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Scent Poll

I’m trying to decide what things to make for the Sunset Stroll, the Breast Cancer Awareness event that I’m a vendor for. I’d really appreciate your input!

Not Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

Hey, I’m actually writing a post in which I didn’t do anything embarrassing or fail! *time out for a mini happy dance* I also controlled my compulsive Internet shopping during my wholesaler’s sale for once. I only got a couple of new things to try that were super discounted. Ooohhh, I get to pat myself on the back during this post too. Would I be pushing my luck by wishing I had Gerard Butler to myself for a few hours since this night is going unusually well for me? *sassy wink*

Ahem, back to reality, since I’m sure I’ll get injured in the next few minutes, especially since I dared daydream about my fantasy husband. Lol. *splashes face with some cold water* As I was about to write before my distraction I got a few colors to experiment with while they’re on sale. I’m really kind of excited because one type I have never tried before when coloring soaps. It actually is a super colored piece of soap that you shave a little off of to color the soap that you are working with. It melts right in with your batch. How cool is that?! They’re available in colors that I can’t achieve yet, so why not? *grin*


When I clicked to order it said Ruby Red Glitter. Um, that’s more of a burnt orange. It’s not bad or anything, but you know how you kind of expect something to be a certain way and get a little deflated when it has no resemblance to your mental image? I’m here in KS, the home of Oz, and when you say Ruby Red I see bright slippers in my mind immediately. So you can imagine my surprise when I pulled out a more pumpkin variety of Ruby Red. The package sure says Ruby Red Orange (really?!), but I swear it didn’t when I clicked on it. Since it’s glitter the close up had oranges, reds, and slight whiteness as the light reflected, so I didn’t think anything of those orange tones. Doh.

The two pigment soap squares are lemon lime and a simple brown. I’m hoping that a little bit of this dark brown will work better for the pancake soaps. (I didn’t post a final pic of that because I needed to work on the color anyway, so I cut all of the components up and enclosed them for the donation box for OK.) I think a rich brown should give them a deeper “fried” or wheat coloring instead of the odd diluted chocolate milk color I managed to get. Lol. The lemon lime was a free sample, so I don’t have any specific plans for it. I just want to make some wildly eye catching soaps. *grin* I got neon pink powder pigment last time that I haven’t experimented with yet, so this will be the perfect time to make some complimentary neon soaps. I couldn’t get the picture to do the lemon lime’s vibrancy justice, but I tried for half an hour. It is oddly beautiful.

Since I love the sample I bought last time of the silver sample packets I got a hundred of them while they were on sale, so I will have enough for September’s Breast Cancer event. I’ll fill them with a sample of my best lotions and they’ll go in the swag bags for the first hundred people. I also stocked up on single ounce jars so I can sell trials of the lotions at the event (and the jars are massively easier than those bullet bottles that I used to use).

So I’m off to go collect more fonts to experiment with for product labels (darn it Pinterest!!). I think I have developed a small addiction to collecting fonts. *cracking up* It’s a nerdy fixation, but at least it’s not hurtful I guess. If an obsession doesn’t hurt anyone other than eating up free space, then it’s totally fine, right? Mawahahaha!

Massage Pudding

I thought I’d let you in on a little secret I’ve held for a few days. Brace yourself. Cover your eyes and read through your fingers. Start to wrinkle your nose now. You have been warned. Apparently I made bath boogers. Chocolatey orbs that felt like a combination of pudding and snot. Yeah, I’m wrinkling my nose too, remembering that disgusting bath.

I’ve been finishing up testing on several projects that I shared, and a few that I was a bit indifferent about, so I never mentioned them yet. Since I had a big bag full of chocolate massage melts that I wasn’t going to sell and would take me a lifetime to use up in massages I figured I’d try some experiments out on them. (Yep, the nerd side of my personality reared it’s head. Lol.) Just out of pure accident I found that if it’s in the 90s and you don’t have the AC on the melts will resemble a Cadbury Creme Egg. A thin, solid shell with a gooey, creamy center. That actually resulted in a nice texture for a massage (of course, can you really ever complain about textures if you’re finally getting a massage, anyway?). If they’re frozen they crumble and after two days the bits still won’t massage in. Admittedly that test was just to amuse myself. *sporting a mild blush* I put them through a few more paces and then thought that I’d try them in the bath. I’ve made cocoa baths before; oils, cocoa powder, and a little extra FO, and they were fantastic (except for the ring in the tub that I then had to clean *laugh*). I figured that these should be even more moisturizing since I could massage them in as they softened instead of the oils all making slicks that evade my sponge or hands. The key thing that I forgot was that there was Cocoa Butter in it. A butter. Something that doesn’t do so great in water. I nearly developed a bruise from smacking my forehead so many times while maybe exclaiming “Buh me!” loud enough when it hit me while sitting on the porch that my neighbors stared. I’m the crazy cat lady that makes my own bath and body stuff instead of buying it from Walmart or Walgreens in a small rural town, so they stare anyways, but these were those “I told you she had to be crazy – she’s from California!” kind of looks. Meh.

Anywho….*grin* I settled in my bath with a big cup of sweet tea and a new book on my nook, plus five of those divinely smelling, crusty looking, squares. I was going to do an even four, but if you’re going to pamper yourself, my theory is that you might as well throw one more in for good measure. Except in this case. I just ended up with another chocolate booger that slithered out of my hands when I tried to scoop the globs out. *shudder* The bath started out wonderfully at first actually. The smell of chocolate started to fill the air, the almond oil started to make my skin silky, and it felt heavenly. Then one crested the shore of my tummy and slithered across back into the water on the other side. Um…well…Bo, my big protector of a dog, might have come running in when I let out a super girly shriek from the bath slug gliding over me. I may have made some odd noises as I splashed the chocolaty boogers up the sides of the bath only to have them slide back down in an incredibly disturbing fashion. Maybe. I’m not saying I’d ever be that much of a pansy. And dogs can’t talk. After a few moments of *cough* dignified disgust, I sucked it up and after a little exercise of chasing the globs around I finally got a handful of water and goo, and massaged it in. Like I said, it truly felt like a mixture of instant jello pudding with the sliminess of a runny nose. It really does condition the skin though. In case you’re curious it doesn’t wash off either. Some of the really gross sliminess goes away with some dawn dish soap, but for the most part you only get the chocolate part off. The rest just has to wear off as you scrub your memory with “mind bleach”.

Needless to say the remaining squares are in the back of my product cabinet and it took a salt paste to make the tub safe enough to stand in (even with two grab bars in there I did a lovely bit of The Twist. Too bad I didn’t have Chubby Checkers actually playing at the time, but I’m impressed that I can still do the dance with all of my problems. Mom, next time I see you, we’ll dance. *grin*).

For the past week I’ve been nursing some burns on my arm (we won’t discuss that. Lol.), so I haven’t experimented with any other items. Honestly I’m a little hesitant to keep messing with the other items from before this disaster. *grin* I think I need to start a line of gross things to sell for Halloween parties now. Apparently I have a previously undiscovered skill at creating slimy and gross things. Hmmm…I’ve made Slimer the aloe rub and chocolate snot. I wonder what else kids could stick their hands into and squeal over. ūüėČ

Donations for Tornado Victims

I’ve been working on a box of items to donate for the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes and have been remiss on posting the information for all of you. Here goes:

“The Southgate Baptist Church at 740 SW 4 in Moore is seeking items to help with relief efforts: body soap, adult socks, children‚Äôs socks, underwear of all sizes, men‚Äôs shoes, hand sanitizer, wipes, plastic bins, denture cream, work gloves, towels and washcloths, heavy-duty trash bags, sun block, aloe vera, water, Gatorade, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, push brooms, rakes, shovels, basic medical supplies. For information, call Sarah Marshall at 627-0558.”

There are lots of scams going on, but I’ve done the background work on it; this is a real church and donations are truly helping the victims. I know it’s hard to know how you can help, so I wanted to share the information with you.

I’ve sent a large box of everything I had on hand and a few that are from my own basket. I also did some cordial soaps (the really small soaps that I uses to sell in bulk when I first started) that will be perfect for individual use. I’m not sure how they feel about shower/bath gel, but I wanted something fun for the kids, so there are a bunch of Fruity Patootie Gels enclosed (they’re pretty quick to make, so I couldn’t resist). I figure the bottles will be handy too since several people can use it without worry. I am so glad that I could do something to really help, especially when my business has been rather slow. Anyway, I thought it would be kind of neat to show some pics too. You know how obsessed I am with my phone’s camera, so of course I took pictures. *grin*




Um, the bath salts didn’t go, by the way. It was a bit overboard and couldn’t fit. Every last centimeter was filled in that box with soaps, scrubs, and lotions – I couldn’t even add peanuts for cushioning! Lol. Other than that, it all went in. I totally love all of the colors. Hopefully they can bring a little happiness to the users on top of the basic use. I want to give a shout out to the Bathe Happy blog for the idea of sending soap for the victims.

Have a great weekend!

Silver Linings

I’ve had a hard time accepting and handling having a disabling case of Fibromyalgia and like everyone I have a hard time looking for the good in something bad.¬† Recently I had the incredible opportunity to see a little silver lining to being so sick.¬† Fibro has caused the signals between my body and brain to get all mixed up (maybe my nerve system is male and doesn’t want to stop for directions? *laugh*), so sometimes a hug or even a casual touch can feel like I’ve been punched, and leave me sore for days or weeks.¬† Top it all off with chronic illnesses and the feeling that I have a bad case of flu every single day, and I tend to forget that silver linings even exist.¬† We all have something in life that we get lost in despite our best intentions.


When I was chatting with a new tester recently we really dived into the topic of exfoliation and when I asked her how she applies the products on her face she had to pause to think about it (I’ll pause here for a moment for you to try to remember what fingers you use…*queue the Jeopardy music*).¬† We think we found a few things that she can try to do differently and while we discussed alternate techniques I realized that in learning to adjust to my new needs that I’ve also learned to be gentle to myself.¬† Most people never realize how much pressure they’re using or even how rough they’re being with their skin when they’re rushing through the little daily tasks, like washing, applying things,¬†or even toweling off.¬† We’ve all done it, but if you can catch yourself and alter your routine, your skin will usually show the difference pretty quickly.


I had the opportunity to learn some fantastic techniques from a great Spa Consultant, Michelle Ayers, a few years back.¬† (I know it’s a faux pas to discuss someone in the same field, but she really deserves credit for helping a lot of people and showed me to describe things in more relatable terms, which isn’t a natural skill¬†for me since I’m usually a textbook regurgitator.)¬† While talking about applying anything near the eyes she said to use the ring finger on my right hand, since it’s weaker, and therefore unable to apply too much pressure.¬† As time has gone by¬†I’ve had to become even gentler with myself and went to the most awkward finger that I could –¬†my ring finger on my non-dominant hand (we all know that it’s not¬†either of my¬†middle ones since those get a lot of exercise *sassy wink*).¬† Ahem.¬† I’ve learned that using this awkward finger has made a world of difference for me.¬† I never get that extra bit of puffiness around my eyes when I apply face cream as it¬†reacts from too much pressure, plus when I exfoliate I use that finger and I don’t get that bright rosy hue that makes me look quite feverish.¬† I also pat dry instead of rubbing, massage the shampoo in for a moment instead of roughly lathering it all up, etc.¬† Figure out what your odd man out finger is, try it for a week, and let me know if you feel or see the difference.¬† From exfoliating to that secret wrinkle banishing cream that’s hidden behind the mega box of band aids, and everything in between.¬† Rub a dab of something on your arm with one of your super strong pointers (I won’t judge if your pointer is one that supposedly isn’t fit for society *grin*) and then rub a little bit in with the other one.¬† See if you feel a difference between them.¬† I have a little extra luck with that, since I have Super Senses (cape not included, dang it!).


Being kind to yourself isn’t always about a special meal or a vacation without kids.¬† It’s kind of like those instructions on a plane about putting on your mask first and then helping the child, because if you aren’t taken care of you can’t take care of anyone else.¬† Try to take a moment to be kind to your body.¬† We all¬†want you to feel good, even when you can’t pamper yourself. ¬†If you can manage to slow down for a moment and gentle your movements when you take care of those little things, your body, healthy or not,¬†will thank you.¬†

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