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Breakfast with Gummy Worms

I learned about two previously unknown skills that I have while trying to make pancake soaps. First, I am very good at creating khaki colored soap. Even more impressive than this special coloring skill, I apparently excel at creating a pink version of khaki. I used yellow dye and somehow managed to create a really pretty pink hue to the khaki soap. *cracking up* These previously unrealized skills may come in handy at some point, and I appreciate them, but they weren’t very useful this past week. Lol.

I attempted to correct the pinkish khaki soap to match the general hues of pancakes…um, apparently that’s a skill that I still lack despite quite a bit of practice. *grin* I never managed that golden grilled color, but after I poured the pancake soaps I realized that they look like chocolate milk rounds. Doh!

At least the pats of butter turned out fairly well with a mixture of different glycerin bases, although after I poured the first three I realized that I was pouring them waaaay too thick. *embarrassed laugh* At least they look soft and creamy. Here’s the first picture featuring the butter soaps. I’ll probably remelt the thick ones and pour them thinner. I should note that all of the components are scented with the Brown Sugar FO, which smells just like a rich maple syrup. Yum!!


Two of the pancakes are about the right thickness, despite the color issues.


Finally I’ve decided that I should do two for a short stack instead of 3, which looked way too clunky. All that’s left is to “glue” the stacks and butter to one another with a bit of soap, and then I will drizzle a rich brown syrup soap down the stack (well, hopefully I can manage that color, but I’m open to using my imagination *grin*).


While I’ve been working on a proof on concept pancake soap I also ended up with a refreshed search for the worm mold for Worms in Dirt. A very clever friend brought up the idea of searching the toy department and also found some creepy crawly creature chocolate molds. These searches triggered new related search links that I haven’t had before and suddenly I heard the choir sing. Hallelujah! *impish grin* I feel so stupid admitting this, but despite what an imbecile I seem like for not thinking of this in all of this time, I am tickled to have found gummy worm molds. *quick happy dance* They can withstand high heat, have the perfect shapes and characteristics, and I don’t have to pour them individually like I would with lure molds. Even better I don’t have to learn yet how to create my own silicone mold like I was debating. Booyah!!

20130528-014902.jpg See – gummy worm mold

I’ll pour the syrup for the pancakes tomorrow hopefully and then get to testing it. I’m curious to see if I can get a more complicated soap to stay together once it gets wet. *crossing fingers* In the meantime is anyone ready to brave the storm and go to IHOP with me? My kitchen smells so yummy and now I’m craving real make-my-butt-five-times-bigger pancakes.

Pancakes and Boulders

In the morning I tend to resemble Grumpy Cat. I’m pretty upfront about that. My body has a different idea of the day’s cycle (I mean, I’d probably do well as a vampire lol), so when someone mowing woke me early and the pain pills hadn’t kicked in, storm clouds started gathering. *failing at an innocent look* The mailman soon cheered me up with packages from Amazon, thankfully, and I opted to give raging at the world a rest for a bit. (Before those that know me say anything, I added “a bit”. The truce may not hold if the chocolate hides from me later. You have been warned. Plus, we all know that it’s just a matter of time before my sarcasm comes out to play. Put some chocolate on the table and just back away slowly. It’d be wise not to say anything too. Lol.) Anyway, the first box had the new silicone mold in it that I’m going to use for the pancake soaps.


I put my pop can in view for a size reference. We all know how much I suck at measurements, so I didn’t realize they’d be a realistic size. To help with the syrup dribbles I also got some injectors. I saw them on a soap crafter site with tips on how to help prevent soap from setting inside of them, and if I can get the technique down, these will be awesome. (I know – they’re originally for giving oral medications to animals, but soap crafters are well known for using things from the daily world for crafting, so what the hey. *grin*)

20130515-191658.jpg (injectors)

I think the pancake stack soaps have the potential of being even cuter than the Splish Splash Ducks. *performs a teeny chair dance*

Despite my excitement I’m a bit distracted, though. My mind has a habit of fixating (as if that’s a new piece of insight *cracking up*) and the last few days have been no different.

You see once upon a year (ugh, let’s not visit the exact number please. Meh. Lol.) I had been writing poetry and vignettes for a few years when suddenly during my Current Events class “I am the grim reaper of your dreams…” started repeating over and over in my mind. Admittedly it was a surprisingly grim phrase to go on loop, but I couldn’t shake it. I finished my work before the rest (yep, I was that student lol) and wrote the line. Within ten minutes I had finished the first draft of my poem, which I ended up using a few years later in an international competition.

Around fifteen years later… *cough* (we’ll go with that number and just move on, okay?)…random ideas will plague me just like “Grim Reaper” did. A children’s book series, several poems, and a few careers spawned from these odd occurrences and yet again I’m being plagued. This one is seriously weird though. I learned years ago, the hard way, that I’ll feel like I’m going insane if I don’t work with these phrases somehow, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to please this demon. “Under the Boulders” keeps repeating in the style of “Under the Boardwalk”, although it’s all about the “over the shoulder boulder holder” (that’s a code for bra, brassiere, a sling for the girls, whatever term you like, just in case you didn’t have a really fun loving mom like me that taught her daughter the song early on). *laughing* All I can think of is either a refreshing lotion or drying powder for the heat of Summer that’s coming on. I think I’ll leave “the boulders” out of the marketing though. *grin* Can you imagine witnessing a customer being stopped in the aisle in Wal-mart? “Excuse me, Ma’am, but I love whatever scent you’re wearing! Could you please tell me what it is?” With a blush the customer replies “Well, it’s Under the Boulders Bewbies Refresher.” *shaking head* And people thought that Poe was…interesting. Hah! “They ain’t seen nothin’ like me.” 😉

Breakfast Anyone?

I got a little…imaginative…the other day when I took an extra dose of pain medication to try to tame the beast for a spell. I did what any other bored woman who is addicted to technology does while distracting their brain – I shopped on Amazon. *cracking up* I had to order something for my mom and it’s incredibly logical to add things for yourself to get to the magical total that gets you free shipping, especially when you’re not registering on the sane scale. *grin* Logic, dear Watson. While looking at silicone molds (isn’t that what you search when spoiling yourself? Lol.) I ran across an intriguing mold that made me think of breakfast. To be fair I’m kind of obsessed with breakfast foods anyway, just ask my husband who never heard of eating breakfast for dinner until me, and still doesn’t care to do that ten years later, which fuels the obsession further. Ahem. It’s a rather simplistic mold, but my brain suddenly started picturing different steps to create a rather fun soap. Here’s the mold:

20130510-132516.jpg I’m going to try making soap pancakes. *flashes a huge smile* I hope to pour a few shallow disc soaps, use my small square mold from the Lumps of Coal soap for a creamy yellow pat of butter, and drizzle brown soap over it to look like maple syrup. (The Coal soap is from waaaay back when I first started the business – they were little black square soaps scented in licorice and packaged in a small organza bag for gift giving.) I think I’ll scent the pancake soaps lightly with vanilla (I never ventured into dough-type scents) and I have a brown sugar FO that smells a lot like maple. I’ve done several drizzled soaps (Dessert Soap and Splish Splash Duck to name a couple), so I know what can go wrong and how to fix those issues, which helps me feel a lot more confident and excited over this soap. I’ve been doing a lot of research about soap “carving” and fondant tools, and think that I might be able to soften the edges of the pancake soaps with the fondant tools. I just can’t figure out how in the world I’ll manage to package them. They may get some plain ol’ Saran Wrap because I don’t think boxes or bags will fit quite right. I just had to share the excitement. It’s my happy thought right now and has helped keep my spirits up the last few days. I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be able to walk and stand again by the time I get the mold (and a book/CD Rom kit for making your own will, as well as an acne tool – because we all buy such an incredibly odd combination of items *rolling eyes at self*). I really look forward to seeing if I can get pancake soaps to turn out and it’ll be interesting to see what challenges pop up while trying.

I hope you all have a wonderful and sunny weekend! How about we all have a small stack to celebrate Spring trying to come to all of the states? 🙂

A Lemon a Day

I learned in testing the new Lemon Scrub I’m experimenting with that a lemon scrub a day brings the ants to play.  Meh.  Every sugar scrub that I have made before has soap in it in some form, until the Lemon Scrub.  I never thought that leaving soap and extra glycerin out may be an ant deterrent.  Who knew?!  *bewildered shrug* I’ve never had such a watery and loose scrub before, so maybe that’s why it’s so attractive.  Or it could be because it’s so stinking cold when insects think it’s time to become active.  We seldom ever have trouble with ants thankfully, but holy smokes!  This definitely made up for it.  There were so many ants covering the lid of my jar that it looked like a moving black lid instead of bright white.  *cracking up*  I admit that I love the smell enough that I think I’ll just use the scent in my regular scrub recipe and use that for my Summer scrub instead.  Good thing that I have set myself a minimum of 2 weeks of testing now (after the Worms in Dirt issues lol).  As much as I was startled by our ants, I would be positively mortified if it had happened to a customer.  It makes sense that the soap in my previous versions of scrub deterred the ants.  I mean, we obliterate ant trails with dish soap and it stops and/or kills them, so it’s logical in retrospect.  It’s funny how things always make sense when you look back at the mistakes.  *grin* 


On a secondary note Slimer, the attempted leg gel, is now gone.  I caught Larry playing with it, making it plop around, and that just iced the cake for me.  *cracking up*  I can’t make up my mind if I really want to give it another shot.  Of course, Silly Putty wasn’t suppose to be a toy when it was accidentally created, either.  (Cue the “Weird Science” song.) 


I guess my misadventures will help any of the DIY readers.  If you want to make your own scrub, add some melted soap to the mixture.  *laugh*  And, no matter what others tell you, don’t add cornstarch to Aloe unless you want something to play with.  Maybe if I scent a blob of it with Bubblegum FO I could have a best selling non-toxic toy on the market.  *impish grin*

I cloned Slimer

After a couple of tests both new experiments will need to be redone. I’m not as concerned about the scrub, but I somehow created Slimer instead of the energizing gel and will call The Ghostbusters if the jar moves. *grin* I’ll be honest – it’s gross. *laugh* I poked it 6 times and got a slight moistness on my tip, but it just bounced right back. Only furniture and your Hippy Aunt’s mold of jello jiggler should bounce back like this. I’ll leave out the thickener, that’s for dag on sure, but I think I’ll also approach each incorporation a little less aggressive. So we’ll see soon! In the meantime, I think it moved.

I’m not sure that it wants me to test it anymore, so back to the kitchen.

I’m not sure if the brief heat I was enjoying while making the scrub was the culprit or the little changes I made had a lot more impact, but some of the sugar melted into a simple syrup. To use the scrub you have to swirl your finger in the mixture for a few moments. Well, I learned one thing for doing these two experiments together. I’ll add some cornstarch into this scrub since it thickened the Aloe so much!! *grin*

Anyway, I’ll let you get back to things. I will return to treating the energizing gel as the old slime I used to get in gumball machines as a kid. I may have a new niche if the blob does cool moves down the wall. 😉

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