes with deliveries – opening the box(es), digging through the packing peanuts for little treasures, and getting to check everything out up close. I am even happier to tell you that the shrink wrap that I ordered for the Christmas Tree Soap worked nearly perfectly. *happy dance* There is a bit of trimming that needs to be done before shrinking, but otherwise they are great. I had one little oops moment though. Apparently I got a little over zealous with the hair dryer (it’s oddly difficult to act like an adult when working with shrink wrap and even harder to be careful). I went to flip the thinnest tree and it felt weird. I had accidentally warmed a spot on the edge a bit too much and it started to melt! Whoa! I’ve set it aside to deal with later. It still works fine and it’s a tiny spot, but I don’t want to have it in with what I’m selling. I’ll either gift it or sell at a reduced rate…unless I decide to amuse myself by slipping bits of it into my husband’s other soap and make him smell like jellybeans. Lol. Okay, okay. There are a couple of things that make it difficult for me to act like a serious adult. *grin* Anyway, I had to share because I’m so pleased with how sharp they look. A little side note – I noticed as I was wrapping them that the hand painted ornaments have begun to bleed a bit, which is actually cool because it helped give a soft, even more Christmassy look to the soap. It reminds me of taking a picture of a real Christmas tree and the lights having that pretty halo around them when they’re lit. Woohoo!


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