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Lotions in my product line.

Mint Cocoa FTW

I’m finally back to making some product! *happy dance* My mom came over and helped me make lotions for the first time. One sign that it’s been too long since I’ve been able to make lotions: I forgot how exhausting it is. *grin* Even with help that cut my time in half I felt like I had ran a marathon. I wanted to keep going and make some soaps, too, but my body developed a really strong dialogue with my brain that reminded me that I’m supposed to take a break for the same amount of time I’ve worked. *laugh* I’m so glad I was able to get over being on bedrest and start working again. (Note: in case you’re not up on acronyms FTW is “for the win”.)

First I worked on lotions to fill part of an order, then on some my mom’s asked for, and even had the umph to get a few jars done to start stocking my shelves. Booyah! While working on them I couldn’t find a few of my recipes on my laptop or the cloud, so I ended up having to write a new recipe for Mint Cocoa Goat’s Milk V2 lotion and boy howdy did it turn out awesome!! Like that first moment you lay back in a luxurious bath happy sigh awesome. I did four 1 oz samples in the mint cocoa that I need to figure up prices for and post, because this version is a total keeper (and is going into the cloud so that it never gets lost! Lol). I use Fudge Brownie FO most anytime that I’m going for a chocolaty scent profile, but now I have a straight up Chocolate FO that I tried in the new version, and it is perfect! I’m actually really glad that there are a few documents floating in one of the computers somewhere it’s not supposed to be. *grin*

My legs are still killing me hours later, but my skin is almost crawling from being so excited to start making soaps next, as soon as I’m able to be up for a bit. I even found and pulled out the cute holiday baskets and boxes to hopefully make (and sell this time! Lol) a few combos. And maybe started writing a new list of ideas that I want to try. *starts whistling innocently while pushing my notebook under the edge of the couch so no one sees it’s the fifth list* Yeah, my brain and artistic side are both very happy again. *grin*

Just a little shot to show off. There are four 4 oz jars and four 1 oz jars of Mint Cocoa GMV2, one 4 oz Dreamsicle GMV2, two 4 oz jars of On a (Pumpkin) Roll GMV2, and one super refreshing 4 oz jar of Lime Margaritas, Anyone? GMV2. Look at all my lovely little creations.


I can’t be any happier over these. With the help I didn’t have to run back and forth, my lotion base never “broke” from my being unable to make it back in time while making a few jars of product, and my kitchen didn’t look like a war zone. I still ended up wearing some and managed to splatter enough onto the controls on my stove that it has a Baywatch sheen in case it wants to start flirting with the microwave. *overly dramatic sigh* You can’t take the disaster zone out of this girl, no matter what, apparently. Lol. At least I didn’t get burned, slip, or get lotion in the eye, so full success in my book. *grin*

Anyway, I just had to share my excitement and successes. Hopefully I’ll be sharing pics of some Red Velvet Cake Slice soaps, mechanic soaps, and a few stocking stuffer friendly soaps in the next couple of days. I’m eyeing an ornament mold that might even let me do a little painting on some soaps, too. Feel free to cross your fingers for me. (Just don’t do your toes because I’ve proven that doing that is pretty unlucky, since it will usually make you fall. Leave the falling to a pro like me. *wink*) I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and welcome to the new blog followers! I’m really excited that you’re joining in my insanity, er journey. 😉

Big Changes

I’m excited to announce some big changes to my little bath and body business. If you haven’t noticed from my header I’ve changed from Georgia’s Bath Products to Georgia’s Pampering. I also have a new website address! It is now and is now hosted together with this blog. I am so tickled to have the two hosted together finally. I didn’t plan on changing names, but I believe a fresh reopening is a great idea.

My original website expired in August, and I wanted to bring the website over to WordPress, but I needed to wait until the end of September for my domain to expire. Sadly the website host renewed the name themselves and I didn’t want to be involved with them anymore, yet didn’t want to keep waiting to see if they would relinquish the domain, so I decided to change everything up.

Although the name change is going to mean a little extra work and, worst of all, some extra costs since I have to do new business cards and banners, I think it worked out for the best. I like that it fits my theme (pampering with natural benefits) and is a little more accurate, since I ventured more into body products after the first few months.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to get another email address to reflect the new name and have the old one redirected. I’m honestly not so sure it’s that big of a deal. The website is an easy to remember name, so people can always go through that to contact me. If anyone would like to put in their two cents I appreciate the input!

I’ll be tweaking the new site for some time to come and will put new products up within a month, hopefully. I’ve had some new medical challenges and injuries to deal with, let alone the pressure I put on myself to get my new site live (not to mention the incredible pressure of picking a new name!), so I’ve only made a few of my standard lotions lately. I’ve been writing up some ideas though, so cross your fingers that I can start working on them, please! *grin* I’m eager to try some new twists.

I hope you like the new site. If you have any troubles with it or would even like to provide feedback, please don’t hesitate to do so. It’s near and dear to me, but I want this to be a much easier site to navigate (although I can’t afford to have an online cart sadly). In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful week and happy pampering. 🙂

‘Tis the season to do a lot of work

Despite a few lingering symptoms from the poisoning I’ve been really pushing myself to get a lot done and I am so excited with the progress I’ve made! I’ve made soaps, lotions, oils, and baskets, plus I finished up creating a cover for my business cabinet with Velcro for easy removal when I want to work. This is beyond happy dance proud. *grin*

Miss Ash came last Thursday for the first time this year and she labeled everything that I had made. (I still think it’s cute how excited she gets about applying labels. What’s that phrase? “It makes my heart smile.” I totally get that now.)

Lots for her to label

She helped stir both pots of lotions, which was a huge help while I was making batches of different scents and the emulsifying wax wasn’t playing nicely that day. She was reluctant to pour any lotions, but she poured her first true soaps and I’m really glad that my persnickety personality was on hiatus, because the pure joy and excitement was incredible to see. I needed a glitter bar for the girl’s Christmas tin combo and although I intended to sell the other 3, instead I’m giving them to her as a thank you gift for her help.

20131124-105533.jpg She really likes the smell of alcohol apparently, and got a bit heavy handed with spraying it as a result, so the embeds made the soap surrounding them just a bit hazy, but they’re still pretty cute. She dragged her mom all the way to the kitchen to show off her creation at pickup, which cinched it in my mind that she should get her first full fledge creations. *grin*

Since I was on a roll I kept working after Miss Ash left and I used my brand new slice mold. Right before she came over I had poured the guest loaf full of clear reddish (meant to go dark red, but it definitely looks dark pink when the light hits just right.) It sat up quickly (it’s a little cold here right now, even with the heater on) and I diced it up to embed in the slice mold.


A slice of peppermint pie soap

I was excited to have finally ordered this mold that I’d eyed for so long, but I became absurdly tickled when I got to work with it. Lol. It’s always a little fun to poke embeds into soap as it is poured and sets, anyway, so it was a great way to end a busy day.

And here is the result.

This is a dual named soap. It’s scented with peppermint, so it’s “A Slice of Peppermint” soap, but my morbid mind latched onto the red as being blood and meat clumps in a “Roadkill Remains” soap for the Redneck basket. *cracking up* I seriously considered dying the white soap brown to go with the Roadkill idea, but wanted to stick with using standard products that are always available and I thought that might be a little too repulsive for the more squeamish. Lol. I totally love the results, though!!

To top it all off I decided to have some fun with the fonts while I made labels for the slice soap, new lotions, and the replacement labels for the Redneck products. I found some amusing handwritten and very hillbilly fonts that I think are perfect for the Redneck items. *huge grin*

The middle row has my favorites. The exfoliating scrub and the natural bubble bath crack me up (details will be included in another post).

Although I’m exhausted I’m so pleased with all of the progress. All of the baskets/combos are almost completed, so I’ll be sharing those soon, and I have most of the paperwork done all ready too. My $4 slice of Roadkill Remains/Peppermint Pie is my favorite accomplishment. Hopefully tomorrow I can show a few finished baskets. In the meantime, enjoy the cyber sale shopping and don’t work too hard while getting ready for the holidays. 🙂

A nerd, shampoo, and a redneck. What the…?

I’ve actually gotten a lot done while recovering from the beginning stage of iron toxicity and there was only one crisis. I’m either improving or the universe finally decided that I had enough to deal with. *laugh* I’ll hope for both, but figure it was merely a karmic oversight.

I did a ton of paperwork (although I still can’t find a few missing papers. Doh!) and updated a lot of recipes. As much as the nerdy side of me loves figuring up recipes I’m tired of guidelines changing and my having to redo the calculations. I also found an (oops – nerd flag raising here) app that lets me make a to do list plus show if I made anything, how long it took, and even to separate tasks and projects, then link the tasks to the project. *pushes glasses back up my nose and sighs happily* I can feel better about not killing a bunch of trees for my lists and I can easily track my progress with all of my projects. If you have an iPhone and love lists, then rush to the App Store for “Weave”, brought to the masses by the trusted Intuit brand. By the way, one project only has two more tasks left before it’s completed. Booyah! *grin*

I’ve completed at least one task per day until today (although I might add writing a blog post as a task just so that I can feel that I accomplished something instead of just being proud that I got out of pajamas. Hmmmm.). I made several varieties of bubble washes, evening primrose lotions, goat’s milk lotions, and some massage oils. That small crisis actually popped up twice, although I only realized it yesterday. While the bubble wash simmered to the proper temp to accept scent (and I had fished the lively candy thermometer out of the bubble muck that it kept trying to take a full dive into a few times) I decided to make the oils on my holiday list.

See, my first mistake was trying to actually accomplish more than one task. Let that teach me to not get greedy. Lol. Anywho! I decided to do these in a 1:1 ratio of almond and coconut oils. I weighed out and poured the coconut oil, then added the total FO I’d need for the blend. I don’t know why, but something made me look at the label on my almond oil jug. Is your spidey sense tingling yet? Instead of almond oil it was a gallon jug of shampoo base. Granted they are the exact same color and in the same shaped jug, so it was easy to mistake, but I didn’t order shampoo. It doesn’t work so well in massage oils, and they’re not in the same area of the wholesaler’s website even, so I know I didn’t pick it. Lol. I’m just glad I looked at the label this time when I always go by the color usually. Nothing else in my cabinet (well, until this) looks like the almond oil jug with a lightly yellow oil inside. (It’s not an overly appealing thought that the shampoo starts out yellow, right?!) I decided to splurge on the oils and just go full coconut oil for them. I realized that the oils I had experimented with last week obviously are mostly shampoo and are awaiting labeling as a massage oil (Miss Ash is returning this week to help during the holiday season, so I have held off on labeling, since that’s one of her favorite tasks). I pulled those bottles out of the collection and in having a dramatic emoticon texting meltdown to my other half he smarted off about having some fancy shampoo. *cue the lightbulb above my head lighting up* So not only did I just adjust and make straight coconut massage oils, but I’ll add these messes up bottles to more shampoo base and try out some coconut oil shampoo. Shoot, maybe it’ll be impressive and help break that pesky fear of adapting. *grin* If not I’m still impressed that I adjusted and switched to the straight oil so easily. I’m still marking those brownie points down. And my brownie points actually add up to allowing me to have a brownie, so double win.

As my usual disasters go this was definitely one of the easiest to handle and a lesson in adaptation was due anyway. Plus, a quarter of the items in my to do list got checked off. To top it all off I came up with a combo that’s still cracking me up – the redneck combo. (Since I’m a redneck in a family of rednecks I’m not mocking the culture, just using it as a way to have some fun and catch the eye.) I’m going to make “Saturday Night Date Wash”, “Beard Be Gone Shaving Soap”, and probably “City Slicker Soap”. We’ve thrown around names for a lotion, but they tend to sound perverted, so I keep veering back to the safe realm of soap. Lol. I’m having a lot of fun with this idea and they’ll be products I normally sell (or hope to) anyway, just with a different name. Otherwise I’m part way done with new versions of the Christmas Sweet Treats Basket, the Spa Basket, and the Kids Tin, with the new Men’s Combo being almost ready to show you.

More details to come later, but I finally got over my embarrassment and am laughing, so it was time to share. I hope you have a great night planning out your Black Friday goals (don’t leave my nerd flag hanging alone…I can’t be the only one on the bf app!). Happy pampering. 🙂

Bring On the Egg Nog

I finally made a batch of lotion with the Cozy Christmas FO I bought a while back. Since I really like the Evening Primrose lotion I decided to use it for experimenting with the FO. I wish they had figured out “smellivision” so you could at least smell these jars.

I think the sweet, Christmassy scent pairs perfectly with such a soothing and light lotion. Larry and I actually agree (I’m just as surprised! Lol) that it smells like spiked egg nog straight out of the bottle (cream, sugar, spice, and rum), then mellows to mostly sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg once on the skin. I know it’s kind of odd, but I’m finding the sweet notes incredibly comforting and uplifting. Although it’s such a Christmassy scent I’m really tempted to make this in several mediums and sell it year round. Yeah, I like it that much. *grin*

Any input for the off season name? I haven’t decided if I want to play with the Cozy Christmas name for the holiday time or if I’ll just leave it alone. (I may have lost my cheat sheet that reminds me of the names that don’t correspond well to the FO names, so I had to remove several descriptions from my website while I track the info back down, which makes me a little gun shy now. *embarrassed grin*) Come to think of it some rum in my egg nog always makes me a little more cozy, so it kind of fits.

As tickled as I am with this I have about twenty things on my to do app to get done soon, so I look forward to my helper visiting in the next week. Hopefully I’ll have lots of new tidbits to share soon. In the meantime I’m going to head off and email the manager of my favorite grocery store to see about getting some egg nog. I think a spiked egg nog while soaking in some Cozy Christmas bubble wash sounds divine. 🙂

Bring on the Sweets

I’ve been sniffing my new FOs for a couple of days now and almost put off this post, because I’m still on the fence on a few of them. I’m seriously tickled with the add ins I got for the baskets, at least.

Almost every one of the new FOs I decided to try out smell either like Vanilla/Buttercream or Butterscotch, it seems. *laugh* That’s why I keep sniffing them. I keep thinking that the next sniff I might suddenly smell a different set of notes that would make a few of these make sense, but no luck yet. *grin* First off, Marshmallow does not smell anything like I expected. Granted, I’m totally fine with the packaged little pillows of sugar, but in my experience the fresh ones are just a little more flavorful with stronger vanilla, but the FO is so different. There’s a strong buttercream note, but also butterscotch. Huh?! I was looking forward to making some interesting blends if it smelled like I had expected. The butterscotch is really throwing me off. *grin* Christmas Eve Cookies was a little different too, with the expected buttercream as the dominant note, but the spices were a lot mellowed than the description implied. It smells like a rich, crumbly, buttery, shortbread cookie at least. Hot Buttered Rum smells good, although it’s straight up butterscotch to me. *laugh* I think it’ll be nice as a massage oil or bath salt, but I don’t think I’ll be going with it for lotion. I am really happy with Madagascar Black Pepper, which has no surprises. It’s straight up peppery, which I think will give some umph to florals, the unisex cologne scents, and I want to try blending it with my old Jacob’s blend. Mmm mmm mmm.

I am so happy with the two bath sponges/poufs! The first is such a pretty color and the second is so different with strings at each end. Perfect for a man’s basket, I think.

First the spa pouf


Next is the more unique one


To add to the spa basket I also got some of those cool eye masks (not descriptive, they’re literally cool because you refrigerate them, I mean *grin*). Usually I get blue or teal ones, but I found these clear ones on surplus, so that’ll help cut a few dollars down to then spend on lotions and whatnot for people who are building their own baskets.


Finally, the item I’m most excited about. Ground luffa (loofah)! (Yeah, it’s kind of pathetic to get so excited over this, but I guess that’s what makes this the ramblings of someone mad, right? *sassy grin*) I admit that I thought it would seem more dense, but I think it’s going to be a perfect change to the Men’s Scrub still. Being lighter might work out a lot better in the shower than the heavy seeds, too, which will be a huge win. *crossing fingers* I really like the look of it for some reason.


I also got a little wild. I qualified for a free soap color sample and went waaaay out of my normal range. I haven’t decided what mold that would utilize this color well, but I’m really excited to give it a whirl. Apparently there’s still a glitter loving little girl underneath the sarcasm and slight morbid [no snickering you in the back!] tendencies. *grin* Check out this shimmery gold.


I wish it photographed a little better, but at least the company picture did a much better job at capturing the sparkle than I could do. *laugh* Reviewing my attempts kept bringing to mind a few unfortunate viewings inside of diapers, so I was really glad that I could grab the pics from the wholesaler’s site. *grin*

I am crossing my fingers that I’ll have a very productive day in my near future and get to experiment a bit. There is some coconut oil and even primrose oil that I am itching to test. And apparently I’m unknowingly in the mood to test a few variations of vanilla and butterscotch. *raising an eyebrow while trying not to laugh* “Fifty Shades of Vanilla” might just be my next blend. 🙂

I’m Feeling Hot, Hot…oh never mind

The coordinator for the Sunset Stroll, an annual cancer awareness event (previously the theme was breast cancer, but it has been expanded to raise awareness and funds for all cancers), got hold of me and confirmed that the event will be September 25th in Overbrook, KS. I decided it probably wasn’t smart to reserve booth space this time, so I’m sticking with samples for the swag bags for the first 100 people and then a gift basket for a raffle.

Now, I don’t know if you read the previous posts with the new sample packets that I found to use for this event. They look awesome and are such a cool idea. I mean, silver heat seal packets. That’s sharp! I managed to get in the kitchen and work on some of the samples.

While the lotion and emulsifying wax were getting hot and cozy I hit the reviews on the bags to see if anyone had some tips, since that opening is incredibly tiny and heated lotion is blistering hot. I’m seriously glad that I found a tip to use a flat iron instead of a standard iron (you know, that hunk of metal and plastic that’s hiding in the closet with buttons you’ve never figured out), but absolutely nobody had tips on actually getting the lotion in there. I had a stroke of “brilliance”, yeah, we’ll go with that word for now, and got out the monoject I had gotten for piping details on soap. It took some trial and error until I found a good amount of lotion while leaving space to seal the packets.


The monoject worked well for a bit and I figured out that I could carry the blistering hot packet in the beaker and iron it right in there, then just slide it out onto the counter.

(The pictures of ironing the end are rather odd looking, so only the photo streaming troll will ever see those weird shots. Use that awesome imagination that I’m sure you have. *grin*)

Back to that brilliant idea of the monoject…at about twenty-five completed packets it kind of exploded. Let me tell you that lotion smells nauseating when it splatters onto a burner and sizzles into a weird black patch. *wrinkling nose in disgust* We won’t talk about the pool of lotion that didn’t mop up overly well at first. Lol.

Thankfully I’m a creative problem solver and will persistent despite minor fingertip burns, and I got fifty samples all done up. They need labels, but I need my feet up and a root beer way more. *grin*

I think they look like there is a generous sample inside too, when in reality there’s less than a half ounce in each packet. I’m pretty happy with them, despite such a steep learning curve. Another upside to this, as I told my friend, if you need anything heat sealed after this I’m your huckleberry. 😉

Scent Poll

I’m trying to decide what things to make for the Sunset Stroll, the Breast Cancer Awareness event that I’m a vendor for. I’d really appreciate your input!

A Day of Disasters (a long story)

I was finally able to experiment with my new FOs yesterday and I swear a lightning cloud was hovering over me the entire time, striking every time I turned.  *grin*  I had to start using a walker due to my injuries in December and this was the first time that I actually got to make some products with the handy-dandy device.

Things went well at first actually.  I sat on the walker’s seat while scooping out lotion and with a little craning I could see the readout on the scale (we’ll just say that I’m fun-sized, so sitting down puts me at a disadvantage in “a bigger world” lol).  I made a batch of goat’s milk lotions with emulsifying wax and although I had to stand and carry the pan to the stove I was feeling pretty confident.  Buh me – I should know better *grin*.  As the liquids started to melt I happily started whisking the mixture while sitting.  Yep, I bet you guessed it…that’s when some of the lotion splattered me in the face since I was just above the lip of the pan.  I decided to abandon sitting then and balanced the whisk on the pan’s handle so I could go measure out FOs into the measuring cup, since it’d only be a few more minutes before the mixture would be incorporated enough to add the additives.  As I turned to the other counter the whisk fell off and as is human nature I lunged to grab it before it hit the floor.  (It doesn’t really make sense, but anything starts to fall I tend to jump lol.)  The whisk bounced off of my hand and splattered lotion across the side of the stove, under the stove’s top (in what used to be such a small opening but it appears to be the perfect size for stuff to fly into), across two walls, a cat scratcher, and even the laundry basket (thank goodness I didn’t have clean things in there at that moment!).

As you can imagine lunging isn’t so smart with injured feet, so of course I stumbled a bit and slammed my hand into the cat scratcher.  I never knew that the side of cardboard was so sturdy until then…*grin*  Anyway, I managed to grab a towel and start cleaning it, but then discovered that my dog apparently loves the taste of lotion.  *rolling eyes*  I scrambled to try to get it all up before he could any more of it, but he’s not small, so he managed to push me over to go for the side of the stove.  *sigh*  Thankfully I had just finished cleaning off the basket, which is a pretty big one when sat on its side, so I pushed it over there to block him from getting near everything.

However, while the clean up fiasco was going on the lotion was still warming on the stove, and of course I totally forgot about it when I suddenly had a mess to clean.  Once that mess was cleaned up (still had to keep the basket there because the dog was still intent on finding any traces lol) I looked into the pan and saw that the ingredients had melted to the point that they then separated back out.  *face palming*  The last time that this happened to me (I was making some soaps while the lotion ingredients warmed that time) I couldn’t figure out how to save the batch and lost it all, but I wasn’t giving up without a fight this time since there was so much of it.  Anyway, I thought of the cool immersion blender I started using for incorporating the FOs and grabbed it really quick.  Did you know that if the little holes on the base of the attachment are outside of liquid then it acts like leaving the top off of your regular blender?  I sure didn’t, but I do now.  *cracking up*  So I stood there holding the dripping blender over the mixture in the measuring cup in one hand and trying to wipe lotion and wax off of my standing mixer, that wall (seriously…I think my walls started multiplying and jumping out to get dirty), and of course I had to try to clear the droplets off of my glasses.  Have you ever noticed that glasses are like magnets for stuff to splatter?  Sorry, a little off topic there.  I also discovered that a droplet of lotion had missed going into the open brand new bottle of FO that was sitting on the counter by mere centimeters.  At least that’s one disaster that was averted!  Anyway, the blender blended things perfectly as they cooled a little *mock wiping brow with relief*.

Thankfully I had no other problems with the two jars of lotion I was making and when I poured them they looked beautiful.  I’m so concerned with making sure there’s at least a little bit more than the labelled amount in each product that I make a few extra ounces than called for, which was lucky with lotion coating half of my kitchen, but wasn’t enough to make even a small jar to sell.  I decided to use the left over lotion to test the new Fruit Loops FO so I could use it for some soaps soon.  First, I found that when I pulled the pan off the stove I had forgotten to turn off the burner.  Second, it solidified (still separate too since only what was in the cup for the two jars had gotten blended), so I decided to pop it in the microwave in a smaller measuring cup to warm it back up.  Third, it melted a LOT quicker than I expected and got boiling hot (not good).  Thankfully this bit was for me to test, so I decided it was a great time to see if the blender would still incorporate them if they were that hot.  By the way, the lesson about needing to submerge that hole had faded from my memory for the moment while I went into crisis mode, so of course I tried the blender.  *grin*  Not much lotion was in this, so only a couple drops splattered.  I got my itty bitty whisk out that I used to use for blending FOs into lotion and put some muscle into it.  As soon as the FO blended with the lotion the scent became overwhelming.  I got an instant migraine and it was like I stuck the stuff up my nose.  Not even a full ML of FO even and it was this strong.  *shaking head*  I have to figure out what FOs I want to mix with it to see if I can mellow this out, which is really disappointing because I was planning to use it for my first batch of ducky soaps.  (Once I have a plan I really don’t like changing them, just part of my personality no matter how much I try to work on it.)  Meh.

Anyway, I left it sitting by the others, lids off, so they could all cool and set up.  As I washed up all of my utensils I noticed that my clear jar of tester was now two-toned.  The lotion and additives had separated while cooling.  It took stirring it with a tiny spatula about every two minutes for the next half hour for it to stay incorporated and set up properly.  At this point I was exhausted, mentally and physically, and figured it wasn’t overly smart to touch anything else in that room, let alone make anything else.  *laugh*  As I dried my hands I looked over at the amber jars of perfectly poured lotions and there was a dark stripe.  Yep, I feared the worst…it had separated while I dealt with everything else and this order would take even longer to fill.  I got the tiny spatula back out and broke the surface of that smooth lake.  I went half way down to see how much had separated.  Not. A. Drop.  Seriously!  I never noticed, since I’ve never had so many disasters to make me start looking around for others, that the amber jars have a dark area right before they bend to come up to the lip.  *sigh*  I tried to smooth it back out, but it’s like trying to smooth marshmallow creme.  *grin*  Thankfully I can confidently say that the lotion’s quality is good, no matter if one isn’t nearly as pretty as the other.

Today I used some of my test portion and as long as I hold my breath, and cover up the areas it’s on, I can tolerate the lotion enough to not waste it.  I’m really happy to say that despite all of the disasters it has that thick and awesome texture of cold cream that I can get with my immersion blender.  That hour was one of the longest I have ever experienced.  *laugh*  I’m very thankful that I don’t usually have quite that bad of luck.  I hope you have a wonderful (and mess free) weekend!  I’ll be avoiding the kitchen.  *wink*

Feeding my addiction

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

In honor of the closing of the year my wholesaler is having a sale on FOs and I won $25 in store credit via a raffle of their Facebook followers, so I fed the addiction to new scents. *grin* Mostly I managed to stay practical and reorder some of my best ones, like Bubblegum, so that I don’t have to raise my prices for a while hopefully. My fingers started to itch to click, though, and I found three new FOs that I just have to try, which should be here in a few weeks. Mawahaha. Lol.

Anyway, my scent hoarding split personality aside, I ordered a version of Jasmine, Dirt, and Fruit Loops-like FOs. What an odd variety, right?

I picked this variation of Jasmine because I’ve been watching for a more straight forward jasmine blend for awhile. I love the smell of jasmine, but I usually can’t find notes of it when it’s blended in the floral FOs that I have. This FO has been rated at 5 stars by other crafters with several notes about how it isn’t overpowering like most florals can be, so I really think this may be the one. *smile*

As to Dirt… that one I stumbled onto. Lol. You know that I love to blend my own combos and I seem to have become obsessed with more earthy scents the last few months. (Well, not counting my full time obsession with sweets, of course!) This FO is supposed to smell just like freshly dug dirt. I know that sounds rather unappealing in a lotion or soap, but I have two ideas for it. First, it may smell, well, dirty, but if I do a soap with it and kids actually want to go wash because of that scent, then it’s a total win. Second, I think it’ll add a really good layer for a complex men’s or unisex blend. I always love the blends of spice, leather, musk, etc. It’s the layers of scents where you get just a hint of something else different each time that keep me interested in a scent. I may also use it added to my rain and ozone-type scents to give that added boost of realism to them. I love all the bits in the FOs that you can get all poetic about, but when there’s something that let’s you close your eyes and for just a moment seem like you’ve escaped to a special haven…now THAT’S a keeper in my book.

I’m feeling all sorts of Valley Girl “totally” excited about the Fruit Loops-type FO. *grin* When I get really excited or happy the “likes” and “totally’s” seem to burst forward from my years in CA, and this is one of those instances that makes me seem like an airhead. Lol. Anything that might really smell like a freshly opened box of fruity o’s of happiness has to be tried. I need to replace my Jellybean scent because it got discontinued (so sad, but thankfully I have some left until I find a replacement) and I’m hoping this might be a great replacement. Plus I’m always on the look out for a new child-friendly scent.

I’m crossing my fingers the FOs turn out as awesome as they sound (and I’m imagining)! I had some injuries that got me prescribed to bed rest, so it might be a little before I get to work with them, but I’m excited to have a few new options to explore in the new year. I’d like to add that I hope 2013 is a happy and exciting year for you and yours. 🙂 Thank you to those that have been on this journey with me through 2012 and hopefully we have more fun in my first full year of blogging!

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